Saturday, September 25, 2021

How To Delete All Liked Videos on YouTube on Mobile and Desktop

Watching videos on YouTube is fun and informative. Many users spend at least an hour daily watching Live streaming videos, news, music, movies, and troll videos. You could have liked several videos by hitting the thumbs-up button. In this post, we will check how to delete all liked videos on YouTube. You can remove your likes from your YouTube app and also from the desktop version.

Liking a video is to give support to the creator of the channel. Additionally, you may subscribe or leave a comment. This shows the history that you had an active engagement with the video or the channel.

Later, you will see the related videos from the same channel or other based on your interest. Even if you haven't subscribed to a YouTube channel, liking a video is enough to show similar videos. This is how YouTube wants to increase the audience retention rate.

After a year, if you check your liked videos from your Playlists, you may see thousands of videos under Liked videos section. This likes history is permanently showing in your YouTube account library.

For personal reasons, you may want to keep your Google account but would like to get rid of all the liked videos.

Deleting the search and watch history is a different option on YouTube that will not clear the liked videos.

One way is that you can delete the videos from the list one by one on your mobile and desktop. However, this is a time-consuming and annoying process.

The list shows only the liked videos. If you want to clear all the liked and disliked videos, this post is for you.

Delete All Liked Videos on YouTube

Saturday, February 20, 2021

How To Transfer WhatsApp Messages From Android To Android

WhatsApp is the favorite app for most Android users. As we rely more and more on WhatsApp for communication, we simply can't avoid it. Over a period, your Android phone gets old. Then, you will buy a new Android phone if you're an Android lover.

After buying a new Android phone, probably the first app that you install would be WhatsApp. If you would like to see your old messages on your new Android phone, you need a backup.

WhatsApp allows you to back up your messages in two places. One is the local backup (internal memory) and the other is cloud backup (Google Drive).

By using any of the two backups, you can easily restore old messages on your new Android phone. In this tutorial, you'll see how to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android.

Transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android

Here, you'll learn two simple methods to restore old messages on your new phone.

How To Restore WhatsApp Backup Without Uninstalling [Latest Trick]

WhatsApp's messaging service is very popular. Almost all smartphone users use WhatsApp on a daily basis. It is now owned by Facebook, the number one social media network. In this post, you will learn how to restore WhatsApp backup without uninstalling the app on Android.

WhatsApp allows cloud storage and synchronizing, which is an excellent feature. With cloud storage and sync, you could backup your chats and media files to Google Drive. It will help Android users to restore WhatsApp messages if they lost their phone.

When you chat on WhatsApp, your messages, media files, and docs will be saved locally on your phone. Every day at 2.00 AM, your chats are backed up on your phone's storage. This is another excellent useful feature to restore WhatsApp Backup.

Sometimes, it happens that users may clear a chat by mistake. If you cleared a chat that is at least one day old, you could restore the chat. If you manually backed up your messages and cleared a chat, you could restore your chat history. So, a backup is required to restore even for a single chat.

To restore WhatsApp backup, you don't need to uninstall and reinstall your WhatsApp. We've come with a simple trick.

Restore WhatsApp backup without uninstalling

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Telegram Keyboard Shortcuts | Useful For Desktop Users

We have covered many topics on Telegram in our blog. One of them is the Telegram application for the desktop computer. If you use Telegram on the desktop for doing chats, managing groups, and channels, this post is for you. We will learn the Telegram keyboard shortcuts in this post.

If you run a business and your mode of communication with customers is via Telegram, I'm sure that you will be using the desktop version of Telegram. It is because the desktop client software speeds up communication and gives comfort in managing the conversation.

If you're a hardcore fan of keyboard shortcuts, you will not miss the shortcut keys provided by Telegram. 

Telegram Keyboard Shortcuts

Telegram shortcut keys make navigation and answering your customers, & friends easy. These shortcut keys will work on the Telegram desktop client for Windows PC.

How To Re-follow a Person, Page, and Group on Facebook

Facebook gives you options to follow and unfollow a page, group, and person. If you are annoyed by some of your Friends, Liked pages, and joined groups on Facebook, you can unfollow them on your news feed. If you want to redo this action, you can do that too. In this post, you will see how to reconnect on Facebook.

If you have people on your friends’ list, automatically you will follow them and they can follow you. It is completely mutual. You can also follow people who are not on your friends' list.

