Thursday, October 7, 2021

What is Amazon Flex Card - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Amazon Flex is the program for delivery partners who can complete the delivery using their own vehicles. For delivering the packages, the delivery agents are paid per hour. Amazon Flex is available in many countries where one can apply and get approved to become an independent delivery partner. Amazon Flex card - also called "Amazon Flex debit card" is an optional service provided exclusively for the delivery partners.

Flex debit card offers several advantages for their delivery partners. Some of the perks include 6% cash back on fuel purchases, 2% cash back on purchases made on, and 1% cash back for all other purchases.

Under the Flex Rewards program, you can earn points by completing blocks and deliveries. No signup is required to enroll in Flex Rewards. The more points you earn, the more level you can achieve. It can help you to get approved for the Flex debit card to earn maximum cash back.

In partnership with Green dot corporation, you will be provided a deposit account where your earnings, rewards, and cash back is credited.

Just like setting your preferred payment method on Amazon, the delivery partner has to set the default payment account in the Flex Card app to directly deposit money into the Amazon Flex debit card.

To track your cash back, manage earnings and expenses, it is recommended to download the Amazon Flex app. The Flex app is currently available for iPhone and Android.

Once you receive the card, you have to connect your bank account to the Flex app for transferring funds. If you don't want to put all your earned money into the Amazon Flex debit card, you can move funds from the Flex card to the linked external bank account.

Amazon Flex Debit Card

Sunday, October 3, 2021

How to Update Default Payment Method on Amazon

Shopping on Amazon is exciting and fun. We use different payment methods to purchase an order. Since Amazon is a customer-centric company, it accepts a variety of payment modes to make life easier. You can choose your payment method while placing your order. Cash on delivery is also available for items that are less than $1,500 USD. In this post, we will discuss how to update the default payment method on Amazon.

On Amazon, you can add/remove and change the payment method. To make the payment fast, setting up the default payment method could be the first step. This could improve your online purchasing experience at Amazon.

With the help of the default payment method, you can add credit and debit cards. Amazon accepts popular credit and debit cards for ease of use. Store card can also be used to set as the preferred payment method. If you're a Prime member, you can make use of the store card to earn 5% cash back for every eligible purchase you make at Amazon.

Some payment methods are excluded from adding as a default setup. If any of the regular payment methods are available on the default payment setup page, Amazon may add the exempted options in the future.

Updating the default payment method will not alter the payment process for an existing order. It will work only for your future purchase at Amazon.

Once the validity of the card is ended, you have to configure the default payment option with new card information for seamless purchase.

Default Payment Method Amazon

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Does Amazon Deliver on Thanksgiving Day?

A lot of people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November every year. On this wonderful day, people gather for a day of feasting with their family, friends, neighbors, and relatives. For retailers, Thanksgiving day is the busiest day. Does Amazon deliver on Thanksgiving Day? Let's discuss this and much more in this article.

Turkey is the traditional main course food served on this Thanksgiving Day. The feast could be considered incomplete if it is not served along with Yams, Pumpkin pie, and squash, and other rich foods.

Some families start their preparation one week before the Thanksgiving feast. It encourages them throughout the week to be filled with joy.

Football is another tradition during the Thanksgiving feast. Families love to watch Football and Amazon Prime video while preparing for Thanksgiving in the US.

This day is celebrated for showing thankfulness by having a special feast. It is not only celebrated in America but also in Canada. However, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving Day in October. The main concept of this festival is loved and inspired by many cultures.

During preparation, people love to shop things in their nearby stores and also online at Amazon. They would like to buy gorgeous gifts, a roasting pan, and important kitchen items.

Quick shopping at Amazon helps in easing the purchase. The doorstep delivery can be seen everywhere during the Thanksgiving preparation week.

Thanksgiving Day Delivery at Amazon?

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Why Google Will Not Shut Down Blogger?

Google’s Blogger is a free blogging platform that exists in the blogosphere. There are other free blogging platforms available but Blogger stands at the top. Millions of bloggers prefer the Blogger platform for starting their first blog. In this post, we will see some technical reasons why Google will not shut down Blogger.

In the past, Google has dropped many of its products. It closed Google Plus, Hangouts, and much more. Because of this, many bloggers have this doubt: Will Google shut down Blogger?

