Sunday, February 14, 2021

How To Create a Telegram Account on Android and iOS

Telegram is a fast-growing social networking app. Those who are looking for a WhatsApp alternative should create a Telegram account.

Unlike WhatsApp, all the chats are automatically uploaded to the cloud storage. There is no need to back up your chats into your phone memory. With a single Telegram account, you can sign in on many devices.

The Telegram app is not limited to text chat. You can send stickers, videos, images, voice messages, documents, contacts, and locations.

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WhatsApp texting is completely encrypted. Here in Telegram, you can send both normal text and encrypted text messages. Telegram is highly secured and so users don't need to worry about privacy issues.

Telegram helps you to find new friends. You can grow your business on Telegram using Telegram groups and channels.

Creating an account on Telegram is like creating an account on WhatsApp. By following this tutorial, you will get more clarity about the features of Telegram.

Create a Telegram Account


  • Android or iOS devices. (Either a Smartphone or Tablet/iPad).

Key Features of the Telegram App

  • It's a free and secured messaging app.
  • It is free forever with no ads and subscription fees.
  • Telegram allows you to send unlimited media and chats. i.e It has no limits on the size of your media file.
  • Telegram keeps your messages safe from cyber-attacks.
  • It allows you to access your messages from many devices.

Steps To Create a Telegram Account

  • Launch the Telegram app.

Getting started

  • To get started, tap on Start Messaging.
On the next screen,

Allow Telegram to receive OTP

  • Tap on OK to allow Telegram to receive calls and SMS for OTP.
On the next screen,

Enter your phone number

  • Enter your Phone number and tap on the Tick symbol.
Wait for the OTP to receive a text message or a phone call. It is important to verify your phone number with Telegram to access the app.

Once you entered the correct OTP, on the next screen -

Enter your first and last name

  • Enter your First and Last name.
  • Then tap on the Tick symbol.
On the next pop-up screen,

To access your contacts

  • Tap on Continue to allow Telegram to access your contacts.  
This will help you to contact your friends who already have an account on Telegram. If you don't want to see your contacts in your list, tap on Not Now.

Now, the Telegram sign-up process has been completed. A Telegram account without a username, biodata, and profile picture looks empty. 

To complete your profile,

  • Tap on the 3 horizontal lines at the top left side.

Telegram settings

  • Go to Settings.

Put DP username and bio

  • Put an attractive DP.
  • Then tap on the Username option.

Unique username and link

  • You can use alphabets, numbers, and underscores for your username.
Once you've given a username, tap on the Tick symbol.

Now, you will get a unique link that can open a chat with you from anyone from anywhere.


Anyone can contact you without knowing your phone number only if they know your username.

If someone knows your username, they can search like this:

Example: @username

Unlike WhatsApp, you don't need to give your phone number to start a chat on Telegram.

Finally, give a biodata about yourself in Bio.

That's all. You're done. Start making new friends and explore the features of Telegram.

Note: Telegram is available for Windows PC version too. It can be used to login to your account. You need official Telegram app on your mobile to register your account.


The Telegram app has crossed 100 million downloads. If you don't like WhatsApp and its features, you should register an account on Telegram.