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How To Increase Telegram Channel Members - Ultimate Guide

If you're running a business, Telegram is one of the best ways to reach your potential customers, especially when you buy Telegram members. With a Telegram channel, you can make a sales funnel. First of all, you must create a Telegram account.

Once you've set up your account, learn how to create your Telegram channel. You can create up to 8 channels per account. You could add unlimited members to the Telegram channel.

Already created a Telegram channel and added your contacts? You're awesome. You should make use of this ultimate guide. Remember that your loyal subscribers are your customers. Your customers will consume your product and you could make money out of it.

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If you get huge fans on your Telegram channel, you could reach them instantly. It will definitely work as a supporting pillar for your business. Thus, you should leverage Telegram to get a steady flow of customers.

Increase Telegram channel members

Tips To Increase Telegram Channel Members

Like Instagram, your business must have a Telegram channel presence. As you can add unlimited members to your Telegram channel, it helps others to follow your channel quickly for updates. Your post can get many eyeballs. The more targeted views you get, the more sales for your business.

Let's start with the list of tips to grow your Telegram channel!

1. Choose a Unique Name For Your Channel

When you search in Telegram, you could come across a ton of active channels. Every successful channel has a unique and catchy name. Your channel name must match the channel's username. Otherwise, it may create confusion among users to identify your channel. The username will start with the "@" symbol. Example: Our channel name is Techrolet. Our channel's username is @Techrolet.

Avoid copying others' channel names. If you have a brand name for your products or content, enter that name for your channel. You should also avoid changing the channel's name once you're done setting up a channel.

2. Put a Right Channel Description

If you set a brand name for your Telegram channel, it may not have a meaning. To know what your channel is about, make sure that you put the right channel description. It will help the users to understand what you offer on your channel. 

If your channel name has a meaning, you should not mislead users with the wrong description. Example: Your channel name is "Gaming Tech". Your channel description is "Learn hacking and other stuff". It's said to be a misleading description.

Your channel description should be short, sweet, and precise. It should have a connection with the products/content you publish on your channel.

3. Consistency is the King

After creating a channel and adding subscribers, you need to update your channel. You should prepare a schedule to deliver your product to your channel members. Even if you update your channel twice a week, stick to that schedule. 

Don't push more content in a week and less in another week. Your channel members may lose interest and leave. Thus, consistently publish quality content to increase the chance of getting new subscribers. 

To maintain and improve your post view count, publish posts regularly. Your subscribers will share your content.

4. Stick to Your Niche

The posts you publish which are relevant to your channel description are called Niche. Subscribers love niche-relevant content. Your loyal subscribers will view all your content if all your posts are relevant to the topic. Example: If your Telegram channel is about "Android", don't sell "Shoes".

To turn your number of subscribers into loyal visitors, stick to your niche. Your channel may have thousands of subscribers but your post view count could be very low. Those who are interested in your content will never miss your updates. There may be some other reasons for the low post view count. Thus, post single niche content to entertain your audience.

5. Try Engaging With Your Audience

Since the Telegram channel is a one-way communication, it doesn't allow subscribers to reply. Though your subscribers can't give feedback about your post, they can give reactions and votes. There are several lists of Telegram bots available to get clickable feedback from your viewers. Some of the Telegram bots are @like and @vote. These bots are free to use. 

  • If you use the @like bot for your posts, you can get Likes, Dislikes (feedback) from your subscribers. 
  • If you use the @vote bot for your posts, you could notice upvotes/downvotes and the number of voters.
Even to receive positive reviews, you have to provide engaging content. This is the first method.

I will tell you the second method. You could engage with your fans by giving your username in the channel's description. This may help the viewers to contact you for feedback.

You can create a bot for your channel to get a mass request from your loyal subscribers. If you're not comfortable with the second method, you should use a bot that can work for you. Introduce your channel bot to your subscribers. Search for @BotFather in the Telegram app to create a bot for your channel.

6. Use Images For Your Posts

When you publish your content, don't forget to add relevant images to your posts. It will tempt the viewer's attention to view your content. If you add a super-quality graphical image to each post, it can directly increase the post view count. Content without an image will look boring. 

An image can speak tons of words than text. Even if your text is boring, the picture could explain what you're going to deliver. It could be better if you add your channel's username to all images. When your post gets viral, users can join your channel.

7. Clean Your Channel Before Promotion

Cleaning your Telegram channel doesn't mean deleting all posts. Sometimes you might have published posts to request viewers to share your channel. When you start promoting your channel, a new user will see your request and will leave. Users will be curious to know your content and products. If they see only promotional messages, why would they subscribe?

Thus, prepare your channel to make it ready for smart promotion. If you shared other channel posts, remove them before promoting yours.

8. Use Your Email Signature for Promotion

Do you know that Gmail, Outlook, and other email services offer an Email signature feature? It's an awesome feature to leave your footprint in all the emails you send. When the recipient views your email, they can also see your signature at the bottom. Put your Telegram channel's link in the email signature.

