Thursday, February 4, 2021

How To Restrict Background Data For Individual Apps on Android

More than 75% of Android users fix a separate budget for data. Wherever you go, you can get connected to the Internet via mobile data. As long as you're staying at home, you may use WiFi.

When you hang out with friends and family, you would opt for mobile data. If your Android version is 7 or above, you could use Restrict background data option. This gives you full control over data usage. It's an inbuilt feature to reduce data usage on Android.

If you're using the old version of Android, you may not find the inbuilt feature to save data. Before, we have discussed how to block an app from accessing the Internet on Android.

Even if you're not using an app, it may run in the background. If so, it can ruin your data pack. Some apps run in the background to receive updates and notifications.

Here, we've come up with a good solution for you to save more data on Android.

Restrict background data for individual apps


  • Android Phone (any version).
  • Datally App. (Google's product).
  • Mobile Data (Datally doesn't work when you Tur On WiFi on your mobile)

Features of Datally App

  • On average, it saves up to 21% of mobile data. [Google says that it can save up to 30%].
  • Data saver bubble to see real-time data usage of any app.
  • Guest mode to limit data when someone borrows data from you.
  • Bedtime mode to stop apps from using mobile data when you sleep.
  • Set the Daily limit to get notified when you reach your mobile data quota.
  • Made for mobile data users.

Steps to Restrict Background Data for Individual Apps

  • Open the app.
  • Tap on Continue for agreeing with the Terms and Conditions of this app.
  • Tap on Allow or Deny for Datally to make and manage phone calls. If it asks for permission to access several features, choose the options wisely.

Open usage access

  • On the next screen, tap on Open Usage Access. [Datally needs usage access to help you save mobile data].
  • On the next screen, you will see a pop-up message. Touch on the OK option to Turn on for accessing the data usage.

Apps with usage access

  • You will see the phone's inbuilt screen for apps with data usage.
  • Select Datally from the list.
  • Toggle On the next screen. After that, you could see the Datally icon on the status bar.
Then you will be moved to the home screen of the Datally app. This is not the end. You are one more step ahead to set up Data Saver on Android. 

On the home screen of Datally,

  • Tap on the Setup Data Saver toggle option.

Set up data saver

  • Tap on the Allow button on the next screen.
  • Then you will see a connection request.

Allow VPN request

  • Tap on OK when Datally wants to set up a VPN [Virtual Private Network] connection.

Note: Datally will sets up a local VPN on your Android to block unwanted mobile data usage. Google says that it doesn't send any traffic through Google's servers. It only acts as a tunnel to allow or restrict background data for individual apps on Android.

Now, you will notice that the Data Saver option is Turned On. Besides, you can see a Data Saver floating bubble. This bubble will also show how much data does an app consumed. It will show real-time data consumption.

Swipe up or tap on My updates

To manage apps,

  • Tap on My updates. Instead, you could Swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Then tap on the Manage data arrow option.

Manage data for individual apps

  • Toggle On for individual apps to restrict background data.
Now, open an app for which the background data has been disabled. You will see the floating bubble for the individual app to track data usage.

Over a period, you could notice that you've saved a lot of data using Datally.

To Reset The Restriction of Background Data, 

  • Tap on 3 horizontal lines on the top left side.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Reset which apps can use data.
  • Touch the Reset option on the pop-up screen.
You're done.


What happens when you restrict background data? The simple and short answer is: It will save your data, battery, RAM, and money. When you think about restricting the background data app, use Datally. If you would like to block apps from accessing the Internet on Android, check out this guide.