Thursday, June 30, 2022

How To Find YouTube Videos Using the Hashtag '#'

Hashtags are popular on Twitter and Facebook (Meta). Anything trending on Twitter is achieved through the hashtag tool. Like how a tweet can reach more people with hashtags, it is also used on YouTube. You can see the hashtag in the video title or in the description if the uploader has added one. Mostly, you can find the hashtags above the video title.

It is the YouTuber's choice to add a relevant hashtag to their videos. Most newbie YouTubers like to add at least one hashtag to their videos for getting views. If the query is popular among the viewers, the clickable hashtag can lead the video to get extra views.

Hashtags can help you reach your targeted audience quickly. A user can make use of the hashtags to find all the relevant videos. It makes it easier for the audience to filter their search terms. Anyone can easily find the needed information in one place using hashtags.

Find YouTube videos using Hashtag

Two Ways To Find YouTube Videos Using Hashtag (#)

There are a few different ways to find a specific or related YouTube video with the help of hashtags. The below-mentioned method works only if the video has the known hashtag in the description or in the title.

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Clickable Hashtags

The most common method is to check the hashtag in the title or description of the YouTube video. Usually, the hashtags create a common URL where you can find all the videos around the world associated with the same hashtag.

Click on the hashtag and you'll be taken to a new page. You can see the hashtag name in the URL itself. You could also find the list of YouTube channels that used the specific hashtag in their public videos.

Most people watch an interesting video and look for a similar video. Clicking the hashtag is the best way to browse the related content for better engagement.

Search Through URL

Hovering over the hashtag on the YouTube video page reveals the common URL for the hashtag. Just copy the URL and search through the address bar.

The example URL of the hashtag for the YouTube video is

The /hashtag will search for the keyword /metaverse in From the above URL, you can replace the last word with any other for your search query. This is the second method to check for the videos using the hashtags.


The hashtag is the most popular way to reach a broader audience on social media. It is the best promotional tactic that can be used by anyone for free of cost. Whether it is a tweet on Twitter, a post on Facebook, or a video on YouTube, your post can reach many eyeballs for free. This is the power of hashtags that you should never miss to use for promoting your post content.