Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Is Freemake Video Converter Safe To Use?

Freemake video converter is a popular software to convert videos. Despite its name, it also works as an entry-level video editing application. It is available only for Windows PC. A blog post from the Freemake website says that currently, Freemake is not available for Mac OS. Windows users are having a question about this software.

When a video device is not supporting certain video formats, it could be annoying. On iOS and Android, there are several apps that support various video file formats. So, we will not find it difficult to play the video on our smartphones.

However, some devices like TV and mobile phones won't support specific video formats. To resolve the issue, we have to use video converter software apps. There are many free and paid software applications available on market for video conversion. One of the video converters is Freemake. The Freemake video converter was initially free but the latest version comes with its limitations.

In the latest version, you need to subscribe to a weekly/monthly/lifetime plan to enjoy the full features. In the free plan, the limitation is that you will see a bold text watermark in the converted video. Our understanding is that the Freemake converter is no longer free to use if you opt for the latest version.

Many users who have used Freemake at least once might have queries on the safety of the software. We will discuss why this question was raised. Should you utilize this application or not? Let's check it out in detail.

Is Freemake Video Converter Safe?


Freemake provides a lot of applications such as video downloaders, video and audio converters, and more. Video converter is the most popular tool of Freemake. In this post, we will see how safe this software is.

Why Do Some Users Think That Freemake Video Converter is Unsafe?

In the past, the Freemake video converter was completely free. You were allowed to use any available features offered by this application. During the installation of Freemake, it asks to choose full or custom installation. If you quickly install the application without noticing the choices, you will install third-party software along with Freemake.

Since version 4.0, Freemake Video Converter comes with bundled software programs from sponsors. Some of the unwanted programs are a toolbar from the"Conduit", "SweetPacks", and "OpenCandy" adware. This can infect the user's computer if they do not have a proper Anti-virus setup.

Bundled Software During Installation of Freemake Video Converter
Freemake Video Converter v4.0

In the past, the Norton anti-virus program has blocked Freemake video converter during installation due to some issues with loading "OpenCandy" and "SweetPacks" (an adware module) with its software. Since a popular anti-virus software blocks a program and prevents installation, the users doubted the safety of the blocked application.

This is the reason users still want to know whether Freemake is safe. This had marked a grey spot in the Freemake software business.

Third-party applications like popular browsers and other useful software might be included but the users' intention is to install only the Freemake product. So, Freemake was giving free software and in return, they want to show ads during the installation. This was part of monetization for Freemake in the past.

How Users Can Decline Bundled Software During Installation

The best idea to decline unwanted programs during installation is to choose the Custom installation.

In the "Custom installation", you can choose not to install other applications. To prevent unwanted apps from getting installed, just uncheck the apps and proceed with the installation.

Freemake version 3.1.2 Custom Installation
Freemake Video Converter v3.1.2

Is Freemake Safe?

The latest version of the Freemake video converter is safe. It comes without additional bundles in full installation. 

Freemake Video Converter Without Bundled Software v4.4.12
Freemake Video Converter v4.4.12

They also changed the business model. The software is not free if you want to remove the watermark in the converted video. Also, the video conversion is slow in the free version. You need to purchase one of their premium plans to enjoy the full flexibility of Freemake.

If you're an ardent fan of Freemake video converter, go ahead and buy one of their premium plans. If you don't want to spend money but still love to use the application, you should check the version history. This may help you to get the old version for your Windows PC.

I have tried the old version 3.1.2 to eliminate the limitations. I have noticed two things which I would like to explain. 

The first one is to exclude third-party apps during installation. As discussed earlier, choose custom installation and avoid other apps.

Secondly, after launching the application, I tried to choose a different file format for video file conversion. The "next page" button doesn't work. Instead, the application got killed. Then, I tried to choose the specific file format from the "Convert" menu which is located at the top.

Convert Video From Menu

From there, I can able to successfully convert the video to a different format.

Tip: You can also try other versions to check whether you see any app kill issues.


One fine advantage of the Freemake video converter is that it is easy to use because of the user-friendly interface. A piece of basic computer knowledge is enough to convert video files using Freemake.