Sunday, September 5, 2021

10+ Best Gold Themes For Android

Long-term Android mobile users may get bored of the stock themes. Before buying a new Android, trying out different themes and launchers can throw some love for your old Android phone. If you've already bought a new phone, there is nothing wrong with customizing the themes to show more love. In this post, we will see the best Gold themes for Android for free.

Black and gold mixed themes for Android can give a royal look. Previously, we have discussed the best general themes, anime themes, and football themes for Android devices. If you've already tried these themes, check out the Black and Gold themes listed in this post.

You can see that some of the themes are a part of a launcher while others are separate themes that are supported by the stock launcher.

The Gold themes come in a variety of designs to test them out. You could check the available Gold themes that match your taste. There are only a few classic themes available at the Play Store.

Apart from the black and gold mixture, we will also see rose gold and green gold themes. These themes are available for free to download.

Using these themes, you could customize your app icons and wallpapers for visual effect. The HD quality wallpapers come with gold themes to preserve the rich look.

Themes like a golden butterfly and dark golden flavors are unique and much liked by users. You can check out each theme's review at PlayStore before downloading.

Apart from the classic gold themes, you will find untapped themes related to the gold launchers.

Gold themes for Android

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

11 Best Football Themes For Android for Free

The so-called beautiful game is Football (in Great Britain) or Soccer (in the United States). This straightforward game is very popular in Europe, the US, and Africa. If you are a football fan, you will like its themes everywhere. In this post, we will check out the best football themes for Android.

Those who can actively play football can possibly achieve their goal in life. This is how the football game is deeply rooted in many people around the world.

Football fans are looking for the FIFA World cup season. Each and every minute, the pulse movement and the unexpected game changes are making this game interesting. This game can play with your emotions and if you love the moments, you will always enjoy waiting for the football season to begin.

Those who cannot get the chance to watch this sport in a stadium, you will like to watch it on TVs and the Internet. Watching your favorite game while crunching pop-corn is always fun. The love for football can be seen in children and parents in many families.

At Play Store, there are a couple of football themes available. You can apply the best themes, Live wallpaper, and keyboard themes on your Android phone. To show yourself as a football fan, you would like to use football themes on your mobile.

The football theme-based app icons change the ordinary appearance of icons on your Android. After applying the theme, your mobile will get a unique look and you'll love it.

The football keyboard theme is another combo to the football launcher. While typing with your keypad, you could feel the theme in the background.

Football Themes for Android

Saturday, July 3, 2021

10 Best Anime Themes For Android For Free

Anime is very popular in Asian countries. Next to this, Americans, Europeans, and Russians watch anime. Whether it's a movie/series or just a wallpaper, anime characters grab the attention universally. Earlier, I have published the list of best Android themes. In this post, we will check out the best anime themes for android for free.

The anime characters are cute and stylish. This is the main reason many would like to watch anime. Anime can show emotions better than human beings. Even the awkward expressions shown by anime can look impressive.

Anime films are produced in different categories such as action, comedy, thriller, and love stories. Basically, the emotions expressed by the anime character and the graphics are doing the magic in the anime fanbase.

Many anime characters have motivated young people to show their talents and shine in their passion. In reality, aging is a con for actors and their popularity gets faded over time. But in the animation, it is totally different. Anime characters are evolving and they consistently attract the new generation.

Anime fans would like to decorate their phone and computer with anime themes. It gives them inspiration and they express their emotions through the anime themes, wallpapers, and gadgets.

If you have an Android phone, you can change the appearance of icons, wallpapers, and widgets using launchers. For anime fans, there are a couple of anime themes are available.

Some themes require you to download different launchers for customization. Some other themes come as separate launchers and so you don't need to depend on third-party launchers.

Anime Themes for Android for Free

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Some Apps Not Working on WiFi Properly - [Fixed]

Are you surfing apps and websites on WiFi? Does the page is loading forever despite having a good internet connection? Does the page is working with no issues on mobile data? Well, you're not alone. I have noticed this problem very often. Some apps not working on WiFi but fine on mobile data.

Google apps like Play Store, Google Search, and YouTube are sometimes don't work properly when connected to WiFi. The apps say that there is no internet connection. However, it works without issues on mobile internet.

Apps like Netflix, Hotstar, and other streaming apps may not be working as expected when connected to WiFi. You may notice that some other apps are working well with the same WiFi connection.

This issue doesn't occur all the time but it can happen once or twice a day. This specific issue is not coming from the device you're using to access apps and websites.

You might be using Android/iOS and PC for streaming videos. If your device is paired with WiFi, you could have noticed that sometimes certain apps don't work over WiFi.

Devices connected to mobile data and wired broadband generally do not face this problem. So, the problem could be coming from the WiFi routers.

Restarting your mobile, forgetting the WiFi network, and re-adding the network may work sometimes. If you are facing the issue, you could try these methods. If this is not working for you, reboot your router and try connecting to the apps you want to load.

These are repetitive processes so, you can try another solution explained below.

Apps Not Working on Wi-Fi Fix

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Does Amazon Deliver on Thanksgiving Day?

A lot of people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November every year. On this wonderful day, people gather for a day of feasting with their family, friends, neighbors, and relatives. For retailers, Thanksgiving day is the busiest day. Does Amazon deliver on Thanksgiving Day? Let's discuss this and much more in this article.

Turkey is the traditional main course food served on this Thanksgiving Day. The feast could be considered incomplete if it is not served along with Yams, Pumpkin pie, and squash, and other rich foods.

Some families start their preparation one week before the Thanksgiving feast. It encourages them throughout the week to be filled with joy.

Football is another tradition during the Thanksgiving feast. Families love to watch Football and Amazon Prime video while preparing for Thanksgiving in the US.

This day is celebrated for showing thankfulness by having a special feast. It is not only celebrated in America but also in Canada. However, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving Day in October. The main concept of this festival is loved and inspired by many cultures.

During preparation, people love to shop things in their nearby stores and also online at Amazon. They would like to buy gorgeous gifts, a roasting pan, and important kitchen items.

Quick shopping at Amazon helps in easing the purchase. The doorstep delivery can be seen everywhere during the Thanksgiving preparation week.

Thanksgiving Day Delivery at Amazon?

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

How to Enable and Disable Night Mode on Foxit Reader

Most readers prefer PDF to Word documents. PDF documents are safe and can be protected with passwords. Adobe PDF reader is universally popular. The best alternative is Foxit Reader. If you're already using Foxit PDF reader, this post is for you. You can enable night mode on Foxit reader if you're a night owl.

Foxit Reader is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. On all these platforms, you can turn on the dark mode in Foxit.

Enabling night mode on your mobile, PC, and apps makes sense when you have to use these devices at night time. A lot of people work night shifts regularly. 

Having a white background and black text on pages is the usual thing. Sometimes, your eyes would like to see a dark background and light text pages. It may help you to spend more time doing your job on PC and smartphone.

As more people started to spend their life with their smartphones, it is becoming essential to have night mode options in apps and devices. Nowadays, many smartphones, browsers, and apps started to support dark mode.

If you want to read something at night with lights turned off, dark mode helps. For example, you like to read a pdf document or e-book at night time, Foxit reader allows you to enable night mode. On this mode, Foxit Reader provides a nice readability experience.

Foxit Reader Night Mode
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