When you Like a Facebook page, you will start to follow the updates published by the page. You can also follow a Facebook page without even Liking it.

To follow a group, you need to join first. It can be a public or private group. Unlike pages, you cannot follow a Facebook group without joining.

Reconnect Facebook

Here, we are going to see different ways to re-follow a person, page, and group on Facebook.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

How To Turn Off Autoplay Videos on Instagram

Instagram is popular for uploading and watching videos and photos. You can watch videos on the "Feed" as well as on "Stories". When you scroll down, the videos will autoplay which results in draining your mobile bandwidth. In this guide, you'll learn how to stop automatic video play on Instagram.

Preloading videos could be annoying because you may not like to watch all the videos while scrolling deep.

If you're connected to an unlimited wifi connection, it won't be an issue. For budget data users, this would be a headache.

On the Instagram web version, the videos won't autoplay by default. Also, there is no option to alter this setting.

Previously, Instagram had autoplay settings to enable/disable the feature. They had removed this feature to welcome Ad push for improving their business model. However, you can explore data settings on the Instagram app to control the autoplay of videos.

You can stop autoplay on Facebook and Twitter. You can do the same on the Instagram app for Android and iPhone under "Cellular Data Settings".

So, you can choose to play the videos you want to watch. This will help you to save your mobile data.

Turn off autoplay instagram

How To Upload High Quality Videos and Photos to Facebook

All videos and photos on Facebook were uploaded by users, pages, and group admins around the world. Millions of users upload media files every day from their mobile phones and desktop. Not all of the media files were of good quality even though the users upload HD quality photos and videos. In this guide, you'll learn how to upload HD videos and photos to Facebook.

Many users complain about the video and image quality issue after publishing.

Why are my videos blurry on Facebook?

Whenever you upload media files from your mobile, Facebook will automatically compress and resize the photos and videos. At the time of uploading your file, Facebook aggressively lowers the quality. This should be frustrating because you might have tried uploading HD quality videos and photos.

From Facebook's point of view, they compress the files in order to save your mobile data.

Later when you would like to download your own media files from Facebook, you will get low-quality files.

You can change the default settings on the Facebook app for Android and iOS devices. This would be a good setting for wifi users. If you have enough mobile data, you can enjoy uploading HD videos on Facebook.

upload hd video to facebook

How To Change Facebook Video Quality Settings

Facebook is filled with rich posts like text, photos, and videos. Many Facebook users would like to watch viral videos to have fun. The Facebook algorithm shows suggested videos that help the users to browse more interesting videos. In this guide, you'll learn how to change Facebook video quality settings.

Depending upon your Internet speed, Facebook video quality varies. If you have a slow-speed Internet connection, probably you'll be forced to watch videos in 144p and 180p quality.

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In case, if you have very good Internet speed but still Facebook shows you videos of low quality, you can manually change that too. After applying the required settings, it will improve Facebook video quality.

If the video was uploaded in HD quality, you can watch the same video in HD, SD, and low quality. You can choose the best video quality for Facebook. The video quality can be changed on the web version as well as on Android and iOS devices.

If you're looking to save your mobile data, it is better to play videos in medium quality.

Facebook offers dedicated video settings where you can set the quality of the video to watch. You will also see additional video settings on the video settings page. You can also toggle on/off the auto-play video, captions (if available), and configure default video volume.

Facebook video quality settings

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts | Navigate and Tweet Easily

Twitter is the best place to know the current trending news. It is also popular for #hashtags to speak about a specific issue. Celebrities and political leaders use Twitter as a medium to broadcast their thoughts to their followers. In this post, you'll learn the list of Twitter keyboard shortcuts.

If you're a regular tweeter, you should learn Twitter keyboard shortcuts. You can easily navigate through several options without using your mouse cursor. So that you can become a Pro Twitter user.

MS Word and Excel users often use computer shortcut keys from A-Z. Twitter also offers shortcut methods for their pro users to improve the web experience. You can create a new tweet, block users, like, retweet, and much more using the keyboard shortcuts.

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

How To Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Android

People prefer dual sim Android phones. Many of them prefer to have 2 WhatsApp in one Android phone. Whether you're using a single/dual or multiple sims supported Android phones, you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts in one phone without root. In this guide, you'll learn how to login to two WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone.

Since WhatsApp is the best Instant Messaging service, every smartphone user would like to use WhatsApp daily. The encrypted service and its two-step verification feature help to secure your chats, videos, voice, and other files.

