Thursday, April 28, 2022

Use These Chrome Extensions To Care For Your Eyes

Do you work online constantly? Do you use Google Chrome or other Chromium browsers all time to do your job? You might hurt your eyes by looking at the browser screen every day. Because of this, you may have to wear specs to prevent further damage to your eyes.

Screen brightness and white background can create stress on your eyes and ultimately, it will lead to headaches for many users. It is better to protect your eyes at the beginning when going online as a safety measure.

Adjusting the brightness of the screen is one of the ways to prevent eye strain. Switching to the dark mode is another choice to care for your eyes. Even if you turned on the dark mode on your browser and system, you will still see the white background on many sites.

You can use some useful Chrome extensions that are designed to care for your eyes. You can find many extensions on the Chrome Webstore that works to adjust the screen brightness and changes the background color.

Chrome Extensions To Care For Your Eyes

First, we will discuss the extension app named Night Shift Redux. This extension behaves like a screen brightness adjuster. The beauty of this app is that it gives you options to choose different colors. 

Once you picked a favorite color and turn on the Night Shift button, you will see the changes immediately. It dims the brightness of your screen as well as changes the screen color. In the settings, you can exclude websites by adding them to the list. The sites added to the exception list will show normal screen color and brightness.

Another chrome extension to protect your eyes is Dark Reader. As the name implies, it helps you to change the browser screen to dark mode. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and much more from the available options.

Dark Reader allows you to include/exclude sites to have total control over the configuration. After enabling the dark mode on this extension, you can work at night time without hurting your eyes. You can easily switch between a dark and white mode in one click.

The shortcut key to toggle between dark/white mode is Alt + Shift + D

You can download the Dark Reader app from the Webstore.