Thursday, June 30, 2022

14 Google Keep Tips and Tricks You Should Never Miss

Are you a working professional who takes notes often about the tasks you need to complete? How about taking notes digitally instead of in notebooks? Google Keep is the service provided by Google that brings a lot of features to customize your notes.

Google Keep has a mobile version and web version apps. If you're in an online meeting, you can use the web version to take notes. When you're out of the office but still want to write your thoughts, I would recommend you to use Google Keep mobile app. It is available on both the Play Store and Apple Store.

One of the top advantages of using the Google Keep mobile app is that you can create/edit notes without an internet connection. In the web version, you can create notes however, you need an internet connection to save your changes. Otherwise, your changes are not saved and you will lose your data.

If you want to copy-paste some information from one site to Google Keep at your workplace, you will love to use the web version.

Google Keep Tips and Tricks

In order to use this productivity tool, all you need is a Gmail account. If you would like to sync notes between mobile and web versions, Google Keep is a good choice.

Some Apps Not Working on WiFi Properly - [Fixed]

Are you surfing apps and websites on WiFi? Does the page loading forever despite having a good internet connection? Does the page work with no issues on mobile data? Well, you're not alone. I have noticed this problem very often. 

Google apps like Play Store, Google Search, and YouTube sometimes don't work properly when connected to WiFi. The apps say that there is no internet connection. However, it works without issues on mobile internet.

Apps like Netflix, Hotstar, and other streaming apps may not be working as expected when connected to WiFi. You may notice that some other apps are working well with the same WiFi connection.

This issue doesn't occur all the time but it can happen once or twice a day. This specific issue is not coming from the device you're using to access apps and websites.

You might be using Android/iOS and PC for streaming videos. If your device is paired with WiFi, you could have noticed that sometimes certain apps don't work over WiFi.

Devices connected to mobile data and wired broadband generally do not face this problem. So, the problem could be coming from the WiFi routers.

Restarting your mobile, forgetting the WiFi network, and re-adding the network may work sometimes. If you are facing the issue, you could try these methods. If this is not working for you, reboot your router and try connecting to the apps you want to load.

These are repetitive processes so, you can try another solution explained below.

Apps Not Working on Wi-Fi Fix

Sunday, June 26, 2022

10 Best Android Themes All Time (Free Download)

Android phones are manufactured by different companies. For every OS update, they change the appearance, themes, and icons in your Android. To manually change the appearance of your phone, you need to root and install custom ROMs. Some of the custom ROMs are Paranoid, Carbon, etc. If you want to change only the themes, you can try the best themes for Android.

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Some Android themes offer customization features where you have to set up the look of your phone. Some other mobile themes come with standard UI which cannot be changed. You can find tons of themes for your Android device on Google Play Store.

If you don’t have time, don’t worry. Here, I have listed some cool themes for Android. You can download and install them for free. You’ll fall in love with one of these themes.

best android themes

Before installing themes, check out the reviews given by other users. It will help you to find what’s new in the updated version of each theme.

10 Best Anime Themes For Android For Free

Anime is very popular in Asian countries. Next to this, Americans, Europeans, and Russians watch anime. Whether it's a movie/series or just a wallpaper, anime characters grab the attention universally.

The anime characters are cute and stylish. This is the main reason many would like to watch anime. Anime can show emotions better than human beings. Even the awkward expressions shown by anime can look impressive.

Anime films are produced in different categories such as action, comedy, thriller, and love stories. Basically, the emotions expressed by the anime character and the graphics are doing the magic in the anime fanbase.

Many anime characters have motivated young people to show their talents and shine in their passion. In reality, aging is a con for actors and their popularity gets faded over time. But in the animation, it is totally different. Anime characters are evolving and they consistently attract the new generation.

Anime fans would like to decorate their phone and computer with anime themes. It gives them inspiration and they express their emotions through the anime themes, wallpapers, and gadgets.

If you have an Android phone, you can change the appearance of icons, wallpapers, and widgets using launchers. For anime fans, there are a couple of anime themes are available.

Some themes require you to download different launchers for customization. Some other themes come as separate launchers and so you don't need to depend on third-party launchers.

Anime Themes for Android for Free

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Top 6 Racing Games Every Android User Must Play

Racing games are extremely fun to play. They are highly competitive and give an adrenaline rush to the players. You may be familiar with the major AAA titles that are available on famous consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. But you will be surprised to know that there are a ton of decent racing games for Android available as well!

Most of the racing games are multiplayer. This means that you can play with other people across the world. This will make the gaming experience even more exciting. However, you will need a good internet connection for that. But if you have one, try the games listed in this blog.

Do you love playing car racing games on Android? Completing the levels in racing games needs skill and energy. Are you ready?

