Friday, May 14, 2021

How To Control PC From Android Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Are you away from home who need to access your computer for some stuff? Are there any relatives or friends at your home at that moment? With little help from them, you can access your PC from anywhere around the world. In this tutorial, we will learn how to control a PC from Android remotely.

You need to make sure that someone should be able to turn on your remote computer and it must be online. It will enable you to control pc from your phone without any issues.

Avoid the remote computer from going to sleep mode. Though your device can be still connected with the remote computer, you cannot awake the screen from Android (controller device). It would be a good choice to turn off the sleep mode permanently in the display settings on your Windows PC.

One of the fine advantages of remotely accessing a computer is that you can offer technical support to your family member or friend. You need to use the right tools both on your PC and Android device for remote access.

Chrome remote desktop is the safe and free tool provided by Google who needs to access PC from Android. You can use the keyboard and mouse feature in Chrome remote desktop for navigation.

Chrome remote desktop works fine on Windows, MAC, Linux, and Chrome OS. As the name implies, I would recommend you to use the Chrome browser.

How to control PC from Android

Monday, May 10, 2021

How To Turn Off Google Translate on Chrome For Android

Google Translate is a friendly feature available on the Chrome browser. Since Google Chrome is the product of Google, the app comes pre-installed on Android phones. Many users are getting used to it for browsing news and articles on daily basis. Chrome offers translation suggestions to read the pages in different languages. In this post, we will see how to turn off Google Translate on Chrome for Android.

Google Translate supports more than 140 languages. When you read a page that is written in a language you don't understand, Chrome helps you to translate the page. On Android, the translation suggestion appears at the bottom of the screen.

If you do not need to translate the page to some other language, it is not needed to show the suggestion whenever you browse different pages. It eats a little space on your mobile screen that might annoy users. It is recommended to turn off this feature if not used.

On the PC version, this may not be the case. Since the screen is big, it will not affect the user experience. As discussed above, translation suggestion affects the user experience on chrome for Android.

Turn off Google Translate Suggestion Chrome for Android

Friday, February 26, 2021

Grammarly Troubleshooting Guide | Resolve Unexpected Issues

Grammarly is the most popular tool for fixing grammatical mistakes. Grammarly has plugins for browsers and Microsoft Office. Its desktop application is also available for Windows and Mac users. In this post, we will see Grammarly's troubleshooting guide for resolving unexpected issues.

Since this grammar tool is used by many users worldwide, we can see some complaints about the functionality on some web and desktop applications. Some of the applications are Word, Gmail, and Google docs. Users would like to fix the issues in order to use Grammarly.

When an application is not working correctly at a crucial time, it will be very annoying to get rid of the issue. Before reaching Grammarly's support team, it is recommended that you first try the tips given in this tutorial for troubleshooting the problems.

Grammarly Troubleshooting Guide

Saturday, February 20, 2021

How To Transfer WhatsApp Messages From Android To Android

WhatsApp is the favorite app for most Android users. As we rely more and more on WhatsApp for communication, we simply can't avoid it. Over a period, your Android phone gets old. Then, you will buy a new Android phone if you're an Android lover.

After buying a new Android phone, probably the first app that you install would be WhatsApp. If you would like to see your old messages on your new Android phone, you need a backup.

WhatsApp allows you to back up your messages in two places. One is the local backup (internal memory) and the other is cloud backup (Google Drive).

By using any of the two backups, you can easily restore old messages on your new Android phone. In this tutorial, you'll see how to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android.

Transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android

Here, you'll learn two simple methods to restore old messages on your new phone.

How To Restore WhatsApp Backup Without Uninstalling [Latest Trick]

WhatsApp's messaging service is very popular. Almost all smartphone users use WhatsApp on a daily basis. It is now owned by Facebook, the number one social media network. In this post, you will learn how to restore WhatsApp backup without uninstalling the app on Android.

WhatsApp allows cloud storage and synchronizing, which is an excellent feature. With cloud storage and sync, you could backup your chats and media files to Google Drive. It will help Android users to restore WhatsApp messages if they lost their phone.

When you chat on WhatsApp, your messages, media files, and docs will be saved locally on your phone. Every day at 2.00 AM, your chats are backed up on your phone's storage. This is another excellent useful feature to restore WhatsApp Backup.

Sometimes, it happens that users may clear a chat by mistake. If you cleared a chat that is at least one day old, you could restore the chat. If you manually backed up your messages and cleared a chat, you could restore your chat history. So, a backup is required to restore even for a single chat.

To restore WhatsApp backup, you don't need to uninstall and reinstall your WhatsApp. We've come with a simple trick.

Restore WhatsApp backup without uninstalling

Thursday, February 18, 2021

How To Cast From VLC To Chromecast

The VLC media player supports many video formats and that is why it is loved by a lot of desktop users. The latest stable version brings a casting feature. If you would like to mirror videos from VLC to TV, this post is for you. Let's learn how to cast from VLC to Chromecast.

The old version VLC doesn't support this feature. You can enjoy the casting feature starting from version 3.0 and above. If you feel that the latest version is not fully stable because of audio and time frame issues, it is recommended to check for updates from the VLC help section given in the menubar.

Casting the screen using a mobile phone is easy. The same can be done using your PC. There are many instances you like to cast video from your PC to smart TV. With the help of screencasting technology, you can enjoy watching movies on your TV right from your computer.

Cast VLC to Chromecast

All the below methods are tested on Windows 10 PC. Let's check out the requirements to start casting from VLC.
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