Rooted Android users will go one step ahead and they choose to install third-party WhatsApp messengers. Some of the apps are WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp. I won't recommend our visitors to use these apps.

These apps are not the perfect way to have two WhatsApp account on the same phone. The main disadvantage of unofficial apps is that you'll lose your privacy and encryption features.

Using these altered version apps is not illegal but WhatsApp may impose a temporary or lifetime ban for your mobile number. If you're using unofficial WhatsApp, backup your data > Uninstall the app > Install official WhatsApp from Play Store.

Two Whatsapp on one phone

Monday, February 15, 2021

How To Change and Create Themes on Telegram

Telegram gives more freedom than WhatsApp. The first thing which we like is to paint something on the wall. You can paint your favorite colors to make a theme on Telegram. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to change and create a new theme and chat background on Telegram (both Android and Desktop versions).

More than 70% of the Telegram users would like to apply a different theme. The default theme looks boring and we need a different taste.

In Telegram, you can change the chat background to any color or picture. You can also change the layout theme at no cost.

The flexibility provided by Telegram attracts many users day by day. Many users have started to use Telegram like WhatsApp. You can make stickers easily on Telegram to share them with your friends and family.

Changing and creating new themes applies to the desktop version of Telegram too. The Telegram web version doesn't allow us to change the theme. If you're a web user of Telegram, you've to stick with the default blue-white theme.

How to change Telegram theme

How To Turn Off AutoPlay Videos on Facebook

The Facebook news feed is popular for news, images, and videos. Without a doubt, Facebook videos could entertain other types of posts. Some of us may spend a lot of time watching Facebook videos. Here's the guide to turn on/off autoplay videos and sound on Facebook.

When you scroll down for more feeds, the Facebook videos will play automatically. This could annoy some users. Facebook autoplay videos will drain your mobile data.

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The most annoying part is the sound you hear when the autoplay video is Turned On. If you don't put a headphone, it would surely annoy others who are around you. If it's bedtime, it could be a nightmare for others.

The autoplay feature is good for those who always use a headset. At the same time, if you rely on mobile data, the Facebook video autoplay feature may not be useful.

Whether you prefer the mobile app or desktop, you can stop Facebook videos from autoplaying.

Turn Off Autoplay Videos on Facebook

How To Add Hyperlink To Text in Telegram

The hyperlink is a text that holds a URL. When a reader tap on the hyperlink, they will follow the hidden link. Wikipedia is popular for hyperlinking the text to reference the data. The hyperlink can be given to the internal and external links. In this tutorial, we'll discuss how to create a hyperlink in Telegram messages on Android/iOS and desktop versions.

Did you know that you can make a hyperlink in Telegram messages?

You might have used bots to hide a link in Telegram. But actually, you can create a hyperlink in Telegram without any bot.

You can add many hyperlinks to Telegram messages without annoying the user experience. When someone taps the hyperlink, they will see a prompt to open or cancel viewing the link. They can see the URL hidden inside the Telegram message link.

Sharing text links (hyperlinks) is a professional way to send URLs to someone. Since not all URLs on the web are visually optimized, sharing full links may look ugly. In Telegram, you can make use of this feature to send links in your text messages.

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If you share a raw URL, it might not look interesting. On the other hand, a message link looks neat and clean. It can provide a better user experience.

Add hyperlink to text in Telegram

How To Make Telegram Stickers on Android, iOS and PC

In Telegram, the stickers play a nice role in engaging with friends. Sending stickers in Telegram could be fun and enjoyable. You could send the stickers in Telegram channels, groups, and individual chats. In this tutorial, we'll discuss the steps to make Telegram stickers on Android, iPhone, and PC.

Telegram doesn't have an official stickers gallery. However, you can create Telegram stickers online for free using the @Stickers bot. A lot of photoshop professionals have submitted their beautiful stickers to the bot.

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Telegram word stickers, emoji stickers, and love stickers are very popular. For each sticker pack, a unique link will be created to share it with other Telegram users. When the users click the link, they can add the stickers pack into their gallery.

If you have a Telegram channel, you should know about the stickers to entertain your viewers. You can say wishes and reactions via stickers instead of emojis.

create telegram stickers

How To Start a Secret Chat in Telegram

The Telegram has two types of chat features. One is a normal chat and the other is a secret chat. Messages in normal chat use End-Server/Server-End whereas a secret uses End-to-End Encryption. Here, the term "End" denotes the client or user. In this post, you'll learn everything about secret chat on Telegram.