Best Racing Games For Android Users

Sunday, October 3, 2021

How to Update Default Payment Method on Amazon

Shopping on Amazon is exciting and fun. We use different payment methods to purchase an order. Since Amazon is a customer-centric company, it accepts a variety of payment modes to make life easier. You can choose your payment method while placing your order. Cash on delivery is also available for items that are less than $1,500 USD.

On Amazon, you can add/remove and change the payment method. To make the payment fast, setting up the default payment method could be the first step. This could improve your online purchasing experience at Amazon.

With the help of the default payment method, you can add credit and debit cards. Amazon accepts popular credit and debit cards for ease of use. Store card can also be used to set as the preferred payment method. If you're a Prime member, you can make use of the store card to earn 5% cash back for every eligible purchase you make at Amazon.

Some payment methods are excluded from adding as a default setup. If any of the regular payment methods are available on the default payment setup page, Amazon may add the exempted options in the future.

Updating the default payment method will not alter the payment process for an existing order. It will work only for your future purchase at Amazon.

Once the validity of the card is ended, you have to configure the default payment option with new card information for seamless purchase.

Default Payment Method Amazon

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

How to Enable and Disable Night Mode on Foxit Reader

Most readers prefer PDF to Word documents. PDF documents are safe and can be protected with passwords. Adobe PDF reader is universally popular. The best alternative is Foxit Reader. If you're already using Foxit PDF reader, this post is for you.

Foxit Reader is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. On all these platforms, you can turn on the dark mode in Foxit.

Enabling night mode on your mobile, PC, and apps makes sense when you have to use these devices at night time. A lot of people work night shifts regularly. 

Having a white background and black text on pages is the usual thing. Sometimes, your eyes would like to see a dark background and light text pages. It may help you to spend more time doing your job on a PC and smartphone.

As more people started to spend their life with their smartphones, it is becoming essential to have night mode options in apps and devices. Nowadays, many smartphones, browsers, and apps started to support dark mode.

If you want to read something at night with lights turned off, dark mode helps. For example, if you like to read a pdf document or e-book at night time, Foxit reader allows you to enable night mode. In this mode, Foxit Reader provides a nice readability experience.

Foxit Reader Night Mode

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

How To Take Screenshot, Edit, and Share on Chrome For Android

Google Chrome for Android brings a new way of capturing screenshots and sharing content online. When you read news and blogs, you may like to share the article on social media. What you will be looking for is the share button on the article. You may also have used the share option provided by your browser.

In all the versions of Android, the share menu takes time to load and sometimes it won't show up. Google has noticed the issue faced by users and brought a new idea to sharing content. YouTube and Google News also introduced custom share tools.

In the latest version of Chrome on Android, you can see that the browser itself comes up with a custom sheet for sharing content.

Chrome for Android thinks differently by providing more tools for sharing content. You can see the additional tools like screenshot capture copy link, QR code creator & scanner, and print.

Your Android phone has a built-in feature for taking a screenshot. It can be slow and it takes screenshots of the entire screen including the status bar. Usually, the status bar shows the network signal, battery percentage, time, and more depending upon the type of app usage. You can also notice the virtual navigation buttons on the screenshots.

On the other hand, Chrome takes a screenshot of the page you're viewing. The screenshot process works inside the Chrome app. Chrome captures an app-level screenshot that can't have the status bar and navigation buttons in the screenshot.

Once you take a screenshot on the Chrome app, you can proceed to edit the image inside Chrome before sharing.

Take Screenshot, Edit and Share on Chrome for Android

Sunday, May 30, 2021

How To Raise Your Hand in Zoom on PC, Mobile, and Web

Zoom is the virtual hotspot for friends, family, and even companies that use the application for communication. When a group of people is attending a meeting, someone would like to express their opinion in their discussion.

Though we have Microsoft Teams and Skype for business at the front, Zoom is the leading choice for many users across the world.

You can stream high-quality video with clear audio. Using filters in Zoom is an added advantage that is liked by many users.

Zoom provides better video and call quality, quick recording of meetings, and screen sharing. There are still many reasons why Zoom is making its touch with a large number of users.

During Zoom meetings, you can politely raise your hand for asking a question. Once the host accepts your request, he/she will allow you to give your input. After you have finished your discussion, you can lower your hand in the same way.

If the host doesn't want to allow any questions from anyone before completing his speech, he can have the ability to lower your hand. The host will be simply notified when someone raises their hand. Then host can lower the questionnaire's hand from his end in a Zoom meeting.

The larger the meeting goes, there is valid the reason for using this feature. Personally, I feel that the raise hand feature in Zoom helps the team members to participate actively in a productive discussion.

The raise hand feature is very helpful for remote employees, group discussions for job candidates, online ministry discussions, and much more.