9. Use Social Media for Promotion

Anyone can promote their business on top of most social media. Use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram to promote the Telegram channel. Set up a page on Facebook and Twitter for your channel. Then consistently share the same post that you share on Telegram. For more exposure, don't forget to Pin your channel link on social media. You can also use Facebook ads for promoting your page created for the Telegram channel.

10. Promote on Your Own Website/Blog

Do you have a website/blog that tells about your business? If yes, add a banner or widget to invite people to join your Telegram channel.

If you don't have a website, contact the admin of the website for a deal. They may offer you a paid plan to promote your channel.

If this doesn't work for you, choose a blog that has the same niche as your business. Read their blog posts and leave a meaningful and healthy reply in the comments. Most of the comment boxes will have a field to enter a website URL. 

You could place your Telegram channel link in that field and leave a comment. Remember that you should not spam via comments. If you spam, the webmaster may report your comment as spam. It is better not to comment than to leave a spammy footprint.

11. Make Use of Your WhatsApp Groups

Maybe you're sticking with WhatsApp for your business. You should expand your Telegram channel subscribers by inviting WhatsApp group members. Let them know about your channel. If they're already on Telegram, they will surely join your channel. Even if they're not on Telegram, they will create a Telegram account to join your channel. If you want to have a discussion with your members, learn how to create a Telegram group

12. Make Use of Q & A Websites

There are many Question and Answer websites on the Internet. The aim of these sites is to provide accurate answers to readers for the queries. Example: Quora, Yahoo Answers, Stackoverflow, etc, and so on.

Before giving your answers, know the prerequisites:

  • Anyone can register with their email address.
  • Only the registered users can ask or answer a question. 
  • You can answer multiple questions with top-quality content.
  • Your answer should match the query.
  • Your answer should not be meant to promote your business.
  • You should not answer just to place a channel link.
  • You can provide the exact solution for the query and then place your link in the middle or end of your answers.
If you failed to follow the terms of Q & A websites, you could expect a ban.

13. Promote Your Channel on YouTube

YouTube is one of the pre-installed apps on Android devices. YouTube has a large userbase (Everyone knows it). Why not leverage this platform to promote your Telegram channel? So, start a YoutTube Channel and provide quality videos describing your products. Invite the viewers to your Telegram channel by giving a link in the video description. If you already have a YouTube channel with a good number of subscribers, it can make your job easy.

14. Cross Promotion in Telegram

When you get used to maintaining a Telegram Channel, you might have heard of Cross Promotion. It's an agreement between two Telegram channel admins to swap their links for promotion. In this way, you can get members from other channels. Mostly, big channels won't accept your request. So, try to contact admins whose channels have an equivalent number of subscribers. This is the best method to invite other channel members to join yours.

Instead of using the direct link, you should create an ad with @ButtonBanner_Bot. Your ad will have your channel link. It will attract users to subscribe to your channel during the cross-promotion.

15. Paid Promotion in Telegram

Paid Promotion is a trend in Telegram. If you're new to Telegram, you can opt for paid promotions to earn subscribers. Approach admins whose channel has more than 10k subscribers. Also, you should check their channel's post views. If their subscriber count is 10k, at least the posts should have 3k post views. It is worth spending money to get advertised on big channels.

To contact admins, check the channel's profile. They might have left contact details on the Channel description.

16. Outsource Advertising on Your Telegram Channel

Outsourcing your tedious jobs to third parties can be beneficial. If you don't have time for marketing your channel, you should hand over the job to third-party companies. Some of the advertising companies are and You could search for other companies too. Check the trusted reviews for each advertising company before placing the order.

17. Join Green Promote for Free Promotion

Green Promote is the promotional group solely created to help channel admins to earn free telegram members. Green Promote has 2 active groups. One is for channels having 100-5k subscribers. Another is for channels having above 5k subscribers. Every week, you can choose to participate in the promotion.

This promotion group works by organizing participating channel admins to share other channels. Therefore, you'll get a chance to reach thousands of audiences every week.  For more info, join these groups and read the pinned message.

  • Join Green Promote for beginner-level channels @greenpromote
  • Join Green Promote for channels having 2k+ members @greenpromote5k
If you're looking for free subscribers, Green Promote is the right place.

18. Buy Telegram Channel Members

Are you looking for massive subscribers in a short time? You should buy Telegram channel subscribers. You can find legitimate sellers online. 

19. Join Forum Discussions

There are many forums that discuss cryptocurrency and Telegram news. You could search online for active forums to take part in the discussion. Set up your profile and fill in your channel link in the signature area. Take part in the discussion in a legitimate manner. Moderators can easily catch you if you reply to a post for the sake of promoting your channel. Be gentle and submit your response. This can drive massive traffic to your channel. They will join your channel if you post interesting and trending content.


A business should have regular customers. To get regular customers, you need to market your business. Having an active Telegram channel can bring loyal customers or visitors. Try all the above-mentioned ways to grow your channel. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.