Thursday, February 18, 2021

10 Best Skillshare Classes to Hone Your Skills in 2021

There is a beautiful proverb that says, "If you give him a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime". I personally believe that skill is better than the strength to survive. I would recommend you to check out the best Skillshare classes to polish your skills.

There is no age limit to learn a skill. If you're passionate about what you want to learn, you can easily get on track and stay focused.

There are three kinds of people who earn money. They are unskilled people, semi-skilled people, and highly skilled people.

You get paid for what you invest. If you don't learn a skill, you'll be paid less. If you have a skill, the sky is the limit.

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Textbooks in schools and colleges cannot teach you a skill. You should have an interest in a stream to learn everything from the basics. This will help you to build your skills.

A smaller set of sub-skills forms a complete skill. It is like a collection of pixels that form an image. Therefore, the basic foundation is important to become a master of any skill.

You can learn most of the skills online right from your home. You might have come across many works from home jobs that require certain skills. Example: Graphic design, WordPress developer, logo creator, etc, and so on.

At Skillshare, you can learn your required skills through videos. Skillshare is an American online community for those who want to learn skills through video classes. The courses available at Skillshare are not accredited. All the classes can be accessed via subscription.

For every new user, you'll get 2 months free trial to access unlimited courses at Skillshare. It is the best Udemy alternative but provides high-quality information at a very low cost. You can cancel your subscription before the end of the free trial by removing the payment information in payment settings.

best skillshare classes

In this post, we'll see the top 10 Skillshare classes to choose the best one which suits you.

Best Skillshare Classes


Do you have a passion for Photography? Check out the best Skillshare classes for Photography. You can change your hobby into a money-making skill at Skillshare. With a DSLR or Mirrorless camera, you can start clicking high-quality images. You can take awesome photos using your mobile phone which comes with a high pixel lens. You need to understand that Photography is a skill that can be learned via practice and professional classes.

Once you get the skill in Photography, you can become a professional photographer to shoot events and marriage functions. Selling your digital photos to magazines and teaching photography can earn you a nice income.


Programming is the backbone of the IT industry. Start with C, C++, Java, and HTML. All programming languages have basic logic functions like if, else, objects, and class. With the help of programming languages, you can either become a developer or an ethical hacker.

At Skillshare, you can learn basic to pro-level programming through video classes. You can work for an IT company to get paid as a Software Engineer. If you don't have a degree, it is better to start to learn coding and programming to work as a freelancer.

Problems are everywhere which need a perfect solution. You can make apps and software to solve a problem. If you get programming skills, the earning potential is very high. Any industry will go down during an economic crisis but the IT industry will always sustain due to the nature of development and updates.

You can also acquire coding knowledge through video classes provided by qualified professionals. 


Animators are working hard to deliver top-quality animation videos. A creative mind is required for making anime pics and videos. If you learn 2D/3D animation, you'll have a lot of options to pursue in gaming, digital design, and VFX. To get a good position in this industry, you have to commit yourself to a long-term career. A creative mind and passion for animation can help you to get a place in popular Studios.

You can work for Animation TV channels to show your performance. If you don't want to work for others, start a YouTube channel, and create meaningful animation videos to make money from ads and sponsors.

At Skillshare, you can find that thousands of students are already following the best teachers to learn Animation.

Film and Video

Love to do short films? Learn the basics from top classes offered in the 'Film & Video' category at Skillshare. You can find n number of documentaries and short films on YouTube. Many of these films were awarded for the best direction and cinematography. Though the story is the seed of any film, showing one's imagination into a film needs the cinematography skill.

Making a good film is the art and dream for many youngsters who want to get an identity in the media. You must know the camera tricks and angles to execute your imagination. You can learn Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and videography courses at Skillshare. To make your dream come true, you should have these adequate skills to shine in the film industry.

Graphic Design

Looking to get a job in Advertising, Publishing, and designing? You should learn about Graphic design. You can work as a freelancer or a graphic designer for an MNC. If you have a passion for graphic design and have the ability to meet the deadline, this will give you an exciting career opportunity.

Though you'll face competition, you can outrank other candidates with your creative mind. If you can display the thoughts of others visually as per the requirements, this stream is for you. You can find a lot of beginner classes for graphic design at Skillshare.


Do you have a passion for drawing? I recommend you to check out the best Skillshare classes for drawing. The illustration is more than a drawing on a chart. It is an art that is widely used in ancient dynasties to mark memories and history. Every illustrated material may or may not have a meaning.

People love to buy popular illustrated paintings to show their pride. It could be a hobby for them to collect historical paintings.

Now, become a digital illustrator by learning the essential skills at Skillshare. Start a daily illustration blog/website and post your digital painting to gain viewers. Start an Instagram profile and share your drawing weekly or daily. You can also put your compilation of paintings on YouTube. Share wherever you can to gain the attention of viewers.

Once you become popular, you can sell your paintings. You'll find many income opportunities if you're an illustrator.

Creative Writing

Writing stories and novels requires communication skills and wonderful thinking capability. You should have the convincing skills additionally to make sales if you have a blog. You can write a useful ebook and upload it to Amazon to make passive income.

Remember that Creative writing may not bring you a decent income. You should have a blog for yourself or write for others as freelancers to make money. You can make a living by blogging if you have a passion for writing. I recommend you start a blog to kickstart your writing career.


For any product, there should be a sales and service department. To make sales, marketing the product is very essential. Marketing is of two types. One is fieldwork marketing and the other is digital marketing. Marketing requires a sales pitch, complete product knowledge, and convincing skill.

Marketing is not for the faint-hearted. You need patience and consistency in getting new customers. In Digital marketing, you should have knowledge of launching an advertising campaign. You must have experience in handling Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and other PPC channels. 

Skillshare helps you to improve your marketing skills via multiple video classes. Subscribe to the best course and start to learn.

Freelance and Entrepreneurship

Want to become your own boss?  The first step is to learn a skill and work as a freelancer. You can either get clients online or offline. If you want to work as an online freelancer, I will recommend you to create an account at Fiverr or Upwork and show your talent to earn money. You can also start a website and do some SEO to reach potential customers. 

If you'd like to work in an office, start a small company and get clients locally. Later you can pilot it and attract clients from worldwide.

For many skilled people with a vision, their goal is to build their own brand. It gives them freedom and confidence in their profession. At the same time, they are working hard and smart which yields good results.

At  Skillshare, you'll get assistance and guidance from experts in Freelance and Entrepreneurship.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is the study of business data from statistics and programming to make decisions and clear views in achieving short and long-term goals. Example: Google Analytics, and Facebook page insights.

Data or information is the new oil that provides opportunities for businesses to identify new customers. 

It helps the marketing team to set a new goal. It also saves huge time and money by reaching targetted customers.

A career in Business Analytics is bright but competitive. You need to have industry exposure and personalized learning capability to become successful in this field. You can find many classes at Skillshare to learn more about this.


I have listed out the best Skillshare classes in this article which will surely help you to gain additional knowledge. Without skill, it will be very hard to survive in this present and in future generations. Did you know that low-skilled jobs are overtaken by bots and Artificial Intelligence? It is reality and the world needs skilled people to sharpen the technology.

I hope this helps. Share this article if you'd like to help someone kickstart their career.