Tuesday, February 20, 2024

How to Repair PST after Power Outage

A PST file, short for Personal Storage Table, serves as a container within Outlook, storing emails, contacts, calendars, and more for seamless access and organization. However, sudden power outages pose risks of data corruption, potentially leading to operational disruptions and data loss. 

This guide aims to empower users with knowledge and tools to recover PST files post-outages. Emphasizing proactive measures is crucial. Utilizing reliable solutions like a PST repair tool is recommended for efficient PST repair.

How to Repair PST after Power Outage

Thursday, June 30, 2022

How To Use Microsoft Teams for Project Management

Microsoft Teams is the central hub for communication and productivity. Scheduling a task and deliverables can be easily managed in Teams which can help the management to work efficiently.

Teams allow multiple ways of communication and this is the main reason for IT industries to heavily rely on this application.

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If you need to contact your colleague very often in your work, Microsoft Teams is the right choice. Teams help you to make instant communication and remove the barrier of waiting for a reply to some extent. If the recipient is online and available, he/she will reply to you as soon as possible. If they are busy, you can expect a reply, a little later.

If you do communicate over and over again on the same Email conversation, you may end up with late replies and the whole thread will look like a mess.

Here, Teams play a major role to speed up your communication for better understanding and limiting sending emails. Once your queries are answered in chats, you can summarize your clean input via Email communication. As a result, you're delivering the tasks more professionally.

Microsoft Teams for Project Management

How To Crop a Photo into a Circle using Paint and Word

People like to share profile pictures online to get a digital identity. The picture shape is important for the photo. The two most popular picture shapes are boxes and circles.

The box-shaped picture is the default one. The circle-shaped picture can be used as a professional profile photo. Especially for students and job seekers, a round-shaped profile photo is a must.

Whether it's a square-shaped or rectangular-shaped photo, the simple crop is enough. If you want the picture shape should be a circle, you may prefer Photoshop. It can be frustrating to learn photoshop tricks to crop a photo into a circle.

Cropping a picture is a very basic feature in image editing. You can find the image cropping option in MS Paint for Windows and mobile gallery apps for smartphones.

Users would like to crop photos to cut down certain areas. Perfect cropping provides a better visual appearance to the image. The crop feature in Paint is a useful tool that is easy to use. You can select the portion of the photo for coverage, resize and crop it accordingly using Paint.

You may also have an idea to hire a freelancer to crop your pictures. Here, we have come up with simple tips to crop a picture into a circle. Thus, you can do it yourself on your own.

With the combination of Paint and Word applications, we can quickly crop an image into a circle shape.

How to crop a photo into a circle

Some Apps Not Working on WiFi Properly - [Fixed]

Are you surfing apps and websites on WiFi? Does the page loading forever despite having a good internet connection? Does the page work with no issues on mobile data? Well, you're not alone. I have noticed this problem very often. 

Google apps like Play Store, Google Search, and YouTube sometimes don't work properly when connected to WiFi. The apps say that there is no internet connection. However, it works without issues on mobile internet.

Apps like Netflix, Hotstar, and other streaming apps may not be working as expected when connected to WiFi. You may notice that some other apps are working well with the same WiFi connection.

This issue doesn't occur all the time but it can happen once or twice a day. This specific issue is not coming from the device you're using to access apps and websites.

You might be using Android/iOS and PC for streaming videos. If your device is paired with WiFi, you could have noticed that sometimes certain apps don't work over WiFi.

Devices connected to mobile data and wired broadband generally do not face this problem. So, the problem could be coming from the WiFi routers.

Restarting your mobile, forgetting the WiFi network, and re-adding the network may work sometimes. If you are facing the issue, you could try these methods. If this is not working for you, reboot your router and try connecting to the apps you want to load.

These are repetitive processes so, you can try another solution explained below.

Apps Not Working on Wi-Fi Fix

Friday, April 29, 2022

Why Notepad++ is Better Than Notepad

Notepad is the default text editor that comes in Windows Operating System. It was developed only to read plain text. Notepad has limited functionality in general. If you would like to read special formatting, you have to switch to Notepad++.

