Thursday, October 14, 2021

5+ Best Minion Themes For Android

You have probably seen the Minion pictures in cartoons, movies, and science-fiction books. A tiny character of about two feet long baffling and communicating each other to execute their plans assigned by their boss. Though the Minions are characterized as servants of vicious villains, commercially this character was successful. In this post, I have listed the 5+ best Minion themes for Android.

Minions are very loyal, kind, and funny. The dressing sense of Minions disguised themselves as hard workers. The yellow skin and the blue jean cloth show that they highlight something and work towards their goal.

Minions basically represent human behavior in the sense that says randomness and imperfection. They often lose self-control and mess up everything. But still, they give a try to be more responsible and never fail to enjoy every little pleasure.

Minions are adorable in nature that acts look like kids but acts like a man. They are totally unique don't represent any other animation and cartoon characters.

The sense of humor in Minions is the fun part. They laugh in their own manner for their funny activities. They use a unique language that is ingenious. Example: "Bello!" for Hello!, "Po-Ka?" for What?, "Tank Yu" for Thank You!. This is why Minions are so adorable.

These yellowish cylindrical creatures never let you sad. They always try to make you happy. 

If you're a big fan of Minions, you will like to set the Minion characters as your mobile wallpaper and launcher themes.

Minion Themes for Android

Monday, October 11, 2021

10+ Best White Themes For Android

The white theme is fresh, clean, and provides clarity. In todays' dark mode trend, considering white theme is a unique style. For many users, a white theme could be nice for the background view on the home screen of Android. If you want the icons to be white, then switch to a different background for the best contrast. We will take a look at the 10+ best white themes for Android in this post.

Usually, when you think about the white theme, a plain light and empty background come into your mind. You may also think about whether white themes will look good for your Android.

When other colors are lightly added to the white theme, you can completely change the look of your home screen to a simple and pleasant mode.

Let's say that you get a mixture of white and dark colors on your theme, wouldn't be nice? Plain white theme lacks visibility of icons and text. It is the same for the complete dark theme - visibility suffers a lot.

Only the mixture of white and dark/other colors helps to make your home screen aesthetic and beautiful. If you're going to use a white theme, test it with dark mode enabled on your Android. The appearance of your home screen will give you a smooth texture which is quite good for your eyes.

If you have tried different themes like anime themes, and pink themes on your Android, try white themes too and see the difference.

Some users like to buy mobile phones with a white back cover. This is because the white color gives a more royal look and stands special from the crowd of the dark cover mobiles. 

Similarly, a dark cover mobile can give the same majestic look from the crowd of white. If you like dark themes, check out black & gold themes for Android.

As we are discussing white themes here, we will focus on this topic in this post.

White Themes for Android

Sunday, October 10, 2021

10 Best Pink Themes For Android For Free

Have you tried applying pink themes for your Android mobile? Pink has a special tone for children and women. They would prefer pink as the first choice mostly. If you have a love for pink color, you can show some love for your Android mobile via themes. In this post, we are going to check some different varieties of the best pink themes for Android for free of cost.

If you would like to know a little bit of history about the pink theme, here is the information follows.

It said that boys' stuff is blue and girls' stuff is almost pink. But, in the late 1900s, it was the exact opposite. After that men go for factory work, they had to worn blue cloth. When businesses were boomed, marketers started to produce goods and cosmetics for women with pink-shaded products. Then, pink become the favorite color for women and children worldwide.

A cartoon show named Pink Panther is a popular one that portrays a large valuable pink diamond. Like this, there are many examples that market pink theme for various reasons.

Now coming to the Android section, you might have applied a pink case cover for your Android mobile. Why not trying cute pink themes for your Android to improve your user experience?

Make your Android home screen aesthetic and beautiful with pink themes. There are many launchers and themes are available especially for pink lovers.

We have already discussed anime themes for Android. If we can get some cute anime pink themes, that would be awesome right? You'll find pink anime themes too in this post.

Pink themes change the wallpaper, icons, and lock screen on your Android. Each theme has a unique pink flavor that you shouldn't miss.

