Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Computer Shortcut Keys From A to Z and Their Functions

When you would like to complete the system work in a short time, the shortcut method is the best. In this fast-paced environment, you need to finish the work quickly. In this post, you'll learn computer shortcut keys from A to Z and their functions.

Any computer work will consume a lot of time. There are some situations where you may not meet the deadline. In such cases, you should prefer the computer keyboard shortcuts.

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Some office goers extend their shift timing as they were unable to conclude their work. By using shortcut keys from A to Z, you can speed up your productivity. Thus, you don't need to stretch at the end of the day.

computer shortcut keys from a to z and their functions

These shortcuts posted here can be applied in Word, Excel, and Windows.


  • Windows PC ( Version 7 or above).
  • A working keyboard is a must.

A-Z Keyboard Shortcuts



Ctrl + A Select All items, folders, and content
Ctrl + B Make text Bold
Ctrl + C Copy items, folders, and content 
Ctrl + D  Move items to Recycle bin, Displays font dialogue box 
Ctrl + E  Center alignment the document, Displays search dialogue box 
Ctrl + F  Displays Find dialogue box 
Ctrl + G  Displays Go to the dialogue box 
Ctrl + H  Displays Replace dialogue box 
Ctrl + I  Make text Italic
Ctrl + J  Align text to both the left and right margins - Justify text
Ctrl + K Make a Hyperlink
Ctrl + L Align text to the left 
Ctrl + M Indent paragraph from the left margin
Ctrl + N Create a new document, a new window 
Ctrl + O Open a new document 
Ctrl + P To print a document
Ctrl + R Align text to the right 
Ctrl + S Save the document, file
Ctrl + U Underline the selected text 
Ctrl + V To paste the copied text, items, and folders 
Ctrl + X To cut the selected text, items, and folders 
Ctrl + Y Redo the previous action 
Ctrl + Z Undo the previous action 
Ctrl + Enter  Insert page break
Ctrl + F1  To hide the tools under the menu bar
Ctrl + F2  Show print preview 
Ctrl + F4  To close the active window
Ctrl + F10  Toggle between Restore down/Maximize the window
F1  It Opens Windows help and the support dialogue box
F2  To move text or image
F3  Insert auto text entry
F4 Repeats the previous action again 
F5  Displays Go to the dialogue box 
F6  Go to the next frame or phase
F7  Launch spelling and the grammar dialogue box
F8  To extend the current text selection
F9  Refresh the document
F10  Shows key tips 
F11  Switch to next field 
F12  Save As the document 
Shift + F1 To reveal formatting 
Shift + F2 Copy text
Shift + F3 Switch between an upper/lower case for selected text 
Shift + F4 Repeat the last Find operation 
Shift + F5 Return to the last editing location 
Shift + F6 Go to the previous pane
Shift + F7 Launch the Thesaurus in the task pane
Shift + F8 Collapse/shrink the selected phrase or text 
Shift + F9 Toggle between field code/results 
Shift + F10 Shortcut to Right-Click 
Shift + F11 Go to the previous field 
Shift + F12 Save the document 
Shift + End Select the text/phrase from left to right end in the document
Shift + Home Select the text/phrase from right to left margin in the document


The above-mentioned computer shortcut keys list is very useful for regular PC users. People working in IT/ITES and other computer-related jobs should learn these shortcuts. For effective production, an employee must know computer keyboard keys and their functions.

I hope this helps. Please share this knowledge with your friends!