Monday, February 15, 2021

How To Translate a Page on Android

Language is the biggest barrier to communicating with foreign language people. When you like to read novels and articles written in a different language, it would be hard to read.

To translate a foreign language, we use the Google translate feature. We also refer to offline or online dictionaries to know the real meaning.

The SnapTrans app could help you to translate a page on the Android phone. If you'd like to chat with foreign people, you don't have to struggle to speak. You can reply to them instantly using this real-time translation app.

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With SnapTrans, you can translate the chat into 33 languages which can help you to reply to them in their language. Example: If your friend speaks Hindi and sends you a message, you could translate it and reply to them in Hindi.

How to translate a page on Android


  • Android phone (KitKat or above).
  • SnapTrans app.
  • Foreign language page or chat window.

Key Features of the SnapTrans App

  • Bubble translate text.
  • Double Tap to translate a page to English, Hindi, or any other available language.
  • Act as a translator for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and web pages.
  • Translate chat to 33 foreign languages such as Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, etc, and so on.

How To Translate a Page

As we discussed above, you could translate a page on your phone. Follow the steps to start translating the text:

  • Launch the app and get started.
  • Tap on the Accessibility button in order to access the layout by SnapTrans.
  • Toggle ON the Accessibility option.
So that SnapTrans can read and translate the content of the interface. By leveraging this option, SnapTrans can translate the input keywords into a specified language.

  • Tap on OK to use SnapTrans to observe your actions and retrieve window content.
  • Return back to the app.
  • Tap Next after enabling Accessibility.
  • For the SnapTrans bubble that needs to be floated, tap on Draw over other app options.
  • Now, Toggle ON to Allow display over other apps.
  • Once again go back to the app and tap on Draw over other app functions.
  • Finally, press the Get Started button.

Note: SnapTrans app works only when the Internet connection is active. To get the real-time translation results, keep the data to remain active.

  • By default, SnapTrans will be turned on when you open the app.
You can turn it on/off either by opening the app or by tapping the floating bubble.

set language preferences

  • On the left side, set your language and on the right side set your friend's language.
  • Now, open a web page containing foreign-language content. (Open the page from Google Chrome or any other mobile browser).
Here's an example page showing content in Hindi.

Hindi content

  • Move the floating bubble on the page. 
It will translate a paragraph where the bubble cursor is placed.

  • To translate the whole page into English, double tap on the floating icon.

English content

Check the difference between before and after translating the page.

How To Translate a Chat

To remove the bar from chatting with foreign friends, use SnapTrans. It will translate your friend's message inside a bubble box. Then it will translate your language to your friend's language. Let's see how the chat translate works in the SnapTrans app.

  • Open a chat window in Facebook Messenger, Facebook app, or WhatsApp.

Here's an example showing a Hindi text from a friend.

Text from foreign friend
  • Move the floating bubble over the text.

Bubble box translate

As you could see the translated text is in a bubble box.

Now,  replying to them in their language:

  • Type in your language in the text input field.

Your text

  • Place the floating bubble over the typed text.

translate hindi to english

The input text has been translated into your friend's language. You can now send the message. Follow the same procedure for each text input. 

The accuracy of translating the language by SnapTrans is 95%. So that you could reply to foreign language friends instantly without learning their language.


With a simple drag and tap feature, translating a page is easy and elegant. The only con with this app is that it won't translate the text in some messenger apps such as Telegram. The alternative to the SnapTrans app is Hi Translate - Language Translator which is also available in Play Store.