So, whenever Google shut down its own product, the above question arrives every time. It is quite normal for people to raise their eyebrows when it comes to the Blogger platform.

Since 2012, users are questioning the existence of Blogger. What is the reality? Is Blogger going away? Is Blogger being shut down?

Digitalinformationworld had contacted Google and enquired about the future plans for Blogspot blogger. A spokesperson from Google replied that the company has no such plans to shut down Blogger.

If you want more solid information, you can check this thread from the Blogger community. In the thread, Google employee explains the reason behind the positive updates on Blogger.

Blogger Blogspot is surviving for more than 20 years. Besides, people still love to start blogging on this platform. They would like to give their free speech via blogging on Blogger. 

With basic technical knowledge, anyone can start blogging for free. This is the reason, many people are still connected with Blogger.

Why Google Will Not Shut Down Blogger

Sunday, May 30, 2021

How To Raise Your Hand in Zoom on PC, Mobile, and Web

Zoom is the virtual hotspot for friends, family, and even companies that use the application for communication. When a group of people is attending a meeting, someone would like to express their opinion in their discussion. In this post, we will see how to raise your hand in Zoom politely.

Though we have Microsoft Teams and Skype for business at the front, Zoom is the leading choice for many users across the world.

You can stream high-quality video with clear audio. Using filters in Zoom is an added advantage that is liked by many users.

Zoom provides better video and call quality, quick recording of meetings, and screen sharing. There are still many reasons why Zoom is making its touch with a large number of users.

During Zoom meetings, you can politely raise your hand for asking a question. Once the host accepts your request, he/she will allow you to give your input. After you have finished your discussion, you can lower your hand in the same way.

If the host doesn't want to allow any questions from anyone before completing his speech, he can have the ability to lower your hand. The host will be simply notified when someone raises their hand. Then host can lower the questionnaire's hand from his end in a Zoom meeting.

The larger the meeting goes, there is valid the reason for using this feature. Personally, I feel that the raise hand feature in Zoom helps the team members to participate actively in a productive discussion.

The raise hand feature is very helpful for remote employees, group discussions for job candidates, online ministry discussions, and much more.

How To Raise Your Hand on Zoom Meeting

Friday, February 26, 2021

Grammarly Troubleshooting Guide | Resolve Unexpected Issues

Grammarly is the most popular tool for fixing grammatical mistakes. Grammarly has plugins for browsers and Microsoft Office. Its desktop application is also available for Windows and Mac users. In this post, we will see Grammarly's troubleshooting guide for resolving unexpected issues.

Since this grammar tool is used by many users worldwide, we can see some complaints about the functionality on some web and desktop applications. Some of the applications are Word, Gmail, and Google docs. Users would like to fix the issues in order to use Grammarly.

When an application is not working correctly at a crucial time, it will be very annoying to get rid of the issue. Before reaching Grammarly's support team, it is recommended that you first try the tips given in this tutorial for troubleshooting the problems.

Grammarly Troubleshooting Guide

Thursday, February 18, 2021

How To Cancel Two-Step Verification on GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain registrars in the world. For an online business, many people prefer GoDaddy because of its robust services including 24/7 customer support. Securing your GoDaddy account is a must like securing any other online accounts. In this post, we will learn how to cancel two-step verification on GoDaddy.

Having a domain for your blog or business provides an online identity. If you have lost your authenticator app on your mobile and so you're looking for help, you are at the right place.

Setting up a password only cannot secure your account completely. It's just a first layer of security. That is why we are advised to enable two-factor/two-step/multi-factor authentication for our accounts. Receiving OTP via SMS/Email, using Authenticator apps to generate security codes and backup codes, fingerprint authentications are some of the different processes to secure your account.

Securing your account is important. At the same time, the safety of your authenticator apps and mobile is essential.

How To Cancel Two-Step Verification on GoDaddy

In case, if you have lost your mobile or mistakenly uninstalled the authenticator apps, you will be having trouble logging into your GoDaddy account. Let's discuss more on this to know how you can unlock your account and regain access.

In addition, we will also discuss how we can improve the security of your GoDaddy account.

14 Google Keep Tips and Tricks You Should Never Miss

Are you a working professional who takes notes often about the tasks you need to complete? How about taking notes digitally instead of notebooks? Google Keep is the service provided by Google that brings a lot of features to customize your notes. In this post, we will explore Google Keep tips and tricks.

