Sunday, November 22, 2020

How To Make 8D Audio Online on Android, iPhone, and PC

Have you heard about 8D audio and music? When you search for the term 8d audio on YouTube, you can find tons of videos. This post explains how to make 8D audio online for free.

When you listen to the 8D audio through good quality headphones, you can find that you are listening to music in a different dimension. You can realize the difference between normal Mp3 audio and 8D audio. If you play the same 8D audio in a normal speaker, you may not feel the same dimension in audio.

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How to Make 8D Audio

In this post, we will see how to make 8D music online on a PC and smartphone.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows, MAC, and Web

We all know that computer keyboard shortcut keys make our life easier. Most businesses use Microsoft Teams for communication with their colleagues. In this post, you will learn Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts which can help you to improve your efficiency at work.

Normally, we use the mouse for navigation. The combination of the computer keyboard and mouse is good. However, you can also use your keyboard for navigation purposes. This will saves a lot of time and you can work faster than before.

Previously, we have also discussed on Twitter keyboard shortcuts for Twitter users. Another advantage of using keyboard shortcuts is that you can focus on your work only with your keyboard. If your computer mouse is not working, the keyboard shortcuts will definitely help you to manage your work. This method can gradually reduce the dependency on the mouse and possibly, it can also eliminate the mouse usage.

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For laptop users, using their touchpad more often will cause wrist pain. To avoid this situation, you can use keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

Make sure you have the US Keyboard Layout (most commonly used) to use the shortcuts given in this post.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

How To Use Microsoft Teams for Project Management

Microsoft Teams is the central hub for communication and productivity. Scheduling a task and deliverables can be easily managed in Teams which can help the management to work efficiently.

Teams allow multiple ways of communication and this is the main reason for IT industries to heavily rely on this application. Using Microfost Teams for project management is the ideal way for businesses to keep track of their productive employees.

If you need to contact your colleague very often in your work, Microsoft Teams is the right choice. Teams help you to make instant communication and removes the barrier of waiting for the reply to some extent. If the recipient is online and available, he/she will reply to you as soon as possible. If they are busy, you can expect a reply, a little later.

If you do communicate over and over again on the same Email conversation, you may end up with late replies and the whole thread will look like a mess.

Here, Teams play a major role to speed up your communication for better understanding and limits sending emails. Once your queries are answered in chats, you can summarize your clean input via Email communication. As a result, you're delivering the tasks more professionally.

Microsoft Teams for Project Management

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Free Screen Recorder No Watermark No Time Limit | Download

At school, college, and workplace, if your domain is computer science, the textbooks and documents may not be enough to teach others effectively. If you want to handover a knowledge to someone, you can share your screen via online software like Teams. If you're looking for purely a free screen recorder with no watermark and no time limit, this post is for you.

If you're working in IT, the mandatory software you'll use is a screen recorder. If you need to report a systematic error, visual type content will help your team to quickly understand the scenario to provide a fix. You can use the inbuilt version of the screen recorder provided by Windows 10 but in my experience, it is not that much userfriendly. It eats much of your hard drive for 10 mins of the screen video.

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There are many free screen recorder software available on the Internet which comes with limitations. Either it will allow you to record the screen for a limited time per video or puts the company's watermark or both together.

If you run an online business and would like to promote your site or digital product, you'll not like someone's watermark in your video. Instead of directly going for paid software, I would recommend you try a free screen recorder which has no such limitations.

free screen recorder no watermark no time limit

FlashBack is the free screen recorder that helps small businesses and individuals for their online work. FlashBack can be used for having better communication with your clients.

If you're a trainer, you can create and share your amazing tutorials to enhance the productivity of your students.

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Audio quality matters for the screen recorder you use. Avoid using your computer's inbuilt microphone. Instead, use a quality headphone that comes with a mic.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How To Ignore Mp4 From Playing in PowerAmp Music Player

Poweramp music player for Android is popular for its equalizer options. Apart from equalizer settings, you'll get separate bass and treble adjustments to boost the quality of music. Not only the Mp3 files, but it also plays Mp4 (only audio). It is good to ignore Mp4 in Poweramp. For most people, it is very annoying to see that audio from the Mp4 file is playing in a music player.

If you're not a user of Poweramp, you should definitely try the power of this music player. It has a trial version that allows you to test the performance of this app for 15 days. If you like this app, you can buy the Poweramp full version once for lifetime use.

The skins/themes are special features of Poweramp. It supports lyrics, album art downloading, and multiple language support. To have an overview of all the key features of Poweramp, visit the Powerampapp website.

If you like only Mp3 file formats for better audio, you should check out the top 3 ways to convert audio for free.

Poweramp ignore mp4

As a default function, Poweramp includes all the media files from your memory. In this guide, you'll see how to disable Mp4 files from playing in the Poweramp app.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

How To Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in Your Country

Are you looking to watch blocked YouTube videos in your country? Are you worried about missing your favorite videos because YouTube blocked it? Read more here to find four different ways to unblock YouTube videos.

YouTube is the most-watched video sharing site in the world. Since it's Google's product, you can see the YouTube app on almost all Android phones. Next to Google's search engine, YouTube is the most searched site.

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There are many YouTube channels that do have fans worldwide such as PewDiePie, Mr.Beast, T Series, etc and so on. Many YouTube videos are blocked in certain countries due to many reasons. The blocked videos are not deleted from YouTube. It means, it is just not available in your region.

How To Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

In this post, you'll learn how to watch blocked YouTube videos online on your PC.
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