Tuesday, February 16, 2021

How To Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Android

People prefer dual sim Android phones. Many of them prefer to have 2 WhatsApp on one Android phone. Whether you're using a single/dual or multiple sims supported Android phone, you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts in one phone without root.

Since WhatsApp is the best Instant Messaging service, every smartphone user would like to use WhatsApp daily. The encrypted service and its two-step verification feature help to secure your chats, videos, voice, and other files.

Rooted Android users will go one step ahead and choose to install third-party WhatsApp messengers. Some of the apps are WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp. I won't recommend our visitors to use these apps.

These apps are not the perfect way to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. The main disadvantage of unofficial apps is that you'll lose your privacy and encryption features.

Using these altered versions of apps is not illegal but WhatsApp may impose a temporary or lifetime ban on your mobile number. If you're using unofficial WhatsApp, backup your data > Uninstall the app > Install official WhatsApp from Play Store.

Two Whatsapp on one phone


  • Dual sim Android phone [Recommended].
  • WhatsApp Business app [Method 1].
  • DualSpace Android app [Method 2].

Install WhatsApp Business App [Method 1]

Have you heard of WhatsApp Business App? If not, you should try this today. If you want to have a business presence on WhatsApp, this app can help you to communicate with your customers more effectively.

If you don't have a business, that's not a problem. You can use both WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business app on the same phone. You need to have a dual sim phone with two numbers. This is the best way to have a second WhatsApp.

Both apps can be identified by their icons. The usual WhatsApp messenger has a Green bubble with a Telephone Receiver symbol. The business version of WhatsApp has a Green bubble with the letter B symbol on it.

  • Click here to download the WhatsApp Business app from Play Store.
  • Launch the app.
  • Tap Agree and Continue.
  • Enter your second phone number.
  • Verify your second number.
Relax! Start to use multi WhatsApp on your phone.

If you're going to register on WhatsApp Business using the number which is already registered with WhatsApp messenger, you need to move the existing number to WhatsApp Business.

While registering, the WhatsApp Business app will ask you to move your existing mobile number.

Move to WhatsApp Business

  • Tap Continue.

Note: Once the chats have been moved to WhatsApp Business, you can no longer able to restore the chats back to WhatsApp messenger. So, before moving, make a copy of backup and save it to your computer. Later, you can restore your WhatsApp backup.

Download DualSpace App [Method 2]

You can Clone WhatsApp using the DualSpace Android app. It creates a parallel space in the phone to run multi WhatsApp. When you use WhatsApp on DualSpace, your chats are encrypted and secured. Therefore, you won't worry about your privacy. Not only WhatsApp, but you can also clone other social media and utility apps.

Let's see how to use the second WhatsApp on this app.

  • Open the app and permit DualSpace to gain permissions.


  • Tap Turn On.
  • Allow permission to access your phone's library if prompted.
  • Tap on the + symbol inside the app.
  • Choose WhatsApp from the inside app drawer.

Add WhatsApp to DualSpace

It will create a parallel space for WhatsApp.

Open cloned WhatsApp

  • After cloning, open WhatsApp.
  • As usual, enter your new phone number and verify it.
Now, use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously.


The first method is clear and official. The second method is safe to use due to the nature of the app cloning technology. The DualSpace app has a lite version app available in Play Store. There are so many clone apps are there. Some of the best alternatives are 2Face, Parallel Space (includes a lite version also), Dual Apps, 2Accounts, and much more. 

If you're willing to use several clone apps, you'll need to have unique mobile numbers to use multiple WhatsApp accounts. You can use two, three, four, five, or many WhatsApp account on one phone.