Wednesday, February 17, 2021

15 Websites Like Grammarly | Free Grammarly Alternatives

Are you struggling to write English without grammatical mistakes? Are you not a native English speaker who wants to be good at Copywriting? If you say Yes, I would say that should use supportive tools to improve your writing skills.

Grammar checker tools can assist you to write better English. So, you could feel confident while preparing documents and writing professional emails.

We've already discussed a lot about the Grammarly tool. It's one of the best grammar and spelling checker tools I've used.

Nevertheless, there are many free alternatives to Grammarly. If Grammarly is not right for you, I would recommend you check out the best alternatives listed in this article.

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There are many reasons to look for alternatives to Grammarly. It could be the pricing for premium plans, the user interface, and its functions.

These grammar tools highlight the mistake in your writing immediately and show suggestions. Grammar tools are very useful to learn vocabulary and tenses at home. All you need is basic English in writing sentences and phrases.

sites like Grammarly

1. Ginger Software

Ginger Software is similar to Grammarly for proofreading the text. It can help you to auto-correct misused words and grammatical mistakes. Ginger software can increase the accuracy in typing correct English with punctuation. This software is mainly focused on improving the quality of English writing for Students and job seekers.

Ginger software is available for Chrome & Safari browsers, MS Office, Android, and iOS devices.

2. 1Checker

1Checker is a completely free tool to check your grammar skills. It scans the whole text and flags the mistyped words and sentences to correct them. Use the "Apply all" option to auto-correct all the mistakes. It helps you to learn from your mistakes, and avoid making the same mistake the next time.

1Checker uses artificial intelligence technology to shape your English writing instantly. You can either use the tool online or download the desktop version application. It supports MAC and Windows operating systems.

3. JetPack

JetPack is a popular tool for WordPress bloggers. It's a multi-purpose tool used to check visitor stats, and security, and find free themes. It's a basic proofreading plugin where you don't need to copy-paste the entire text. 

While writing in a post editor, it scans each word and highlights grammatical mistakes, misspelled words, and hints in tricolor. Example: Green indicates grammar mistakes, Red indicates incorrect spelling and Blue gives hints & suggestions. It can proofread texts written in English, Portuguese, French, German and Spanish.

4. Slick Write

Slick write is a powerful free alternative to Grammarly. It's a nice tool for students to write perfect essays. Use the editor to paste the entire text to know any grammar mistakes. It will highlight incorrect words and explains the reason. So, you can develop your English writing by learning from your mistakes.

Slick write is an online grammar checker tool that doesn't require software to download. Also, no sign-up is required.

It has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox users.

5. Hemingway App

Hemingway app is an online tool to improve the readability of the articles. Paste the entire article in the text editor. It will highlight individual words & sentences to eliminate unnecessary words and optimize for readability.

Blue color indicates the elimination of words; Green color for switching between active and passive voice; Purple suggests alternative sentences; Butter coffee color indicates that the text has a medium readability score; Grape color indicates that the text is hard to read.

The colors are scaled between 1 and 10 grades. Grade 7 or below is good for your essays and articles. Additionally, you can add bullets, numbers, links, quotes, and header tags for articles in the Hemingway app.

The online tool is completely free. It offers a desktop version app which is a paid version.

6. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a 3-in-one tool having a combination of grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and text translator. It will highlight grammar mistakes and explains how to correct the error. You can integrate WhiteSmoke with MS Word and Outlook. The best part of this software is Plagiarism Checker. So, it will help content creators, students, and webmasters to find duplicate content. It can translate text into more than 50 languages.

It offers only subscription plans. They are Essential, Premium, and Business plans. It supports Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC systems. Since it can be used for multi-purpose, it's worth trying this software.

7. PaperRater

PaperRater is an online proofreading platform that doesn't require the sign-up and downloading of apps. Paste your text and get the report in seconds. The basic version can be used to check grammar mistakes and apply the suggestions. The Premium version is ad-free that comes with a plagiarism checker and doc file uploads.

