Sunday, June 26, 2022

49 Best Telegram Bots List You Should Discover

Telegram is the best alternative to WhatsApp. It's the best instant messaging application for both personal and commercial use. If you have a Telegram account, you can send pics, videos, voice messages, and custom messages to your friends.

You can create a private channel in Telegram to run an online business. You can maintain many public and private channels using a single account. In order to chat with multiple members, you should create a Telegram group.

To entertain your audience and followers, you must use bots. Bots can manage your channel and group for you effectively. There are automatic and semi-automatic bots in Telegram.

In automatic bots, you have to set a one-time instruction. Whether you're online or offline, the automated bot will work for you. Whereas in semi-automatic bots, you need to give the input each time.

Best Telegram Bots List

It includes Telegram game bots, music bots, and much more.

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts | Navigate and Tweet Easily

Twitter is the best place to know the current trending news. It is also popular for #hashtags to speak about a specific issue. Celebrities and political leaders use Twitter as a medium to broadcast their thoughts to their followers.

If you're a regular tweeter, you should learn Twitter keyboard shortcuts. You can easily navigate through several options without using your mouse cursor. So that you can become a Pro Twitter user.

MS Word and Excel users often use computer shortcut keys from A-Z. Twitter also offers shortcut methods for their pro users to improve the web experience. You can create a new tweet, block users, like, retweet, and much more using keyboard shortcuts.

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

10 Best Android Themes All Time (Free Download)

Android phones are manufactured by different companies. For every OS update, they change the appearance, themes, and icons in your Android. To manually change the appearance of your phone, you need to root and install custom ROMs. Some of the custom ROMs are Paranoid, Carbon, etc. If you want to change only the themes, you can try the best themes for Android.

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Some Android themes offer customization features where you have to set up the look of your phone. Some other mobile themes come with standard UI which cannot be changed. You can find tons of themes for your Android device on Google Play Store.

If you don’t have time, don’t worry. Here, I have listed some cool themes for Android. You can download and install them for free. You’ll fall in love with one of these themes.

best android themes

Before installing themes, check out the reviews given by other users. It will help you to find what’s new in the updated version of each theme.

10 Best Anime Themes For Android For Free

Anime is very popular in Asian countries. Next to this, Americans, Europeans, and Russians watch anime. Whether it's a movie/series or just a wallpaper, anime characters grab the attention universally.

The anime characters are cute and stylish. This is the main reason many would like to watch anime. Anime can show emotions better than human beings. Even the awkward expressions shown by anime can look impressive.

Anime films are produced in different categories such as action, comedy, thriller, and love stories. Basically, the emotions expressed by the anime character and the graphics are doing the magic in the anime fanbase.

Many anime characters have motivated young people to show their talents and shine in their passion. In reality, aging is a con for actors and their popularity gets faded over time. But in the animation, it is totally different. Anime characters are evolving and they consistently attract the new generation.

Anime fans would like to decorate their phone and computer with anime themes. It gives them inspiration and they express their emotions through the anime themes, wallpapers, and gadgets.

If you have an Android phone, you can change the appearance of icons, wallpapers, and widgets using launchers. For anime fans, there are a couple of anime themes are available.

Some themes require you to download different launchers for customization. Some other themes come as separate launchers and so you don't need to depend on third-party launchers.

Anime Themes for Android for Free

Friday, May 6, 2022

What is Amazon Flex Card - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Amazon Flex is the program for delivery partners who can complete the delivery using their own vehicles. For delivering the packages, the delivery agents are paid per hour. Amazon Flex is available in many countries where one can apply and get approved to become an independent delivery partner. Amazon Flex card - also called "Amazon Flex debit card" is an optional service provided exclusively for the delivery partners.

Flex debit card offers several advantages for their delivery partners. Some of the perks include 6% cashback on fuel purchases, 2% cashback on purchases made on, and 1% cash back for all other purchases.

Under the Flex Rewards program, you can earn points by completing blocks and deliveries. No signup is required to enroll in Flex Rewards. The more points you earn, the more level you can achieve. It can help you to get approved for the Flex debit card to earn maximum cashback.

In partnership with Green dot corporation, you will be provided a deposit account where your earnings, rewards, and cashback are credited.

Just like setting your preferred payment method on Amazon, the delivery partner has to set the default payment account in the Flex Card app to directly deposit money into the Amazon Flex debit card.

To track your cashback, and manage earnings and expenses, it is recommended to download the Amazon Flex app. The Flex app is currently available for iPhone and Android.

Once you receive the card, you have to connect your bank account to the Flex app for transferring funds. If you don't want to put all your earned money into the Amazon Flex debit card, you can move funds from the Flex card to the linked external bank account.

Amazon Flex Debit Card

Friday, April 29, 2022

Why Notepad++ is Better Than Notepad

Notepad is the default text editor that comes in Windows Operating System. It was developed only to read plain text. Notepad has limited functionality in general. If you would like to read special formatting, you have to switch to Notepad++.

For developers and programmers, Notepad++ is the best choice because of the variety of options it provides to control the editor. Even if you're not a coder, you will still love Notepad++. If you want to have all the options of Notepad and advanced features, you should try Notepad++. It is a third-party program that is free to use.

Similar to opening different tabs in a web browser, you can open many tabs and switch to any tab you want in Notepad++. The general Notepad lack this feature in the newer versions too.

Notepad++ supports Macros and Shortcuts which is a major time-saver for coders. On the other hand, the normal Notepad doesn't have these features.

Notepad plus plus Advantages
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