Monday, October 22, 2018

How To Clear Cache in All Major Web Browsers and their Shortcuts

Every browser comes with a built-in feature called cache. The cache stores the browsing data temporarily on your local storage. When you visit a website, browser cache will store the files from the web page.

Your computer will store files such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and other graphic images. When you visit a site more often, you may have noticed that the web page loads faster.

There are two main advantages of the browser cache:

1. You will save your bandwidth.

2. It also reduces the bandwidth on the server side.

Thus, the web page will load faster than the first-time visit.

There are two main disadvantages of the browser cache:

1. Your computer will store a lot of temporary files. It will slow down the performance of the browser and computer.

2. When the web page is updated, your browser will fail to load fresh data.

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You can use the Clear Cache Ctrl + F5 shortcut to empty cache for the current web page. It also reloads the current page. To empty the entire cache from web browsers, continue to read this article.

Clear cache and shortcuts

In this article, you'll learn how to clear cache in all major web browsers and their shortcuts.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

How To Make Background Transparent in Paint and PowerPoint

To make an image transparent, we can use several tools. For editing an image, people depend on PhotoShop software. There are some best online tools you can found to remove the background from an image. Most of the online tools are not free.

There are many situations where you would like to make background transparent. You can use the transparent image as a watermark for featured images. Eg., YouTube Thumbnail with a watermark.

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You don't need to have PhotoShop skills to do this. Also, you don't need to pay online to make transparent images

Make background transparent

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make background transparent in Paint and PowerPoint.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

How To Crop a Photo into a Circle using MS Paint and Word

People like to share profile pictures online to get a digital identity. Picture shape is important for the photo. Two most popular picture shapes are box and circle.

The box-shaped picture is the default one. The circle-shaped picture can be used as a professional profile photo. Especially for students and job seekers, round shaped profile photo is a must.

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Either it's a square-shaped or rectangular shaped photo, the simple crop is enough. If you want the picture shape should be a circle, you may prefer Photoshop. It can be frustrating to learn photoshop tricks to crop a photo into a circle.

You may also have an idea to hire a freelancer to crop your pictures. Here, we have come with simple tips to crop a picture into a circle. Thus, you can do it yourself on your own.

How to crop a photo into a circle

In this tutorial, you will learn how to crop a photo into a circle using MS Paint and MS Word.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

How To Compress Video For Web Without Losing Quality

We love to watch and download our favorite videos. If you save a lot of high-quality videos on PC, you will notice low storage space warning. Either you're saving videos on the pen drive or Android device, the issue would be the same.

When you would like to upload videos online, it will take more time to upload. So, for these two issues, the only solution is "video compression".
You have to compress video for web to complete the work as soon as possible. Before, we've discussed how to reduce image file size without losing quality.

For compressing the video on PC, we've come with the best video compression software. This tool can compress Mp4 video to smaller size for free.

Besides, this tool also supports .avi,.wmv video formats.

compress video for web

In this post, you'll learn how to compress video for web without losing quality.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

How To Reduce Image File Size Without Losing Quality

When you download high-resolution images from the Internet, the image file size may be too big. When you took a photo from High-end mobile devices, the image size will be high. You will see low storage space warning if you've saved too many high-quality images.

Besides, it makes the device to load slower than before. It is applicable for both smartphone and PC. When you have too many images on your device, you could upload them to cloud storage.

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If you don't prefer cloud storage, you could reduce image file size by compressing it. There is a lot of image compression tools you could find online. Some tools can greatly reduce image size but lacks to maintain the image quality. 

To make your job easier, here we've come with best tools to compress .png, .jpeg, and .jpg images. With these tools, you could reduce image file size without losing quality.

How to reduce image file size without losing quality
Photo credit:

In this post, you will learn how to reduce image size on Android and PC.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How To Create College Student Email Signature - DIY Guide

For the Students, college is the place to learn and polish their skills. It's the place where students are thinking about their future life. Everyone good student will expect to complete their degree for graduation.

Students should have contacts with their Professors, consultants and corporate. It will help them to get placement in good companies. College students must have an email signature in their emails for professionalism.

You can get a lot of free email signature templates and ideas on the Internet. For more professional look, you can find premium email signatures. Before spending money, you should look at DIY here.

Your email signature should have your profile photo, qualification and contact details. If you're ready to spend 10 minutes, you can easily create a college student email signature for free.

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college student email signature

Mostly, college students will have either Gmail or Outlook email address. Here, you'll learn how you can create a Professional email signature in Gmail and Outlook.