Wednesday, February 10, 2021

How To Snooze Email in Gmail on Mobile

If you're a regular Internet user, your mode of communication could be via Email. When you receive many important emails, you can add a star to the email. It will remind you that you've given importance to an email.

To check the received email for later, you're given an option called snooze email in Gmail. It will temporarily hide the email in the inbox. It is like the snooze option in the clock's alarm.

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You can set a specific time to the snooze email option in Gmail. Thus, you won't miss any important emails to check. Enabling snooze in Gmail could help you to focus on the top prior emails.

Snooze email in Gmail on Mobile

The snooze email option is available in both mobile and web versions of Gmail.


  • Android or iPhone mobile device.
  • The latest version of the Gmail app is installed on your phone.


  • Launch the Gmail app.
  • Choose the read or unread email to snooze.
  • Long-press on the specific email.
  • Tap on the triple vertical dots on the top right side.

Snooze option

  • Tap on the Snooze option.
  • You'll be given options to set a time for a reminder.

Set snooze timing

You can snooze an email to remind you Later today, Tomorrow, or Next week, or Pick a date & time.

If you would like to set a custom date and time,

  • Tap on the Pick date & time option.
  • Fix a date and time and then tap on OK.

Tip: You can snooze many emails at once.

You can check your snoozed email anytime. To do that,

  • Tap on triple horizontal lines on the top left side.

snoozed option

  • Tap on the Snoozed option.
Here, you'll see the list of emails snoozed.

To change the snooze timings or to revoke snooze,

  • Long press on the snoozed email.
  • Tap on the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner.

change snooze or unsnooze email

  • Either choose Snooze or Unsnooze as per your choice.
Assume that, you've snoozed an email. When it reappears in your inbox, it will look like this:

Snoozed email reappears

On the reappeared email, you will see an orange color text stating Snoozed and its timings. When you tap on the specific email, the reminder text will vanish.

On your mobile, you'll be notified when the snoozed email reappears. Unless you turned off the notification, you'll receive the regular email notification.


Now, it's easy to snooze emails in Gmail on your mobile. By snoozing emails, you could organize your inbox.