Google Keep has a mobile version and web version apps. If you're in an online meeting, you can use the web version to take notes. When you're out of the office but still want to write your thoughts, I would recommend you to use Google Keep mobile app. It is available on both the Play Store and Apple Store.

One of the top advantages of using the Google Keep mobile app is that you can create/edit notes without an internet connection. In the web version, you can create notes however, you need an internet connection to save your changes. Otherwise, your changes are not saved and you will lose your data.

If you want to copy-paste some information from one site to Google Keep at your workplace, you will love to use the web version.

Google Keep Tips and Tricks

In order to use this productivity tool, all you need is a Gmail account. If you would like to sync notes between mobile and web versions, Google Keep is a good choice.

Google Keep Keyboard Shortcuts | Organize Your Notes Quickly

Google Keep is a place to save your thoughts wherever you go. There are many instances where you don't carry physical notebooks in your hand to write notes. Google Keep is very essential for working professional journalists, writers, and bloggers. For now, we will check out the Google Keep keyboard shortcuts in this post. 

We will see a lot of features, tips & tricks provided by Google keep in another post because Google Keep is not just a sticky note. 

There are not so many keyboard shortcuts for Google Keep. At the same time, you should not ignore the available keyboard shortcuts which can speed up your way of taking and organizing your notes.

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful for users to navigate faster and finish their work quickly.

Google Keep Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are one who prefers to explore keyboard shortcuts for various apps, this post is for you.

How To Find Out if Someone is Using Your Pictures to Catfish

Catfishing online is a popular blackhat tactic for predators who pretend to be someone else. People use celebrities' pics as their profile pictures in order to avoid sharing their own pictures online. This is really a good idea to protect yourself on social media. In this post, we will check how to find out if someone is using your pictures to catfish.

The main goal of catfishing is to obtain financial gains from other people. By keeping your profile picture on their profile, they can act like you and can communicate anything with your friends and colleagues. 

If they involved in a financial scam, you will be getting into trouble without knowing what is going on. This is a big privacy issue for people who use social media. For celebrities, this may not be an issue because they allow their photos to be copied online. 

However, for common people, this is not the case. Stealing your identity online should be reported and before that, you must be aware of this.

Since we collaborate with our friends on social media, we need to be careful about sharing our pictures. It is important to safeguard your privacy.

How to find out if someone is using your pictures to catfish

Zendesk Keyboard Shortcuts | Speed Up Responding to Tickets

Zendesk is the most popular platform for businesses to respond to customers' queries. The flexibility and user-friendly interface of Zendesk help the Support agent to complete their tasks. To speed up responding to the incoming tickets, Zendesk keyboard shortcuts can help you. 

Normally, keyboard shortcuts save your time in navigation. Making a new comment, choosing a macro, and updating tickets will become easier with shortcut keys.

Earlier, we have discussed basic computer shortcut keys, Teams, and Twitter keyboard shortcuts. The shortcut keys will vary depending upon the platform you use.

Zendesk Keyboard Shortcuts

How To Disable URL Copy-Paste Feature on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser is growing very fast and competing with Google Chrome. For Windows users, Microsoft edge is a gift and an alternative to Internet Explorer. The Edge browser has changed the way of how the copy-paste of URLs works. In this post, you will learn how to disable the URL copy and paste feature in Microsoft Edge.

If you want to have auto-hyperlink functionality, you can use this feature in Edge Browser. This auto-hyperlink feature is very useful when you want to send a link to someone in a professional way via Email. However, this hyperlink feature may not be useful if you want to share only the plain text of the link. 

Sometimes, the copy-paste feature does not work as expected when you copy the URL of a poorly optimized website. Some URLs cannot be properly converted into a nice hyperlink.

If you copy-paste the URL taken from a properly optimized website on Microsoft Edge, you will see the advantage of this feature. It eliminates the manual hyperlink task most of the time.


Our website URL is 

When you use the URL copy-paste feature on Microsoft Edge, the URL will look like this: Techrolet

This feature will work on many online platforms including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Outlook, and other browser apps. You can also use this feature and paste the auto-hyperlinked URL in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc. All you need to do is to copy any URL using Edge browser and test the feature by pasting the URL on different platforms.

Enable/Disable URL Copy Paste in Microsoft Edge

Let's see how to disable the URL copy and paste feature provided by Microsoft Edge.