For developers and programmers, Notepad++ is the best choice because of the variety of options it provides to control the editor. Even if you're not a coder, you will still love Notepad++. If you want to have all the options of Notepad and advanced features, you should try Notepad++. It is a third-party program that is free to use.

Similar to opening different tabs in a web browser, you can open many tabs and switch to any tab you want in Notepad++. The general Notepad lack this feature in the newer versions too.

Notepad++ supports Macros and Shortcuts which is a major time-saver for coders. On the other hand, the normal Notepad doesn't have these features.

Notepad plus plus Advantages

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Why I Recommend WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

The advancement of technology allows us to easily shoot amazing quality videos on mobile phones and cameras, but it also requires huge video sizes. Before sharing these videos on social media, we usually need to edit them accordingly to adapt to the requirements of certain platforms.

It is almost impossible to process huge video files on mobile devices due to cutting-edge hardware requirements. In this article, we will introduce an ultimate video converter, which is also a video editor. This program will meet all your video-related needs and provide some outstanding features.

A video converter should complete the task fast. There are many video converters available in the market. However, not all the programs are designed to work fast as possible.

It should support various formats which can really solve the user's issue. Some mobile devices, computers, and Smart TVs don't support all file formats. It will be annoying if the video won't play even though the hardware is compatible. In other cases, the device may not support the format of the video.

Even if the file format is supported by the device, there could be some issues with audio and rendering the video frames.

It is important to have a video converter that can solve almost all issues related to video and audio formats.

I have personally tried the software explained in this post. In my case, I have a lot of movies in MKV format on my hard drive. Whenever I try to play the videos on my Mi TV, it produces issues. There is no audio as the video plays well. It throws an error stating, "audio not supported".

With the help of this tool, I can able to convert the affected video to support playing on my Mi TV. Wow, it was a surprise for me. Without losing the picture quality, the converted video can be played on the Smart TV with audio. 

Yes, the audio issue is fixed and I would like to convert the pending videos on my hard drive. So that I can play those media on TV without issues.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

How to Enable and Disable Night Mode on Foxit Reader

Most readers prefer PDF to Word documents. PDF documents are safe and can be protected with passwords. Adobe PDF reader is universally popular. The best alternative is Foxit Reader. If you're already using Foxit PDF reader, this post is for you.

Foxit Reader is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. On all these platforms, you can turn on the dark mode in Foxit.

Enabling night mode on your mobile, PC, and apps makes sense when you have to use these devices at night time. A lot of people work night shifts regularly. 

Having a white background and black text on pages is the usual thing. Sometimes, your eyes would like to see a dark background and light text pages. It may help you to spend more time doing your job on a PC and smartphone.

As more people started to spend their life with their smartphones, it is becoming essential to have night mode options in apps and devices. Nowadays, many smartphones, browsers, and apps started to support dark mode.

If you want to read something at night with lights turned off, dark mode helps. For example, if you like to read a pdf document or e-book at night time, Foxit reader allows you to enable night mode. In this mode, Foxit Reader provides a nice readability experience.

Foxit Reader Night Mode

Sunday, May 30, 2021

How To Raise Your Hand in Zoom on PC, Mobile, and Web

Zoom is the virtual hotspot for friends, family, and even companies that use the application for communication. When a group of people is attending a meeting, someone would like to express their opinion in their discussion.

Though we have Microsoft Teams and Skype for business at the front, Zoom is the leading choice for many users across the world.

You can stream high-quality video with clear audio. Using filters in Zoom is an added advantage that is liked by many users.

Zoom provides better video and call quality, quick recording of meetings, and screen sharing. There are still many reasons why Zoom is making its touch with a large number of users.

During Zoom meetings, you can politely raise your hand for asking a question. Once the host accepts your request, he/she will allow you to give your input. After you have finished your discussion, you can lower your hand in the same way.

If the host doesn't want to allow any questions from anyone before completing his speech, he can have the ability to lower your hand. The host will be simply notified when someone raises their hand. Then host can lower the questionnaire's hand from his end in a Zoom meeting.

