Thursday, June 30, 2022

How To Crop a Photo into a Circle using Paint and Word

People like to share profile pictures online to get a digital identity. The picture shape is important for the photo. The two most popular picture shapes are boxes and circles.

The box-shaped picture is the default one. The circle-shaped picture can be used as a professional profile photo. Especially for students and job seekers, a round-shaped profile photo is a must.

Whether it's a square-shaped or rectangular-shaped photo, the simple crop is enough. If you want the picture shape should be a circle, you may prefer Photoshop. It can be frustrating to learn photoshop tricks to crop a photo into a circle.

Cropping a picture is a very basic feature in image editing. You can find the image cropping option in MS Paint for Windows and mobile gallery apps for smartphones.

Users would like to crop photos to cut down certain areas. Perfect cropping provides a better visual appearance to the image. The crop feature in Paint is a useful tool that is easy to use. You can select the portion of the photo for coverage, resize and crop it accordingly using Paint.

You may also have an idea to hire a freelancer to crop your pictures. Here, we have come up with simple tips to crop a picture into a circle. Thus, you can do it yourself on your own.

With the combination of Paint and Word applications, we can quickly crop an image into a circle shape.

How to crop a photo into a circle


  • Windows PC (Version 7 or above).
  • MS Office Word.


  • Open MS Paint on your Windows PC.
  • Add your photo in Paint.
  • Choose Rectangular selection in Paint.
  • Crop your photo showing your face. 
Look for the below example:

cropped picture

  • Save As the picture in PNG format.
  • Now, open MS Word.
  • Go to Insert > Shapes > Oval.
  • Place the cursor on the page and draw a circle. 

Tip: Press the SHIFT button while making a circle. Drag the cursor and make a perfectly round shape for the profile picture.

When you make a circle shape, it will look like this on MS Word:

circle shape

  • Upon finishing the circle, Drawing Tools will be activated.
  • Go to Format > Shape Fill > Picture.
  • Add the cropped picture to it.
You will see your cropped photo like this:

Picture filled in oval

You need to remove the blue circular outline around the image.

To do that:

  • Right-Click on the image area.
  • Click on the Format Shape option.

Format Picture window will open.

  • Click on Line Color.
  • Check the No Line radio button.
  • Click on the Close button.
Have you noticed that the circular line around that image has been cleared?

Note: We've used MS Word Professional Plus 2010. If you're using any other version, Right-Click on image > Format Autoshape. On the Format Autoshape window, under Color section > Choose No Color. Our aim is to clear the circular border.

  • Then Right-Click on the image showing points.
  • Copy the image to the clipboard or press Ctrl + C.
  • To save the image, go to MS Paint.
  • Paste the copied image from the clipboard to Paint.
  • Now, Save the image.
When you use your cropped circle picture on the white background, it will look like this:

cropped photo into a circle

To use your circle shape picture on a different background,

  • Go to MS Paint.
  • Insert a picture with a different background.
  • Go to Home > Select > Tick the Transparent Selection.
  • Now, add the cropped circle picture on a different background.
An example is given below:

circle shape photo on different background

  • Then Save the picture.

Tip: Prefer PNG format while saving the picture for best quality.

That's all. You're done.

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If you're looking for a circle crop tool, you should try this DIY guide. If you've any queries, feel free to leave your comment.