How To Make 8D Audio Online on Android, iPhone, and PC

Have you heard about 8D audio and music? When you search for the term 8d audio on YouTube, you can find tons of videos. This post explains how to make 8D audio online for free.

When you listen to the 8D audio through good quality headphones, you can find that you are listening to music in a different dimension. You can realize the difference between normal Mp3 audio and 8D audio. If you play the same 8D audio in a normal speaker, you may not feel the same dimension in audio.

For making an 8D audio, you should use a high-quality normal Mp3 file. Otherwise, it can worsen the output from 8D audio.

In addition, you need to be aware that not all songs give a clear 8D effect. The beats in the song should have good bass and treble. It can enhance the reverb effect without completely compromising the quality of the audio.

As you can see the trend of listening to 8D audio is steadily growing. It is because many music lovers want to enter into another realm. 8D music is sometimes addictive and so you'll look for more audio like this.

The experience you will again after listening to perfect 8D music stand as a memory in your heart. I have listened to a couple of amazing 8D audio online and tried creating 8D audio for fun.

How to Make 8D Audio

In this post, we will see how to make 8D music online on a PC and smartphone.

Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows, MAC, and Web

We all know that computer keyboard shortcut keys make our life easier. Most businesses use Microsoft Teams for communication with their colleagues. In this post, you will learn Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts which can help you to improve your efficiency at work.

Normally, we use the mouse for navigation. The combination of the computer keyboard and mouse is good. However, you can also use your keyboard for navigation purposes. This will saves a lot of time and you can work faster than before.

Previously, we have also discussed Twitter keyboard shortcuts for Twitter users. Another advantage of using keyboard shortcuts is that you can focus on your work only with your keyboard. If your computer mouse is not working, the keyboard shortcuts will definitely help you to manage your work. This method can gradually reduce the dependency on the mouse and possibly, it can also eliminate mouse usage.

You might also like to read: 10 Tips & Tricks to Use Microsoft Teams

For laptop users, using their touchpad more often will cause wrist pain. To avoid this situation, you can use keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

Make sure you have the US Keyboard Layout (most commonly used) to use the shortcuts given in this post.

How To Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in Your Country

Are you looking to watch blocked YouTube videos in your country? Are you worried about missing your favorite videos because YouTube blocked them? Read more here to find four different ways to unblock YouTube videos.

YouTube is the most-watched video-sharing site in the world. Since it's Google's product, you can see the YouTube app on almost all Android phones. Next to Google's search engine, YouTube is the most searched site.

Read this too: How To Block an App from Accessing the Internet on Android

There are many YouTube channels that do have fans worldwide such as PewDiePie, Mr.Beast, T Series, etc, and so on. Many YouTube videos are blocked in certain countries due to many reasons. The blocked videos are not deleted from YouTube. It means, it is just not available in your region.

How To Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

In this post, you'll learn how to watch blocked YouTube videos online on your PC.

Top 50 Search Engines in 2021 You Shouldn't Miss

Would you like to discover the top 50 search engines in 2021? Explore the top advanced search engines in this post.

People like to search the web to get an answer to their queries. They search for any keyword to discover the best results. People having an Internet connection are using search engines most of their time.

Search engines are very important for users, marketing professionals, and bloggers. It helps webmasters to drive traffic and get new customers every day. For users, it helps them to find the best stuffs online to buy.

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It serves as a bridge between the user and the webmaster. It always shows the best sites on top search results for the users. In the end, everything is towards satisfying the need of customers.

Whether you use your mobile or PC, you will use your default search bar to browse the web. Many search engines help you to provide top-quality information.

Some of the types are Text, Videos, Images, and Business oriented. Text-based search engines are the most popular of all.

top 50 search engines

A good search engine that shows the most relevant results will always be the choice of people. So, let’s find out the list of more powerful search engines.

10+ Best Podcast Hosting Platforms - Free and Paid

Are you looking for the best podcast hosting platforms? This article is for you! We will check out the 10+ best podcast hosting platforms. Do you remember the golden days of the radio revolution?

Each and everyone would love to listen to a specific radio show which broadcasts at a fixed time. This is the first mode of ether broadcast for the audience. The shows could be music, interview, and news. If you missed listening to the shows, you have to wait until the next time.

