Wednesday, February 17, 2021

How To Share Screen on Discord | Screen and Audio Issue [Solved]

Discord is a revolutionary application for serving text, voice, and video chat. This software was specially dedicated to heavy gamers and online users.

Discord helps you to form a community or join an existing community to chat with other gamers for free. You can join an existing Discord server through an invitation link. You can also create your own server with a valid user name. You don't need to pay for creating or joining a server.

Discord was publicly released in May 2015. It was not known to many users until the rise of PUBG. In PUBG, you need to enter the game to talk with fellow gamers. When you exit the game, your voice chat will be disconnected. Thanks to Discord for allowing users to do voice communication in the background.

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Not only gamers but anyone can take advantage of Discord to communicate with hundreds of users online. It's one of the best VoIP (Voice over IP) applications.

Apart from Voice and Video calling, you can share your screen on Discord with your friends. You can invite your friends to connect with them on Discord.

Discord is available for Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, and web versions. Screen sharing on Discord is possible on the Desktop version and web version. In this post, we'll discuss screen share on the Discord desktop version.

How To Share Screen on Discord


  • Verified Discord account.
  • Discord software for desktop PC.

How To Share Your Screen on Discord Server

  • Install and launch the application.
  • Verify your Discord login via email if you try to sign in from a different location.
  • Click on Friends.

Your friend should be online on Discord to connect with them.

  • Click on Start Voice Call.

Discord will try to connect with your friend. Once they accept your call,

  • Click Turn on the Screen Share option (Monitor icon) as shown below.

Turn on screen share discord

Note: You can do Discord video call by clicking the 'video camera' icon next to the screen share option. The opponent should have to accept your video call while you're in voice call. You can enable and disable this option to switch between voice and video call while sharing your screen.

On the next screen,

  • You can select Your Entire Screen to share it with your friend.
  • Click the screen in the middle.

Entire screen share

Alternatively, you can choose to share the screen of specific windows.

To do this,

  • Click on Application Window.

Application window

You'll see different application screens to choose from if you have opened several windows on your PC.

  • Select any screen by clicking on it.
  • Finally, click the Share button.
Your friend can monitor your screen from now onwards until you disconnect the screen share.

Whether your friend is connected via a mobile app or desktop application, they will be able to watch your real-time screen movement on their screen.

How To Share Screen on Discord Web Version on Chrome

If you're a Google Chrome user who likes to log in to discord on the web, there is no built-in option to share your screen. You can try the free extensions available on the Chrome web store for screen sharing.

  • Try different extensions and use them for free.

How To Fix Discord Screen Share Not Working Problem

It's an annoying situation when you try to screen share on Discord but the screen went black. Here are the options you can choose to troubleshoot this issue:

  • Firstly, restart your PC and try screen sharing again.
  • Screen share on Discord doesn't work with full screen. Instead, you should use windowed mode.
  • If the above two methods don't work for you, it should be the GPU problem. I would recommend you update the GPU driver or swap the GPU.

How To Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Issue

Some users complain that they're able to screen share on Discord but the audio doesn't work. Try out the following methods to fix this problem:

Enable Sound in Discord Screen Share: (Method 1)

  • When you try to screen share, choose Application Window as we discussed earlier.
  • Make sure that Sound is 'Turned ON' as shown in the below screenshot.

Enable sound in screen share on discord

  • Select the specific window and share your screen.
You'll friend will be able to listen to the sound coming out of the application. Example: If you share a YouTube window from the Chrome browser, your friend can watch the YouTube video with sound. This works even if you mute the audio driver on your PC.

Add Google Chrome in Discord Game Activity: (Method 2)

If you'd like to screen share your Chrome browser window with your friend, it may not work all the time. You might have tried all the options you know to enable sound. Here's the solution you should try:

  • Click User Settings on the bottom left pane.
  • Under App Settings, go to Game Activity.
  • Click on Add it. (Not seeing your game?).

Add Google chrome in gaming activity discord

  • Search for Google Chrome in the given field.
  • Hit the Add Game button.
After adding Chrome to the Game activity,

  • 'Turn ON' the Overlay option under Game activity for Google Chrome.

Turn on overlay for discord

Now, you'll be able to screen share your Chrome window with audio.

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Sometimes you may still face issues with screen sharing along with the sound. This might be due to multiple reasons. If there is a bug in the software or any other help regarding Discord, you can send your email to [email protected]. A customer support agent will contact you from the Discord team to solve the issue.