Thursday, February 18, 2021

How To Cast From VLC To Chromecast

The VLC media player supports many video formats and that is why it is loved by a lot of desktop users. The latest stable version brings a casting feature. If you would like to mirror videos from VLC to TV, this post is for you. 

The old version of VLC doesn't support this feature. You can enjoy the casting feature starting from version 3.0 and above. If you feel that the latest version is not fully stable because of audio and time frame issues, it is recommended to check for updates from the VLC help section given in the menubar.

Casting the screen using a mobile phone is easy. The same can be done using your PC. There are many instances you like to cast video from your PC to smart TV. With the help of screencasting technology, you can enjoy watching movies on your TV right from your computer.

Cast VLC to Chromecast

All the below methods are tested on Windows 10 PC. Let's check out the requirements to start casting from VLC.


  • PC or Laptop. (Windows or MacBook)
  • Smart TV with built-in Chromecast. (Probably Android TV)
  • PC/Mac and Smart TV are connected to the same local internet either wired or wireless.

How To Cast VLC to Chromecast

  • Open a video on your PC with the latest version of the VLC media player.
  • Click on Playback from the menu bar.
  • Navigate to Renderer > choose the Chromecast device.

Playback Renderer VLC Menu

Here in the above screenshot, you can see that the Chromecast device that I use is MiTV. Simply clicking on the device name will be cast from VLC to Chromecast.

Besides, there is an alternate way to do the same action.

  • Right-click on the playing video on VLC.
  • Go to Playback > Renderer > Select the Smart TV you want to start casting.

You can control play/pause from your Chromecast TV remote. If the casting from VLC doesn't show subtitles, you can follow up on the official thread on VLC.

VLC Render Chromecast Not Working: What's Next?

For some users, if casting from VLC to Chromecast is not working, there is no need to worry about this. There is always another way to cast the screen. Yes, you can cast the screen right from your Google Chrome browser to Chromecast TV. Let's begin with the simple steps.

  • On your Google Chrome browser, go to the menu by clicking the 3 dots on the top right corner.
  • Click on Cast.
On the browser, you can see a small window showing the available devices to cast.

Cast From Google Chrome to PC

  • You need to select the options from sources like the Cast tab and Cast desktop.
If you choose the Cast tab and start mirroring, you will be casting the currently opened tab. If you choose Cast desktop, the entire desktop of your PC will be mirrored on your Chromecast TV.

You can toggle between the start/stop mirroring simply by clicking the casting device. You cannot control the playing video from your Smart TV remote. You can control it only from your PC if you opt for casting via the Chrome browser.


Casting is always fun because it is an instant process. Copying a movie file on a Pendrive and playing it on Smart TV is another way but still casting is the smart choice if you can't wait.