Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Logo Maker TheHoth | Ultimate Guide To Create Your Free Logo

For every brand, a unique brand name and logo speak a lot about their business. A brand without a logo will hardly be remembered by people. If you're the one who is planning to start a business, after all the basic setup, the important thing you need is a meaningful logo.

If you'd like to make your business popular, a logo is crucial. Having an awesome logo can help you to move your business online. In order to reach millions of eyes, you should set up official pages for your business on social media. You'll be asked to upload your brand logo as the display picture.

To get a strong online presence for your business, you need a unique logo.

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At Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer websites, you can hire a logo creator to make a beautiful logo for you. They may charge you from 10$ to even $500 or more per logo. It is one of the hottest freelancing services.

Also, you can see various sites to make a logo. Some sites offer you free logos (with image resolution restrictions) and some sites provide premium service.

If you have time and little creativity & idea, you can create a logo for free online. You can make your own logo in less than 10 minutes by using the "The Hoth free logo maker" tool.

The Hoth is an SEO service-providing company that offers free logo creation tools. They have launched the tool named Logo Maker TheHoth. 

Create your own logo for free

Free Logo Creator The Hoth - Step-by-Step Guide

  • Click the New page button.

new page button

Initially, you'll see a demo logo on the existing page. Once you click on the New page button, you'll have to erase the current page.

erase current drawings

  • Click Yes to remove the current demo logo.
You'll see a blank page that is ready to design your new logo.

How To Add Symbol For Logo

For a logo, you've to choose a specific symbol that matches your brand. You can customize the symbol later to make it unique and special.

  • Click the Add Symbol option and select your Category.

select the symbol from categories

  • From the bucket full of symbols, choose the best symbol you want with a single click.
The symbol will be added to the logo creation page.

To change the Background Color of the Logo,

  • Click the area where you want to change the color.
  • Select the Brush icon on the left pane.
change background color

  • Move the mouse cursor on the color palette to change the background color.

apply background color

  • After picking the right color, click the Tick symbol as shown above.
The background color will be applied successfully.

How To Remove the Icon Partially and Completely

If you don't like a portion of the symbol, you can erase the specific area. Else, you can delete the symbol completely and replace that with a new symbol inside the rounded image. You can use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y to Undo and Redo drawings. Alternatively, you can use Undo and Redo buttons directly to apply the changes.

  • Click the particular area on the symbol.
  • Click the Eye symbol on the left pane.

delete partial to complete logo

You can erase multiple areas from the icon.

To Delete the Entire Icon,

  • Click on the icon.
  • Click the Delete button to remove the symbol completely.

background icon

It will leave the background image/icon on the page.

Adding a New Icon, 

  • Once again click the Symbol option and select the icon as per the required category.
  • Select only the icon which doesn't have a background image/icon.
The icon will be added to the main page.

  • Drag and drop the new icon into the rounded icon.
An example is given below:

new logo symbol

As you can see that I've changed the background color of the rounded icon and positioned the new icon.

How To Add a Brand Name To Your Logo

We have created a logo that has only the symbol. Adding your brand name can tell the audience that this logo is owned by a specific company or brand.

  • Click Add Text on the left pane.

add font

  • Drag and drop the text field where you want to enter your brand name.
  • Change the font and text color using the customization tool on the left side.

customize font

Now, we've successfully created our log for free. You can preview your logo by clicking the Preview button on top of the page.

Save and Download Your Logo for Free

The special part of The Hoth logo maker is that you can save and download your logo completely free of cost.

  • Click Save & Download button on the top side of the page.

save and download button

You'll see a pop-up box to enter your email address.

send logo to email
  • Enter your email address on the appropriate field and click the Save & Continue button.
Your logo will be sent to your inbox in a couple of seconds.

copy url to clipboard

  • On the next pop-up screen, you'll get the URL from The Hoth logo maker site.
  • Copy and save the URL somewhere if you'd like to edit your logo later.
  • Open your email and download the zip file from The Hoth.
  • Extract the zip file and get your logo.


The downloaded logo will have various file formats. They are in .eps, .svg, .jped and .png formats. You'll get a transparent logo as well as the non-transparent logo.