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What is Courtesy Credit Amazon - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shopping online at Amazon is great for millions of consumers. Amazon is a customer-centric e-commerce company that is solely focused on attracting potential customers. Of course, every business model works the same but Amazon is one step ahead in satisfying the need of consumers.

If you're a loyal customer of the Amazon website, you might have come across the term Courtesy Credit Amazon while checking out an item. This credit works similarly to Amazon's promotional balance.

Not all Amazon accounts will be loaded with courtesy credit. Amazon can load the courtesy credit for free to any customer's account, which works per Amazon's internal policy.

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After knowing that Amazon will credit a free balance to your account, who doesn't want to get free money? Well, first of all, you need to know what is courtesy credit and how it works.

Courtesy credit helps Amazon to have a smooth relationship with the customer. A happy customer means a profitable business.

As Amazon is a customer-centric company, the whole process is working towards satisfying every single customer.

In this article, you'll learn everything about Amazon courtesy credit.

What is Amazon courtesy credit

What is Amazon Courtesy Credit?

Courtesy credit by Amazon is the systematic approach to satisfying a customer who had a bad shopping experience at Amazon. If a product is sold and fulfilled by Amazon, which delays delivery, it will create a bad impression among the customer. To compensate for the delay, Amazon can push courtesy credit to the customer's account.

The customer may or may not receive an email from Amazon regarding the money credited to their shopping account. An example email is given below:

Dear _________,

We are writing this email because you were eligible to receive a courtesy credit for your recent order(s).

We’ve issued a $20 courtesy credit to your account. 

You can use this credit to buy an eligible item shipped and sold by and it will automatically apply the next time.

We value your business and hope to see you again soon.


Customer Service

Even if you don't receive an email, your account will be credited with free money. The credit also may or may not show under "Credits Balance". While making a payment for the eligible product, you will see the available courtesy credit balance. An example is shown below:

using courtesy credit balance

As you can see that the available balance of $20 has been applied as Courtesy Credit. In this case, you don't need to pay the $20 from your wallet or bank. This courtesy credit will be applied as a coupon code.

How To Receive Amazon Courtesy Credit

The courtesy credit is a discretionary process that is not disclosed on their website. This is not something like you make a purchase and we credit your account method. This is also not something like winning a lottery on Amazon. 

Amazon will consider crediting free money to your account if you're eligible for the following conditions: 

  • If the product delivery took longer than the estimated delivery date.
  • If there is no tracking information for the Order# after shipping. (It should cross the estimated delivery date). Again this comes under late delivery as we discussed in the first point.
  • If you paid for gift wrapping but the product got delivered without wrapping.
  • If the product has damaged wrapping.
  • If you received a broken product.
  • In case, if you have a bad customer service experience through phone call or chat support. (They will have all information about your chat conversation and phone calls to ensure there is nothing wrong with the customer's side). They will also check the history of your shopping experience before making a decision to offer courtesy credit.

Note: The products which are sold and fulfilled by Amazon must be eligible for courtesy credit. Example: Amazon Alexa and Kindle products. Some third party seller items fulfiilled by Amazon may not be eligible to receive courtesy credit if anything goes wrong. You can contact the customer care to make a genuine complaint about the orders which are Fulfiilled by Amazon. To solve this issue, they may provide a courtesy credit.

To apologize for your bad customer experience, Amazon will offer a courtesy credit between 1$ and $50. Depending on the severity of the cases and the product cost, the credit amount will vary like $2 or $5 or $10 or $20 or even $50.

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Courtesy Credit - Frequently Asked Questions

We have discussed Amazon courtesy credit earlier in this article. If you still have more questions on this, check out this FAQ section.

1. Does Courtesy Credit Have an Expiry Date?

Similar to the Amazon Pay balance, the courtesy credit balance will not have an expiry date. Unlike coupon code which comes with an expiry date, courtesy credit doesn't. The courtesy credit will be applied at the time of making the payment. However, Amazon can change its policies later on this subject. I would recommend you spend the credit within one year from the date of the credit received. 

2. What is the Difference Between Promotional Balance and Courtesy Credit Balance?

Amazon promotional credit is the type of credit provided for selected products in the digital categories which have an offer. Example: Prime Video, Amazon MP3, and more. Check out more about Amazon's promotional balances

The courtesy credit will be offered if something goes wrong with Amazon for the purchased orders. The courtesy credit can be applied for the products which are sold and Fulfilled by Amazon. Read the discussion about courtesy credit at the Amazon forum. You can also join and post your questions in the forum to get answers from other members.

3. Is Amazon Courtesy Credit Refundable?

Courtesy credits aren't refundable once the product has been shipped. Example: If the courtesy credit was applied for eligible products and later you've canceled the item after shipping, the applied credit will not be revoked. You've to wisely spend your credit. If you cancel the order before shipping, there might be a chance of getting a courtesy credit reversal.

4. Can I Use Both Amazon Gift Code and Courtesy Credit at the Same Time?

Yes. This should be applied if the product is eligible. If you can use both Amazon Gift code and courtesy credit for the same product, note down the product category. This will help you to find which category is eligible. If you'd like to know more about this, contacting Amazon customer service will be the best choice.


Most of the policies of Amazon are favored their long-term buyers. Whether it is a promotional credit or courtesy credit, they want you to be their regular customer. This is the reason why Amazon is still a giant in the E-Commerce field all over the world.