8. LanguageTool

LanguageTool is another site like Grammarly which supports more than 20 languages to check spelling and grammar. Similar to Grammarly, it has a personal dictionary where you can save your unique words for later use. These words will be excluded while checking for grammar mistakes.

It has add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, MS Word, Libre Office, Google docs, and much more. It has Free, Premium, and Enterprise subscription plans. The desktop version of the LanguageTool app is also available to download for Windows.

The best part of LanguageTool is that it supports keyboard shortcuts which makes the proofreading work much faster than other alternatives.

9. ProWritingAid

If pricing is your concern, ProWritingAid is the best alternative to Grammarly. It just works similarly to Grammarly in terms of finding an error in grammar parts such as pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, conjunction, etc, and so on.

Whenever you start to publish your content on social media, bloggers, and any text field, you'll see the ProWritingAid icon which is integrated with your web browser. It can also be integrated with MS Office and Google Docs.

It supports varieties of English languages like American, British, and General. So, you can easily switch between these languages to write effectively.

It provides an API for developers to execute the functionality of ProWritingAid in their beta version of apps.

10. Online Correction

OnlineCorrection is a simple grammar checker site that doesn't require downloads or registration. It can flag misused words, slang, and sentences in colors. When you place the cursor on the highlighted words, you'll see the explanation and instructions to correct the words.

OnlineCorrection supports various languages for text correction. Other than US English, it supports UK English, German, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Italian, and Russian languages.

11. Reverso

Reverso acts as a good spell checker and language translator. It doesn't provide applications for mobile apps and desktop PC. It's a web-based grammar checker tool where you can paste the text to identify and fix your English. The only con is that it accepts only 600 characters to check spelling and grammar.

It can be integrated with Google Chrome for a fast grammar check. Reverso can translate text to French, Spanish, Italian, and German languages. This tool is completely free and easy to use.

12. GrammarLookup

GrammarLookup is yet another simple web-based grammar checker tool to analyze mistakes in your English writing. It's a great tool for those who are not native English speakers. This tool is free and doesn't require any plugin installation and registration.

Copy the text and paste it into the Grammarlookup editor. Then proceed to look up to scan the text for error.

13. Grammarchecker

Grammar Checker is a free online tool to check spelling, grammar, sentence correction, and contextual mistakes. It supports more than 25 languages, which is a wonderful feature I've noticed. The incorrect texts will be highlighted in crimson red color. When you hover the cursor on the highlighted word, you'll see alternative words and suggestions to fix the mistake.

This tool is free to use without registration. Besides, this tool has additional sub tools like Paraphraser, Translator, and Word counters.

14. Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor is focused on people having English as a second language. They target students, bloggers, content writers, and copywriters. It is dedicated to improving their English writing without fail. Students can learn vocabulary using this tool. As the name implies, it can teach and assist students to learn from their mistakes virtually.

It checks words, spelling, grammar, essays, and much more. Registered users can check up to 3000 words while non-registered users can check 500 words per session. The good thing is that registration is free.

15. AutoCrit

AutoCrit is specially designed for fictional writers to improve their creative writing. It will not only perform basic grammar checking functions but also helps the fictional writers to avoid duplicate content. It also favors manuscript editing to improve in drafting standalone fictional stories.

If your writing is really good, this tool will appreciate you. It will help you to correct blunders in writing by showing recommendations and choices.

AutoCrit has Basic, Professional, and Elite plans. All the plans require a monthly subscription.

16. Sapling or Crio

Sapling is a Chrome add-on to check all the basic grammar for your text. On the Stanford University website, the Sapling extension is renamed Crio. It is dedicated to students and office staff to improve their Email writing and Copywriting. It has Free and Premium plans to get started. It has no application for mobile and desktop.


There are some more alternatives to the Grammarly tool. They are,, and These sites are not so popular but you can check out these sites if you like to explore them.