The larger the meeting goes, there is valid the reason for using this feature. Personally, I feel that the raise hand feature in Zoom helps the team members to participate actively in a productive discussion.

The raise hand feature is very helpful for remote employees, group discussions for job candidates, online ministry discussions, and much more.

How To Raise Your Hand on Zoom Meeting

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

How To Fix Daemon Tools Access Denied Error

Daemon Tools is a virtual drive or CD/DVD drive. You can use Daemon Tools to create images of CD/DVD. With the help of this tool, you can create bootable devices on a Pendrive. It is the most popular choice for users. 

The free version is called Daemon Tools lite which allows you to emulate up to 4 drives. On the other hand, the paid versions allow for more drives.

Daemon Tools is supported on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 versions. You can install the software on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows computers. This tool is also available for Mac OS.

With the free version, you will get less technical help. The paid versions have a dedicated support team. They can assist you in case of any issues and troubleshooting. There are three paid versions such as Pro, Personal, and Ultra. Each version has its own features and the pricing varies.

If you're trying to mount images and you get an access denied error message, you're not alone. I have experienced a similar issue once. Once you get this error, you cannot mount images anymore. Even if you run Daemon Tools as an administrator, you will still see this error.

I can able to reproduce the issue from my end. After adding the .iso image file in Daemon Tools, I see no issues. Upon double-clicking the mount, I see a pop-up saying, "Access is denied".

The core issue is not from the Daemon Tools. It is due to another software that corrupts the registry on your PC. The issue can be fixed by correcting your registry files.

Fix Daemon Tools Access Denied Error

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Is Freemake Video Converter Safe To Use?

Freemake video converter is a popular software to convert videos. Despite its name, it also works as an entry-level video editing application. It is available only for Windows PC. A blog post from the Freemake website says that currently, Freemake is not available for Mac OS. Windows users are having a question about this software.

When a video device is not supporting certain video formats, it could be annoying. On iOS and Android, there are several apps that support various video file formats. So, we will not find it difficult to play the video on our smartphones.

However, some devices like TV and mobile phones won't support specific video formats. To resolve the issue, we have to use video converter software apps. There are many free and paid software applications available on market for video conversion. One of the video converters is Freemake. The Freemake video converter was initially free but the latest version comes with its limitations.

In the latest version, you need to subscribe to a weekly/monthly/lifetime plan to enjoy the full features. In the free plan, the limitation is that you will see a bold text watermark in the converted video. Our understanding is that the Freemake converter is no longer free to use if you opt for the latest version.

Many users who have used Freemake at least once might have queries on the safety of the software. We will discuss why this question was raised. Should you utilize this application or not? Let's check it out in detail.

Is Freemake Video Converter Safe?

Friday, May 14, 2021

How To Control PC From Android Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Are you away from home and need to access your computer for some stuff? Are there any relatives or friends at your home at that moment? With little help from them, you can access your PC from anywhere around the world.

You need to make sure that someone should be able to turn on your remote computer and it must be online. It will enable you to control pc from your phone without any issues.

Avoid the remote computer from going to sleep mode. Though your device can be still connected to the remote computer, you cannot awake the screen from Android (controller device). It would be a good choice to turn off the sleep mode permanently in the display settings on your Windows PC.

One of the fine advantages of remotely accessing a computer is that you can offer technical support to your family member or friend. You need to use the right tools both on your PC and Android device for remote access.

Chrome remote desktop is the safe and free tool provided by Google which needs to access a PC from Android. You can use the keyboard and mouse feature in Chrome remote desktop for navigation.

Chrome remote desktop works fine on Windows, MAC, Linux, and Chrome OS. As the name implies, I would recommend you to use the Chrome browser.

How to control PC from Android

Friday, February 26, 2021

Grammarly Troubleshooting Guide | Resolve Unexpected Issues

Grammarly is the most popular tool for fixing grammatical mistakes. Grammarly has plugins for browsers and Microsoft Office. Its desktop application is also available for Windows and Mac users. In this post, we will see Grammarly's troubleshooting guide for resolving unexpected issues.

