Sunday, June 26, 2022

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts | Navigate and Tweet Easily

Twitter is the best place to know the current trending news. It is also popular for #hashtags to speak about a specific issue. Celebrities and political leaders use Twitter as a medium to broadcast their thoughts to their followers.

If you're a regular tweeter, you should learn Twitter keyboard shortcuts. You can easily navigate through several options without using your mouse cursor. So that you can become a Pro Twitter user.

MS Word and Excel users often use computer shortcut keys from A-Z. Twitter also offers shortcut methods for their pro users to improve the web experience. You can create a new tweet, block users, like, retweet, and much more using keyboard shortcuts.

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts



N New Tweet
L Like
R Reply
T Retweet
M Direct Message
U Mute User
B Block User
Enter Open Tweet Details
O Expand Photo
/ Search
Ctrl + Enter Send Tweet
? This Menu
J Next Tweet
K Previous Tweet
Space Page Down
. (dot) Load New Tweets
G + H Home
G + O Moments
G + N Notifications
G + R Mentions
G + P Profile
G + L Likes
G + I Lists
G + M Messages
G + S Settings
G + U Go to User

You can also check the Twitter shortcuts by following the below guide:

  • Sign in to your Twitter account.
  • Click on the Profile & Settings icon on the top right side. 

keyboard shortcuts twitter

  • Click Keyboard shortcuts.
A pop-up tab will appear where you can see the list of shortcuts.


When you use Twitter on the desktop, you can't disable Twitter keyboard shortcuts. Since the Twitter shortcuts are different from regular desktop shortcuts, you won't notice any conflicts between them.