Wednesday, February 17, 2021

How To Recover Deleted Documents on Grammarly

Writers who use Grammarly would take advantage of the text editor to create documents. You can either use the Grammarly web version or the desktop version to write and save your documents.

Grammarly allows you to save n number of documents online. You need to enter your login to retrieve the saved files.

Since the documents are stored in the cloud, you can access the saved files from anywhere. You can edit or upload a document, download, print, and delete the file from Grammarly.

If you accidentally deleted an important file, Grammarly gives you a couple of grace times in seconds to recover the deleted documents.

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Even if you crossed the grace time, you still have a final option to restore deleted files on Grammarly.

How To Restore Deleted Text in Grammarly

Here, you'll learn two methods to restore files.


  • Active Grammarly account.
  • Desktop PC to log in on the web version.

How To Restore Deleted Text in Grammarly: Method 1

  • Sign in to your Grammarly account. Use the web version or desktop software version to log in.
  • Assume that you've deleted a document in error by clicking the trash icon.

Grammarly delete document

After deleting the document, you'll notice a yellow bar on the top of the screen with instructions to undo the action. The yellow notification bar is shown below:

Grammarly recover deleted

  • Click the Undo option which appears on the screen.
The deleted document will be immediately restored to the same location.

Note: The undo option will appear for 7 seconds. You've to respond within the given time to recover the deleted document in Grammarly. You cannot recover multiple documents at a time. Remeber that only the last deleted file can be restored.

Restore Deleted Files on Grammarly If Undo Option Failed: Method 2

In some cases, you might have not used the Undo option to recall the document. You should have a working Internet connection at the time of recovering the file.

If you were unable to undo the deletion, you should contact their support team. Reach out to them as soon as possible to recover your files.

  • Select the Document Recovery category on the support page.
Here, you'll see two sub-options.

recover document or typed text in Grammarly

Recover a Deleted Document

Select this option if you want to recover the entire document.

  • Click on Submit a Request button.
You'll be given three fields.

  • Type the title of the document, first sentence, and description.
  • Finally, hit the Submit button.

Recover Deleted Text in a Document

Usually, computer keyboard shortcuts can help you to undo deleted text in a document.

  • Use Ctrl + Z on Windows and Cmd + Z on Mac.
Alternatively, you can file a request by clicking Submit a Request button.

  • Fill in the required details such as document ID and description. (Open the document and copy the URL in the address bar to get the document ID).
  • Then hit the Submit button.


Losing valuable documents is a problem if you can't restore them. It is always recommended to backup data to your system to avoid this issue.