Since this grammar tool is used by many users worldwide, we can see some complaints about the functionality on some web and desktop applications. Some of the applications are Word, Gmail, and google docs. Users would like to fix the issues in order to use Grammarly.

When an application is not working correctly at a crucial time, it will be very annoying to get rid of the issue. Before reaching Grammarly's support team, it is recommended that you first try the tips given in this tutorial for troubleshooting the problems.

Grammarly Troubleshooting Guide

Thursday, February 18, 2021

How To Cast From VLC To Chromecast

The VLC media player supports many video formats and that is why it is loved by a lot of desktop users. The latest stable version brings a casting feature. If you would like to mirror videos from VLC to TV, this post is for you. 

The old version of VLC doesn't support this feature. You can enjoy the casting feature starting from version 3.0 and above. If you feel that the latest version is not fully stable because of audio and time frame issues, it is recommended to check for updates from the VLC help section given in the menubar.

Casting the screen using a mobile phone is easy. The same can be done using your PC. There are many instances you like to cast video from your PC to smart TV. With the help of screencasting technology, you can enjoy watching movies on your TV right from your computer.

Cast VLC to Chromecast

All the below methods are tested on Windows 10 PC. Let's check out the requirements to start casting from VLC.

Failed To Open Mpic Config File Error - [Fixed]

The earlier version of Windows apps may run on the latest version of the OS. The problem is that these old apps may not work as expected. You can experience some glitches and it can also throw an error.

I have noticed this error in desktop trading platforms like 'NEST' and 'NOW' applications. These desktop applications were developed for previous versions of Windows and there there were no further updates. 

Since the applications were made for Windows XP, it triggers compatibility issues in the latest version of Windows OS. The issue can be seen in Windows 7, 8, and 10 when you open some of the older versions of desktop applications.

Failed to open mpic config file

Free Screen Recorder No Watermark No Time Limit | Download

At school, college, and workplace, if your domain is computer science, the textbooks and documents may not be enough to teach others effectively. If you want to hand over knowledge to someone, you can share your screen via online software like Teams.

If you're working in IT, the mandatory software you'll use is a screen recorder. If you need to report a systematic error, visual-type content will help your team quickly understand the scenario to provide a fix. You can use the inbuilt version of the screen recorder provided by Windows 10 but in my experience, it is not that user-friendly. It eats much of your hard drive for 10 mins of the screen video.

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There are many free screen recorder software available on the Internet which come with limitations. Either it will allow you to record the screen for a limited time per video or puts the company's watermark or both together.

If you run an online business and would like to promote your site or digital product, you'll not like someone's watermark in your video. Instead of directly going for paid software, I would recommend you try a free screen recorder which has no such limitations.

free screen recorder no watermark no time limit

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Grammarly for PowerPoint | Enable Grammar Check in PowerPoint

Grammarly supports Microsoft Word and Outlook. There is an add-in for Windows users to add Grammarly to Word. Then what about PowerPoint? Does Grammarly support PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is used for presenting slideshows in schools, colleges, and office meetings. The presentation having text on each slide has to be error-free. Your audience can easily find grammar mistakes on poorly written slides.

Since the PowerPoint presentation is prepared for a smaller to a larger audience, it should not have any typo errors, spelling, and grammar mistakes. This can be reduced by thorough proofreading of each slide.

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Grammarly is the proofreading software that can assist users with effective English writing. Unfortunately, Grammarly doesn't support the PowerPoint application. In addition, it doesn't support Microsoft Excel also.

Is there any way to use Grammarly on PowerPoint?

The answer is simple. Once you've created a text-based PPT, copy and paste the text on MS Word to find and fix the grammar errors by Grammarly. Alternatively, you can paste the text on the web version of Grammarly to solve all the Grammar mistakes.

Are you using Office 2013? There is good news for you. You can activate built-in Grammar check and spell check in PowerPoint.

