Monday, February 15, 2021

How To Change and Create Themes on Telegram

Telegram gives more freedom than WhatsApp. The first thing which we like is to paint something on the wall. You can paint your favorite colors to make a theme on Telegram.

More than 70% of the Telegram users would like to apply a different theme. The default theme looks boring and we need a different taste.

In Telegram, you can change the chat background to any color or picture. You can also change the layout theme at no cost.

The flexibility provided by Telegram attracts many users day by day. Many users have started to use Telegrams like WhatsApp. You can make stickers easily on Telegram to share them with your friends and family.

Changing and creating new themes applies to the desktop version of Telegram too. The Telegram web version doesn't allow us to change the theme. If you're a web user of Telegram, you've to stick with the default blue-white theme.

How to change Telegram theme


  • Android phone.
  • Desktop PC.
  • Download your favorite wallpaper both on Android and PC for chat background.

How To Change Chat Background on Telegram for Android

It is easy to change the Telegram themes as well as the chat background. Telegram provides a collection of themes and chat backgrounds. Let's see how to do it on the Android version of Telegram.

  • Launch the Telegram app.
  • Go to Settings.

Telegram settings

  • Tap on Chat Settings.

Telegram chat settings

  • Now, tap on Chat Background.

chat background

On the next screen, you can either choose the inbuilt wallpapers given by Telegram or you can upload them from your Gallery. 

Choose chat background

Besides, you can also choose available plain colors as chat background.

To apply plain color,

  • Tap on Set color and select your favorite color.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a color by tapping the Search icon.

How To Create and Change Telegram Theme for Android

On the same Chat Settings screen, we're going to create a new theme for our Telegram app. By default, you can choose available themes under the Color theme. Choose Telegram dark theme to apply dark mode.

To make a theme, follow the below guide:

  • Tap on 3 vertical dots on the top right side.
  • Tap on Create a new theme.

Create new theme

You can create your own theme by picking colors within the app.

You'll see a pop-up screen asking you to create a theme.

Create theme

  • Tap on Create Theme. (It's the Telegram theme maker).
  • Name your theme on the next pop-up screen.

Name your theme

  • Tap on OK.

Now, it's time to edit our custom theme.

Under the Color theme option,

  • Tap on Triple vertical dots corresponding to our new theme.
  • Tap on Edit.

Edit the theme

  • Tap on the Theme Editor icon as shown below.

Theme editor

  • Choose a menu from the editor list to change the particular color. 
You can change the color of the status bar, action bar, window background, stickers menu, etc, and so on.

  • Hover the cursor over the color gradients.

Pick a theme color

  • Tap on Save.
  • After that, tap on Save Theme.

Save theme

The custom theme will be applied to your Telegram app. You can revert to the default theme at any time. You can share the custom theme with anyone. If you don't like the theme, you can delete it.

How To Change Chat Background on Telegram for Desktop

You can change the Telegram background desktop and theme for free. It's a simple process. Follow the easy steps given below:

  • Launch the Telegram Desktop application on your PC.
  • Go to Settings.

Telegram desktop settings

  • Click Chat Settings.

Telegram desktop chat settings

On the Chat Settings screen,

  • Click on Choose from Gallery under Chat background.

Chat background Telegram desktop

You can choose the default chat backgrounds given by the Telegram desktop. The available chat backgrounds are amazing and you shouldn't miss applying.

Choose a new chat background

If you're not convinced to use these images as backgrounds,

  • Click Choose from a file on the Chat Settings screen.
  • Select your favorite wallpaper or any images that you've downloaded to your system.
  • Apply the wallpaper as your chat background.

How To Create Telegram Desktop Themes

Similar to the mobile version of Telegram, the desktop version also provides default themes to choose from. There are four inbuilt themes. They are:

  • Blue.
  • Classic.
  • Midnight.
  • Matrix.
As I said earlier, the default themes look boring. So, to create a new theme, follow the guide below:

Under Chat Settings,

  • Click Launch theme editor.

Launch theme editor

  • You'll see several options under the Edit color palette on the right side of the screen.

Edit color palette

  • Click each menu to make changes to the color of the theme.
  • Pick a suitable color from the color gradient.

Pick a suitable color for menu

  • Click Save.
Once you saved the color, it will overwrite the existing theme.

You could Export the theme and share it with your friends.

Note: You cannot delete the modified theme on desktop. Therefore, before editing colors, make sure that you write down the HTML color codes or Export the theme. This will help you to switch back to original theme.

That's all. You're done now.

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The Mobile version of Telegram allows you to create a new theme while the desktop version allows you to edit an existing theme. The freedom given by Telegram is awesome. You can do a lot of modifications to improve your user experience.