Pink Themes for Android Free

Thursday, October 7, 2021

What is Amazon Flex Card - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Amazon Flex is the program for delivery partners who can complete the delivery using their own vehicles. For delivering the packages, the delivery agents are paid per hour. Amazon Flex is available in many countries where one can apply and get approved to become an independent delivery partner. Amazon Flex card - also called "Amazon Flex debit card" is an optional service provided exclusively for the delivery partners.

Flex debit card offers several advantages for their delivery partners. Some of the perks include 6% cash back on fuel purchases, 2% cash back on purchases made on, and 1% cash back for all other purchases.

Under the Flex Rewards program, you can earn points by completing blocks and deliveries. No signup is required to enroll in Flex Rewards. The more points you earn, the more level you can achieve. It can help you to get approved for the Flex debit card to earn maximum cash back.

In partnership with Green dot corporation, you will be provided a deposit account where your earnings, rewards, and cash back is credited.

Just like setting your preferred payment method on Amazon, the delivery partner has to set the default payment account in the Flex Card app to directly deposit money into the Amazon Flex debit card.

To track your cash back, manage earnings and expenses, it is recommended to download the Amazon Flex app. The Flex app is currently available for iPhone and Android.

Once you receive the card, you have to connect your bank account to the Flex app for transferring funds. If you don't want to put all your earned money into the Amazon Flex debit card, you can move funds from the Flex card to the linked external bank account.

Amazon Flex Debit Card

Sunday, October 3, 2021

How to Update Default Payment Method on Amazon

Shopping on Amazon is exciting and fun. We use different payment methods to purchase an order. Since Amazon is a customer-centric company, it accepts a variety of payment modes to make life easier. You can choose your payment method while placing your order. Cash on delivery is also available for items that are less than $1,500 USD. In this post, we will discuss how to update the default payment method on Amazon.

On Amazon, you can add/remove and change the payment method. To make the payment fast, setting up the default payment method could be the first step. This could improve your online purchasing experience at Amazon.

With the help of the default payment method, you can add credit and debit cards. Amazon accepts popular credit and debit cards for ease of use. Store card can also be used to set as the preferred payment method. If you're a Prime member, you can make use of the store card to earn 5% cash back for every eligible purchase you make at Amazon.

Some payment methods are excluded from adding as a default setup. If any of the regular payment methods are available on the default payment setup page, Amazon may add the exempted options in the future.

Updating the default payment method will not alter the payment process for an existing order. It will work only for your future purchase at Amazon.

Once the validity of the card is ended, you have to configure the default payment option with new card information for seamless purchase.

Default Payment Method Amazon

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Why I Recommend WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

The advancement of technology allows us to easily shoot amazing quality videos on mobile phones and cameras, but it also requires huge video sizes. Before sharing these videos on social media, we usually need to edit them accordingly to adapt to the requirements of certain platforms.

It is almost impossible to process huge video files on mobile devices due to cutting-edge hardware requirements. In this article, we will introduce an ultimate video converter, which is also a video editor. This program will meet all your video-related needs and provide some outstanding features. The video converter we are going to discuss is WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

A video converter should complete the task fast. There are many video converters available in the market. However, not all the programs are designed to work fast as possible.

It should support various formats which can really solve the user's issue. Some mobile devices, computers, and Smart TVs don't support all file formats. It will be annoying if the video won't play even though the hardware is compatible. In other cases, the device may not support the format of the video.

Even if the file format is supported by the device, there could be some issues with audio and rendering the video frames.

It is important to have a video converter that can solve almost all issues related to video and audio formats.

I have personally tried the software explained in this post. In my case, I have a lot of movies in MKV format on my hard drive. Whenever I try to play the videos on my Mi TV, it produces issues. There is no audio as the video plays well. It throws an error stating, "audio not supported".

With the help of this tool, I can able to convert the affected video to support playing on my Mi TV. Wow, it was a surprise for me. Without losing the picture quality, the converted video can be played on the Smart TV with audio. 

Yes, the audio issue is fixed and I would like to convert the pending videos on my hard drive. So that I can play those media on TV without issues.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro
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