Grammarly for powerpoint

How To Add Grammarly To Word | Get The Word Plugin

Microsoft Word is often used worldwide to report documents. In colleges, schools, and offices, we can see that MS Office is essential. For writing a cover letter, essay, or any document, we prefer Word to save our work.

MS Office has a built-in spell checker which is useful to correct mistakes. It highlights the sentence in Green and Red for spelling and grammar mistakes. Even after double-checking for the spelling error, your document may still have some grammar issues.

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By using Grammarly, you can easily scan the Word document for spelling and punctuation errors. Grammarly can quickly scan real-time and uploaded documents. By integrating the Grammarly Word plugin, you can save and send error-free documents.

Grammarly finds and solves over 250 varieties of grammatical errors. It can perform 10x times more than MS Word's inbuilt spell checker.

Grammarly requires an Internet connection to find grammar errors. So, ensure that you're online if you'd like to enable Grammarly in Word.

Grammarly provides plugins not only for Microsoft Word but also for Outlook. While doing the installation, you can check out this feature. Since we are discussing Grammarly for word, we will exclude the outlook part.

How To Add Grammarly to Word

How To Share Screen on Discord | Screen and Audio Issue [Solved]

Discord is a revolutionary application for serving text, voice, and video chat. This software was specially dedicated to heavy gamers and online users.

Discord helps you to form a community or join an existing community to chat with other gamers for free. You can join an existing Discord server through an invitation link. You can also create your own server with a valid user name. You don't need to pay for creating or joining a server.

Discord was publicly released in May 2015. It was not known to many users until the rise of PUBG. In PUBG, you need to enter the game to talk with fellow gamers. When you exit the game, your voice chat will be disconnected. Thanks to Discord for allowing users to do voice communication in the background.

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Not only gamers but anyone can take advantage of Discord to communicate with hundreds of users online. It's one of the best VoIP (Voice over IP) applications.

Apart from Voice and Video calling, you can share your screen on Discord with your friends. You can invite your friends to connect with them on Discord.

Discord is available for Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, and web versions. Screen sharing on Discord is possible on the Desktop version and web version. In this post, we'll discuss screen share on the Discord desktop version.

How To Share Screen on Discord

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

How To Automatically Backup Files To an External Hard Drive

Windows users save their valuable data, files, and folders on their computers. Though we carry our smartphones for daily usage, we store important docs and files on our computers. When there is a need, we could easily check for the files on the PC. All the files are saved on the internal hard disk.

Installing fake and non-trusted software can trouble your system. The unverified programs could damage the hard disk which makes it non-functional.

Computer users first avoid installing cracked or pirated applications. You may get benefits out of the patched program but remember that you're giving a doorway to corrupt your data.

To keep your valuable files safe, you should have a disk backup without fail. In the case of hard disk failure or system fault, a backup can solve your problem.

In Windows PC, you can make a system backup. If you're unaware of this, check out by going to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Backup and Restore. You can backup and restore your system and files using these built-in features.

There are many cons to the built-in feature. One of the cons is that you have to manually back up your system and files. Also, it doesn't offer partition and real-time file sync.

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To solve all these issues, you can use AOMEI Bakupper software. By using this software you can automatically backup files to an external hard drive. You could simply hand over the backup task to this program to take care of your data in files, folders, systems, and disks.

AOMEI Backupper

How To Partition Hard Disk in Windows PC Without Formatting

Hard Disk partitioning is the process of splitting the storage space into 2 or more logical units. Partitioning a hard disk has many advantages. One of the best things is that you can prevent data corruption.

When your operating system is failed, you can safely copy your data from other drives if you've previously created a hard disk partition. Make sure that you put your important files and folders in the new partition.

Normally, people won't create a separate partition after buying a Windows laptop or desktop system. Windows PC has a built-in partition manager where you can create, merge and delete a partition. Many people are afraid of touching the disk management tool. If you're unsure about this, click on Start > Run > diskmgmt.msc

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The only con I noticed in the built-in partition manager is its user interface. It is old-fashioned showing less clarity on partition features.

Today, I'm going to introduce an awesome partition software specially designed for Windows PC. It is named AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Partition hard disk by AOMEI

... ...