Thursday, February 18, 2021

How To Make 8D Audio Online on Android, iPhone, and PC

Have you heard about 8D audio and music? When you search for the term 8d audio on YouTube, you can find tons of videos.

When you listen to the 8D audio through good quality headphones, you can find that you are listening to music in a different dimension. You can realize the difference between normal Mp3 audio and 8D audio. If you play the same 8D audio in a normal speaker, you may not feel the same dimension in audio.

For making an 8D audio, you should use a high-quality normal Mp3 file. Otherwise, it can worsen the output from 8D audio.

In addition, you need to be aware that not all songs give a clear 8D effect. The beats in the song should have good bass and treble. It can enhance the reverb effect without completely compromising the quality of the audio.

As you can see the trend of listening to 8D audio is steadily growing. It is because many music lovers want to enter into another realm. 8D music is sometimes addictive and so you'll look for more audio like this.

The experience you will again after listening to perfect 8D music stand as a memory in your heart. I have listened to a couple of amazing 8D audio online and tried creating 8D audio for fun.

How to Make 8D Audio

Make 8D Audio

Creating 8D audio is not a complicated task. You are not going to compose the music. What you need is a piece of music with nice bass and treble. Let's check out the requirements and tutorial to make stunning 8D audio.


  • Android/iPhone/PC.
  • Your favorite audio file.

What is 8D Audio?

The 8D audio is otherwise known as 8D music. When you listen to the 8D audio, you will think that something is moving around your head at 360 degrees, giving you a nice experience. The reverb effect makes the magic here.

I do not know who named it 8D audio because there is nothing called 8D dimension in the audio production. To grab the attention of the audience, someone had given this name which went viral, and now YouTube is heavily loaded with 8D music.

If you are going to listen to an 8D audio for the first time, you will definitely feel the surprise. If you don't believe me, just listen to these audios from YouTube (Top 3 best 8D songs 🎵, 8D Pop Music 🎶). Don't forget to plug in a good pair of headphones.

Many YouTube channels are running especially to post 8D audio and songs. They use software like FL Studio to convert the MP3 into 8D audio. Here, we are not going to use advanced software to make 8D audio. 

The only downside of the 8D audio converter is that it is not suitable for all kinds of music and songs. You need to choose the music carefully before starting the conversion.

How To Make 8D Audio Online on PC?

Making 8d audio online is a very simple process. All you need is a collection of good music. Just follow the steps given below to convert MP3 into 8D audio.

  • Choose music or song from your collection and upload the file as shown.

Choose your audio file

Note: The supported file formats are MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG. Make sure that the file size does not exceed 20 MB.

  • Once you've uploaded the audio, click on Make 8D button.

Make 8D audio

It will take less than 1 minute to completely convert the Mp3 to 8D audio. 

  •  When the conversion is completed, click on the Download file button to grab your 8D audio.

Download 8D audio

  • Repeat the above steps for your collection of audios and enjoy the 8D sound effects.

If you would like to add an additional layer of the 8D effect, there is a trick you can do. On this site, upload the previously converted 8D audio and make the process again. Test and play the audio. You will feel that you are at a live concert.

How To Make 8D Audio on Android and iPhone

You can make 8D music on Android and iPhone with this method. You don't need an additional app for this. Navigate to the audio alter site from your mobile browser and start making 8D music for free.

How to Make 8D Audio on Android and iPhone

Is There any PC Software to Make 8D Audio?

You can also make 8D audio on Audacity software which will consume time to see the output. However, if you are interested to spend some more time making high-quality 8D audio, I would recommend you to check online for fl studio software.


The one-click method explained in this post can save a lot of your time working on a single track to make 8D audio. Besides, you can try different music of your taste quickly to see how the conversion works.