Friday, January 4, 2019

How To Clear Internal Storage on Android To Free Up Space

For many Android users, one of the worst problems they face is the low storage issue. If you're facing this issue: "Error: not enough memory on your mobile device", you're not alone.

There are two types of phones that come in handling the storage area. One is phones with both internal storage and sd card support. Another is phones with only internal storage.

If your phone supports sd card, it is easy to move photos, videos, and other files from internal to external memory.

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If your phone doesn't support sd card, the only option you'll have is to move files to a separate hard disk or pen drive. 

Please note that we're not discussing RAM (Random Access Memory). It's all about clearing junks from the phone's internal storage.

clear internal storage on Android

In this article, we'll discuss how to clean phone memory to free up space on Android.


  • Android phone (KitKat or above).
  • Ccleaner app.
  • Some free space to install the Ccleaner app.

Key Features of Ccleaner App

  • It cleans the junk and speeds up your phone.
  • Clears cache, browser history, clipboard, and more.
  • It can uninstall multiple apps in one click.
  • It deletes residual and obsolete apps and files.
  • It could hibernate apps to improve the phone's performance.


To use Ccleaner on Android, you have to undergo several steps for the initial set up.

  • Download Ccleaner app. Click here to download the app from the Play Store.
  • Launch the app and tap on the Get Started button.
  • Continue as Free or Upgrade to the Pro version.
  • Allow Ccleaner to access your phone's library.
If your phone has Android version 8.0 or above, you have to give permission in the next pop-up message. This allows the app to enable the most important features such as junk and app analysis.

grant permission

  • Tap on Grant Permission.
  • On the Apps with usage access screen, select Ccleaner.
apps with usage access

  • On the usage access screen, Toggle on the Permit usage access.
  • On the main screen, tap on the Analyze button.

analyzing storage

Note: It can take a minimum of 1 minute to analyze your phone's storage. After this process gets completed, you will see the results. You can clear cache, app data, and downloads.

  • Tap on Finish Cleaning.
Android 8.0 or above users will see a pop-up message asking to enable the deep clean option.

Enable deep clean

  • Tap on Enable.
  • On the accessibility screen, under Downloaded services > Select Ccleaner.
  • Now Turn ON to allow Ccleaner to deep clean hidden cache files.
  • Tap on the Back button.
  • Again tap on Finish Cleaning.
This time you have to give another permission to access some device features.

Permission to access device features

  • Tap on Proceed.
  • Then Allow display over other apps to change the way other apps behave.

Allow display over other apps

  • Go back to Ccleaner app.
Before cleaning the items, carefully check/uncheck the files. Even if you checked any important files to clean, Ccleaner will show an alert before proceeding.

  • Finally, tap once again on Finish Cleaning.

cleaning hidden cache

  • You'll notice that it is cleaning the hidden cache. 
Once the cleaning process is completed, you'll notice free space in internal storage.

Uninstall Multiple Apps at One Place Using Ccleaner

One of the main reasons for the low storage issues is the data stored on internal storage through apps. There might be some apps that you don't use it quite often. Example: Facebook and Messenger apps will take occupy huge space in internal memory. It uses the storage to save cache, app data, and other residual files. 

To uninstall many apps in one place instead of tapping each app, you should use Ccleaner. Let's see how to delete apps in one-click.

  • Open Cleaner app.
  • Go to the menu by tapping 3 horizontal lines on the top left side.
  • Go to App Manager. 
  • Check the apps you want to uninstall.

App manager

  • Tap on 3 horizontal dots at the bottom right side.
  • Tap on Remove from device.
uninstall multiple apps

  • Tap on Delete Selected apps from your phone.
  • On the next screen, tap on Uninstall on each prompt to delete individual apps.
If you just want to kill apps temporarily, choose the Hibernate option. This will put the selected apps to Sleep mode.

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Ccleaner doesn't delete files that do not come under the Downloads section. So, to delete unwanted photos, videos, and other files, use your native file manager or gallery app.

Ccleaner has the widget feature which allows you to clean junks without opening the app. Whenever you see that the internal storage on your android device is full, use this one-click widget feature.

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