How To Raise Your Hand on Zoom Meeting

Friday, May 14, 2021

How To Control PC From Android Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Are you away from home and need to access your computer for some stuff? Are there any relatives or friends at your home at that moment? With little help from them, you can access your PC from anywhere around the world.

You need to make sure that someone should be able to turn on your remote computer and it must be online. It will enable you to control pc from your phone without any issues.

Avoid the remote computer from going to sleep mode. Though your device can be still connected to the remote computer, you cannot awake the screen from Android (controller device). It would be a good choice to turn off the sleep mode permanently in the display settings on your Windows PC.

One of the fine advantages of remotely accessing a computer is that you can offer technical support to your family member or friend. You need to use the right tools both on your PC and Android device for remote access.

Chrome remote desktop is the safe and free tool provided by Google which needs to access a PC from Android. You can use the keyboard and mouse feature in Chrome remote desktop for navigation.

Chrome remote desktop works fine on Windows, MAC, Linux, and Chrome OS. As the name implies, I would recommend you to use the Chrome browser.

How to control PC from Android

Monday, May 10, 2021

How To Turn Off Google Translate on Chrome For Android

Google Translate is a friendly feature available on the Chrome browser. Since Google Chrome is the product of Google, the app comes pre-installed on Android phones. Many users are getting used to it browsing news and articles on daily basis. Chrome offers translation suggestions to read the pages in different languages.

Google Translate supports more than 140 languages. When you read a page that is written in a language you don't understand, Chrome helps you to translate the page. On Android, the translation suggestion appears at the bottom of the screen.

If you do not need to translate the page to some other language, it is not needed to show the suggestion whenever you browse different pages. It eats a little space on your mobile screen that might annoy users. It is recommended to turn off this feature if not used.

On the PC version, this may not be the case. Since the screen is big, it will not affect the user experience. As discussed above, translation suggestion affects the user experience on chrome for Android.

Turn off Google Translate Suggestion Chrome for Android

Thursday, February 18, 2021

How To Ignore Mp4 From Playing in PowerAmp Music Player

Poweramp music player for Android is popular for its equalizer options. Apart from equalizer settings, you'll get separate bass and treble adjustments to boost the quality of music. Not only the Mp3 files, but it also plays Mp4 (only audio). It is good to ignore Mp4 in Poweramp. For most people, it is very annoying to see that audio from the Mp4 file is playing on a music player.

If you're not a user of Poweramp, you should definitely try the power of this music player. It has a trial version that allows you to test the performance of this app for 15 days. If you like this app, you can buy the Poweramp full version once for lifetime use.

The skins/themes are special features of Poweramp. It supports lyrics, album art downloading, and multiple language support. To have an overview of all the key features of Poweramp, visit the PowerampApp website.

If you like only Mp3 file formats for better audio, you should check out the top 3 ways to convert audio for free.

As a default function, Poweramp includes all the media files from your memory. In this guide, you'll see how to disable Mp4 files from playing in the Poweramp app.

In older and newer versions, the configuration is a little different. I have covered the steps for both versions.

Poweramp ignore mp4

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

How To Earn Google Play Credits for Free

Google Play store has over 1 million apps for users. Many apps are free to use and support ads. There are many premium utility apps and gaming apps that require Google Play credits to purchase.

To buy a paid version app, you need to have a credit balance in your Google Play account (Gmail account). You can transfer money from your credit/debit card and net banking to your Google Play store account.

If you'd like to buy apps on the Play Store app, you should try Google Opinion Rewards to earn Google Play credits. It's an official app from Google for their users to get valuable feedback.

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More frequently or less you will receive surveys that can take between 10-30 seconds of your time to complete. Depending upon your answer, the reward amount you'll get varies. You'll get anywhere between 10 cents to $1 Google Play credit.

You've to be genuine while answering those questions in surveys. This will help Google to improve its products, services, ads, and more.

Every time when there is a survey is available, you'll be notified to earn your free Google Play credits.

The credits transferred to your Google Play account come with an expiry date. Each credit has an expiry period of 1 year. You must use the credit within the time frame. If you'd like to taste new premium apps, you'll surely love these credits to enjoy.

This simple survey app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

How to earn Google Play Credits

How To Use tTorrent on Android To Download Movies

Watching movies on your mobile is fun. You can watch your favorite movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime with the good video quality.

By using Peer-to-Peer (p2p) technology, you can download and share torrent movies. This technology is really awesome to grab the files you need for free. 

tTorrent Lite is a torrent client for downloading movies, apps, songs, and much more. It can download larger files either via wifi or mobile data.

It has a premium version called tTorrent ad-free. As the name implies, ads are excluded that include all the features of the tTorrent Lite app. Initially, tTorrent was introduced as freeware.