When a secret is created in Telegram, both devices will exchange the same set of encryption keys and an image. The keys comprise 64 digit alpha-numeric characters for encryption. When you compare the encryption area on both devices, you can confirm it.

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Since it's a client-to-client encryption chat, you don't need to worry about privacy leakage. Even the Telegram service can't spy on your messages.

The secret chat has a self-destructing message feature that allows you to set a time for auto-deletion of the message. The message will be deleted on both devices.

The secret chat feature in Telegram is one of the reasons for its popularity. This feature will work flawlessly on non-rooted devices.

Secret chat in Telegram

How To Enable Two-Step Verification on Telegram

Telegram allows you to log in to many devices with one account. When you use Telegram web login or PC version software, you need to enter OTP received in the Telegram app. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to enable 2-factor authentication on Telegram.

If your friend or someone has your phone, they can log into your account using another device. To secure your account, you have to enable two-step verification on Telegram.

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Once you've enabled the 2-step verification, you have to enter a cloud password followed by OTP.

In Gmail, you need to enter the password and then should enter the code received by SMS. In Telegram, it's a reversal method because you'll receive the code in the Telegram app itself. This extra layer of protection is one of the best two-factor authentication solutions.

Enable Two Step verification on Telegram

Sunday, February 14, 2021

How To Show Thumbnail Image For Facebook Link

The webmasters and site readers love to share the blog post links on Facebook. This helps to share important news around the world. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to fix the Facebook link thumbnail not working issue.

There is a little issue you might have faced when you share some web page's link on Facebook. The issue is - Facebook thumbnails not showing up when sharing a link.

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You might have faced the same issue while sharing YoutTube videos on Facebook. If the Facebook link preview doesn't, it may not grab the user's attention.

Fix Facebook link thumbnail image issue

How To Increase Telegram Channel Members - Ultimate Guide

If you're running a business, Telegram is one of the best ways to reach your potential customers, especially when you buy Telegram members. With a Telegram channel, you can make a sales funnel. First of all, you must create a Telegram account. In this article, you'll learn how to increase Telegram members for your channel.

Once you've set up your account, learn how to create your Telegram channel. You can create up to 8 channels per account. You could add unlimited members to the Telegram channel.

Already created a Telegram channel and added your contacts? You're awesome. You should make use of this ultimate guide. Remember that your loyal subscribers are your customers. Your customers will consume your product and you could make money out of it.

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If you get huge fans on your Telegram channel, you could reach them instantly. It will definitely work as a supporting pillar for your business. Thus, you should leverage Telegram to get a steady flow of customers.

Increase Telegram channel members

How To Create a Telegram Group on Android, iOS and PC

A Telegram group is similar to a WhatsApp group for sharing stuff with friends and family. WhatsApp has a certain limit for adding more members to the group. In the case of Telegram, you can add unlimited members to your group. In this article, you'll learn how to create a Telegram Group on Android, iOS, and PC.

Before, we've discussed how to create a Telegram channel on Android, iOS, and PC. If you have a business or ideas, you could get customers from the Telegram group chat.

Telegram channel doesn't support replies from members whereas a Telegram group does. It supports replies, hashtags, and mentions.

You can add up to 200,000 members to your Telegram group. It can be either a Private group or a Public group.

How to create a Telegram Group

How To Create a Telegram Channel on Android, iOS and PC

Having a Telegram channel could add value to your business. To reach your audience instantly, you should create a Telegram channel. In this post, you'll learn how to create a Telegram channel on Android, iOS, and PC.

Telegram channel can attract a lot of targeted subscribers like YouTube. It is one of the great tool for marketing the businesses.

Telegram channels can have an unlimited number of subscribers. If your phone contacts are already using Telegram, you can manually add them. If not, you could join Telegram promotional groups to gain members for your channel.

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When you publish a post on your channel, your audience will see your channel name as a publisher. Thus, it protects your privacy.

When a new member joins your channel, they can see the entire channel history. You can pin a specific post to grab the attention of members. So, viewers won't miss the content that you want to promote.

After publishing a post, you could see how many visitors have viewed your post. When someone shares your post to another channel, you could notice a rise in post views.

How to create a Telegram channel

... ...