The radio systems were big which cannot be portable while traveling around. Advanced technology has changed everything. You can carry a small piece of compact players with you to listen to your podcasts. Also, you don’t need to wait for the right time to listen to any shows. Once you’re subscribed to a podcast, you can enjoy the shows using your headphone at any time.

iPod is the first evolution of consuming podcast shows. Now, you can use Mp3 players and smartphones to listen to podcasts. If you’re an iPhone user, you’re lucky that the iTunes store has n number of podcast collections.

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The one who creates the podcasts is called a podcaster. They could be a singer or anyone who loves to share their views about anything through their voice.

best podcast hosting platforms

10 Best Skillshare Classes to Hone Your Skills in 2021

There is a beautiful proverb that says, "If you give him a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime". I personally believe that skill is better than the strength to survive. I would recommend you to check out the best Skillshare classes to polish your skills.

There is no age limit to learn a skill. If you're passionate about what you want to learn, you can easily get on track and stay focused.

There are three kinds of people who earn money. They are unskilled people, semi-skilled people, and highly skilled people.

You get paid for what you invest. If you don't learn a skill, you'll be paid less. If you have a skill, the sky is the limit.

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Textbooks in schools and colleges cannot teach you a skill. You should have an interest in a stream to learn everything from the basics. This will help you to build your skills.

A smaller set of sub-skills forms a complete skill. It is like a collection of pixels that form an image. Therefore, the basic foundation is important to become a master of any skill.

You can learn most of the skills online right from your home. You might have come across many works from home jobs that require certain skills. Example: Graphic design, WordPress developer, logo creator, etc, and so on.

At Skillshare, you can learn your required skills through videos. Skillshare is an American online community for those who want to learn skills through video classes. The courses available at Skillshare are not accredited. All the classes can be accessed via subscription.

For every new user, you'll get 2 months free trial to access unlimited courses at Skillshare. It is the best Udemy alternative but provides high-quality information at a very low cost. You can cancel your subscription before the end of the free trial by removing the payment information in payment settings.

best skillshare classes

In this post, we'll see the top 10 Skillshare classes to choose the best one which suits you.

What is Courtesy Credit Amazon - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shopping online at Amazon is great for millions of consumers. Amazon is a customer-centric e-commerce company that is solely focused on attracting potential customers. Of course, every business model works the same but Amazon is one step ahead in satisfying the need of consumers.

If you're a loyal customer of the Amazon website, you might have come across the term Courtesy Credit Amazon while checking out for an item. This credit works similarly to Amazon's promotional balance.

Not all Amazon accounts will be loaded with courtesy credit. Amazon can load the courtesy credit for free to any customer's account, which works per Amazon's internal policy.

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After knowing that Amazon will credit free balance to your account, who doesn't want to get free money? Well, first of all, you need to know what is courtesy credit and how it works.

Courtesy credit helps Amazon to have a smooth relationship with the customer. A happy customer means a profitable business.

As Amazon is a customer-centric company, the whole process is working towards satisfying every single customer.

In this article, you'll learn everything about Amazon courtesy credit.

What is Amazon courtesy credit

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

How To Change Hotstar Video Quality Settings

Hotstar is a video streaming platform similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video. On Hotstar, you can watch live sports, TV shows, movies, and much more. Hotstar is most popular in India where users can watch high-quality videos in 8 regional languages. In this guide, you'll see how to change Hotstar video quality for the best viewing experience.

If you're a Premium subscriber, you can enjoy watching Hollywood & Bollywood movies and TV channels. You can also watch the latest American TV shows, blockbuster movies in 9 languages, Premier league, and more.

It can be accessed through a web login from your favorite web browser. If you're a smartphone user, you can get Hotstar for Android and iOS.

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Hotstar is available in the US, Canada, and India. Users from these countries can subscribe to Premium services. However, you can't change the membership from one country to another. If you're from the US who is subscribed to Hotstar membership, your account cannot be used in Canada. You can only use Hotstar USA login.

As per your Internet speed, the video quality in Hotstar app changes from time to time. Hotstar will automatically observe your data speed and serves you the matching video quality. If you feel that the streaming quality is very low, you can change the video quality settings.

Once you change the video quality, the full video will be played in the required quality. You have to change the required quality for each video you watch. The auto video quality will be the permanent setting in Hotstar.

hotstar video quality

... ...