It has a pro version named "tTorrent Pro apk" which is not available in the Google Play store. The Pro version has the Torrent search engine feature which is useful to find and download torrent files easily. Alternatively, you can try Torrdroid which provides the tTorrent search feature.

All versions of tTorrent support magnetic link download where you don't need to download a torrent file separately. Once you get the magnetic link, the tTorrent app will do the rest for you.

The tTorrent app also supports sequential downloading which means it downloads all the torrent pieces in a logical order. We'll discuss more key features of this app in this tutorial.

How To Use tTorrent

Monday, February 15, 2021

How To Enable and Disable Auto Rotate Screen on Android

Android phones and tablets have a screen orientation feature. It's a must option for users to use the device at their convenience. For reading ebooks and web pages, portrait mode is useful. For watching movies and YouTube videos, landscape mode is the best.

The Gyroscope sensor changes the screen orientation. Auto-rotate on Android may not be liked by all users. When you want to read an ebook on your mobile, if the screen rotates to landscape, it would be annoying. It is the same case when you use your device in landscape mode.

Another disadvantage of autorotation is that it will drain the battery life. Some users have reported that Turning ON the auto-screen lock saves 10-15% of the phone's battery life.

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To control and change screen orientation, you'll have to use the Android auto-rotate setting. So, you can rotate the screen manually or automatically. You can do this by using either the in-built setting or a third-party Android app. The third-party apps are useful if auto-rotate Android is not working on your device.

Auto rotate Android

How To Translate a Page on Android

Language is the biggest barrier to communicating with foreign language people. When you like to read novels and articles written in a different language, it would be hard to read.

To translate a foreign language, we use the Google translate feature. We also refer to offline or online dictionaries to know the real meaning.

The SnapTrans app could help you to translate a page on the Android phone. If you'd like to chat with foreign people, you don't have to struggle to speak. You can reply to them instantly using this real-time translation app.

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With SnapTrans, you can translate the chat into 33 languages which can help you to reply to them in their language. Example: If your friend speaks Hindi and sends you a message, you could translate it and reply to them in Hindi.

How to translate a page on Android

Fast File Transfer For Android | Superbeam App Guide

Before the invention of the smartphone, Bluetooth and Infrared technologies were used to transfer files. The process of sharing files using these technologies takes a lot of time. To get rid of this, WiFi Direct technology has been implemented into smartphones.

A huge number of Android mobiles have built-in WiFi Direct share to transmit files. The maximum range allowed in the WiFi file share is 100 ft.

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Superbeam app is a good choice which makes it easier to use this technology. It is the best and fast file transfer app for Android. But how? Let's see.

Whether the devices are connected to WiFi or not, the Superbeam will work flawlessly.

When you use your regular WiFi, the file transfer speed will depend on your WiFi speed. When the devices are not connected to a normal WiFi, Superbeam will use the local WiFi network to transfer files. The transfer speed is greater when Superbeam uses the local wireless network.

Fast file transfer using Superbeam

How To Clear Internal Storage on Android To Free Up Space

For many Android users, one of the worst problems they face is the low storage issue. If you're facing this issue: "Error: not enough memory on your mobile device", you're not alone.

There are two types of phones that come in handling the storage area. One is phones with both internal storage and sd card support. Another is phones with only internal storage.

If your phone supports an sd card, it is easy to move photos, videos, and other files from internal to external memory.

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If your phone doesn't support an sd card, the only option you'll have is to move files to a separate hard disk or pen drive. 

Please note that we're not discussing RAM (Random Access Memory). It's all about clearing junk from the phone's internal storage.

clear internal storage on Android

How To Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android

Android has hidden features to power the users. One of the awesome features is the Android developer tools. For a basic user, this feature may not be important. The developer's first choice is enabling USB debugging mode on Android.

If you're a non-developer, you could use the developer mode on Android to Root your phone. After gaining root access, you can install a custom ROM on your mobile. In addition to this, you could also try launchers that require root access and various apps.

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Developers need the USB debugging mode to test their apps. They can install apps directly from PC to Mobile via USB cable. They don't need to sideload apps on phone memory for installing apps. This saves a lot of time.

USB debugging on Android

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

How To Snooze Email in Gmail on Mobile

If you're a regular Internet user, your mode of communication could be via Email. When you receive many important emails, you can add a star to the email. It will remind you that you've given importance to an email.

To check the received email for later, you're given an option called snooze email in Gmail. It will temporarily hide the email in the inbox. It is like the snooze option in the clock's alarm.

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You can set a specific time to the snooze email option in Gmail. Thus, you won't miss any important emails to check. Enabling snooze in Gmail could help you to focus on the top prior emails.

Snooze email in Gmail on Mobile

The snooze email option is available in both mobile and web versions of Gmail.
... ...