Saturday, June 5, 2021

Why Google Will Not Shut Down Blogger?

Google’s Blogger is a free blogging platform that exists in the blogosphere. There are other free blogging platforms available but Blogger stands at the top. Millions of bloggers prefer the Blogger platform for starting their first blog.

In the past, Google has dropped many of its products. So, whenever Google shut down its own product, the above question arrives every time. It is quite normal for people to raise their eyebrows when it comes to the Blogger platform.

Since 2012, users are questioning the existence of Blogger. What is the reality? Is Blogger going away? Is Blogger being shut down?

Digitalinformationworld had contacted Google and enquired about the future plans for Blogspot blogger. A spokesperson from Google replied that the company has no such plans to shut down Blogger.

If you want more solid information, you can check this thread from the Blogger community. In the thread, a Google employee explains the reason behind the positive updates on Blogger.

Blogger Blogspot is surviving for more than 20 years. Besides, people still love to start blogging on this platform. They would like to give their free speech via blogging on Blogger. 

With basic technical knowledge, anyone can start blogging for free. This is the reason, many people are still connected with Blogger.

Why Google Will Not Shut Down Blogger

Top 8 Reasons Why Google Blogger is Not Shutting Down

Google's one and only blogging platform are Blogger. There are rumors that Google will shut down Blogger. I would like to tell 8 strong reasons why Google won't Shut Down Blogspot.

1. Integration With AdSense To Make Money

Google's popular monetization platform is AdSense. You can integrate your Blogger account with an AdSense account to make money. All you need is a Blogger blog with good quality content. AdSense team will review your blog for approval. Once approved, you can place ads on your blog to make money from your visitors.

Blogger is also encouraging publishers to put ads on their blogs. From the Earnings tab, you can apply for an AdSense account using your Gmail address.

Publishers will receive 68% of ad revenue recognized by Google. This is a win-win situation for both publishers and Google.

Google also makes money from the Blogger platform through AdSense revenue share. Now, why would they shut down the Blogger platform?

2. Free SSL For Security and SEO

SSL adds a security layer to your blog. It provides a protected blog stamp for your blog. Blogger offers this functionality free of cost. In the eyes of Search Engines, your blog can pass the security check and your blog can rank. 

You can see a lock symbol on the address bar of the browser if you've activated free SSL. It says that your blog is secure. This increases the trust in your blog among your visitors.

Since 2015, Blogger started to offer free SSL in that you can turn it ON in 'Settings'.

3. Blogger Offers New Themes

Blogger has added new themes in 2017 which can help you to move from old-fashioned classic themes. This says that Google likes to enhance the appearance of Blogspot blogs. The unique themes can automatically adjust to the different screen resolutions. Thus, publishers do not need to worry about UI and mobile-friendly site issues. Blogger is already taking care of this process.

Mobile-friendly themes are a must for any website to rank well on Google. If you still want to explore more themes, you can look for third-party themes online. There are a lot of free and paid themes provided by developers.

Blogger themes can be optimized for Core Web Vitals which is one of the strong ranking signals.

4. Adding Custom Domain to Blogger

If you want to have a professional look at your blog's URL, Blogger allows you to set up a custom domain. You just need to pay only for the custom domain and the rest will be taken care of by Blogger. A lot of webmasters are using a custom domain on this platform. 

Having a custom domain increases the credibility of your blog. Webmasters would like to give backlinks to your blog if your content provides value.

If Google will give up Blogger, why would they provide a way to connect your Blogspot to a custom domain?

5. Adding a CDN

If you have already set up a custom domain on your blog, it qualifies for adding a CDN (Content Delivery Network). For example, you can add Cloudflare CDN for free of cost. It helps to cache the content in different locations and speed up your blog. This might help you to boost traffic for your blog.

As Blogger allows you to set up a custom domain, you can grab the opportunity to add a CDN. This can improve the performance of your blog.

6. Niche Blogs Ranks Well on Blogger

General and mediocre blogs won't rank on Google. This is not only subjected to Blogger but also to the paid platform WordPress.

If you're an expert in a field, you can write well about that specific topic. Having a niche blog improves the authority and ranks well on Google.

If someone says that Blogger is not SEO-friendly, probably they need to rethink. There are a lot of Blogger blogs that rank pretty well on Google. Example: 


Again, these popular blogs are earning handsome money from AdSense.

7. Google is Regularly Deleting Spam Blogs

Assume that you have a bucket full of Apple. If you notice a bad Apple, what you will do? Will you throw the entire bucket full of Apple? The answer will be a big NO.

The same concept is applied to Blogspot blogs. Since it's a free platform, anyone can start a blog for spamming purposes too. The Blogger team regularly monitors all blogs. If they find a spam blog, it will be deleted without giving a warning to the blog admin. Those who provide well-written original content are on the safer side.

Here, Google is not shutting down the platform. Instead, it deletes a bad blog and continues its service. Similarly, if you have a bad YouTube channel, your channel will only be deleted. Google is not going to abandon the YouTube service.

Other platform users may say that you don't own your content if you host it on a Blogger blog. Yes, I agree but you will get robust hosting that is highly secured. It provides 99% guaranteed uptime in a year. In addition, you can regularly take a backup of your content from 'Settings'.

Note: On YouTube, you don't own your content. Your videos are managed by them. This is the same case for Blogger. All you need to do is to provide high-quality legal content.

8. Blogger is a Successful Platform Like Gmail and YouTube Services

We all know that Gmail and YouTube are great services powered by Google. Likewise, Blogger is a successful platform for more than 20 years. As long as the trust between Google and publishers continues, there will be no threat to Blogger.

At the same time, the rise of has reduced the popularity of the Blogger platform.

Blogger was launched by Pyra Labs in the year 1999. In 2003, Google purchased Pyra Labs and redesigned the platform.

Google preserves the freedom of speech. You can express your thoughts via Blogger and promote the content for free.


If you're passionate to write about something you know, you can start a blog on Blogger. You can keep your blog as a place to show your talent. If you want to make money, you can do that too. All you need is passion and consistent blogging.

If you're still worried about the future of Blogger, you can move your blog to an alternative CMS.