Thursday, February 18, 2021

Top 50 Search Engines in 2021 You Shouldn't Miss

Would you like to discover the top 50 search engines in 2021? Explore the top advanced search engines in this post.

People like to search the web to get an answer to their queries. They search for any keyword to discover the best results. People having an Internet connection are using search engines most of their time.

Search engines are very important for users, marketing professionals, and bloggers. It helps webmasters to drive traffic and get new customers every day. For users, it helps them to find the best stuffs online to buy.

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It serves as a bridge between the user and the webmaster. It always shows the best sites on top search results for the users. In the end, everything is towards satisfying the need of customers.

Whether you use your mobile or PC, you will use your default search bar to browse the web. Many search engines help you to provide top-quality information.

Some of the types are Text, Videos, Images, and Business oriented. Text-based search engines are the most popular of all.

top 50 search engines

A good search engine that shows the most relevant results will always be the choice of people. So, let’s find out the list of more powerful search engines.

Top 50 Search Engines

Here, I have sorted the list of Internet Search Engines into categories. Bookmark this page and enjoy the list.

General Search Engines

Alphabet Inc, an American multinational company is the father of Google. Google is dominating the Search Engine industry. All Android phones come with Google as the default search bar. Google has a market share of more than 92% which handles 5.4 billion searches each day. If anything you want to find, people say “Just Googe it”. This is the power of this search engine giant.

Bing the most popular search engine next to Google. It is owned and powered by Microsoft. It covers the search volume of 4.58%. Windows operating system is focusing on Bing as the default search engine. Most non-techies use Bing as their favorite to search the Internet.

Once upon a time, Yahoo gave a nice competition to Google. On July 29, 2009, Yahoo and Bing had signed a deal that says Bing will power the Yahoo search engine worldwide. So, the search results you were seeing on Bing will reflect on Yahoo as well.

DuckDuckGo was started to protect the user’s privacy and data. They don’t track you for using their search engine. To avoid personalized search results, you can try DuckDukGo. What I noticed is that it shows most of the top search results the same as Yahoo/Bing. You can try for yourself to compare by searching for any keywords.

Like how Yahoo is powered by Bing search, the same story is applied to the AOL search. Since January 01, 2016, is strengthened by Bing. Microsoft and AOL signed a 10-year deal for the search results and advertisements.

StartPage is the world’s best private search engine. The users can visit any website without leaving their footprint. It offers two types of views. One is a normal website view and the other is an anonymous view.

Yandex search engine is owned by Russian corporation Yandex. It is very popular in Russia. Russian people prefer Yandex to Google. The market share of the Yandex search is more than 50% in Russia.

Rambler is one of the biggest search engines in Russia. It is owned by the Rambler media group and Prof-Media since 2006. It offers news aggregation, search engines, email services, and e-commerce for Russian people.

Baidu is the one and only most popular web search engine in China. This is the default search engine for the Chinese people. It covers about 76% of the total search volume in China.

Naver is the biggest search engine in South Korea which is operated by Naver Corporation. It handles over 74% of the total search volume in South Korea.

Daum is another South Korean web portal and a search engine. As per the Alexa rank, Daum is ranking top when compared to Naver. Daum offers Internet services such as email, shopping, forum, and webtoon.

Goo is a Japanese search engine and a web portal that provides daily news and weather forecast. It is powered by Google nowadays. The search results give priority to the .jp top-level domains. is a popular web portal in Portugal. It covers media content, news, and stories for the people of Portuguese. It is a brand and a search engine that is currently powered by Google. is a web portal and a dedicated search engine for Switzerland people. It shows the top search results which have .ch and .li as the top-level domain. The users can personalize the search results as per their location. is the most popular site in Poland. It serves as a web portal as well as a search engine. It offers the latest news, email services, games, and more. The search results of are powered by Google. is a Slovenian search engine and a web portal. This site was created by an Interseek company. In Slovenia, it is the most visited website which is written only in the Java language.

Excite is an Internet portal to provide news, weather forecast, stock quotes, and more. It also serves as a search engine that is not powered by any other giants. The interesting part of Excite is that it provides an E-mail service. You can open an Email for free like Gmail.

Search Engines for Books & Docs

PDF Drive is the biggest search engine to find PDF files. You can get unlimited pdf e-books for free. You can see the live count of how many e-books were uploaded by the users. On the front page, you’ll find the best pdf books of the week.

Scribd is the digital library that provides e-books, and audiobooks through a subscription service. You can use the free trial to read books.

Linkedin Slideshare hosts pdf, presentations, and word documents. Users can upload, share, and download files for free. The uploader can make the files to be available to the public or they can keep them private.

Google Books is the largest database to find books and magazines. Google scans those books and stores them in their digital database. One can find free and premium books at Google Books. Many authors and publishers release their books through the Google books partner program.

Financial and Business Search Engines is a digital media company that offers services like pay per lead, pay per click, and display ads. Using their search bar, you can find answers to your queries related to Business. If you’d like to start a business, you can find all the necessary details at

LexisNexis offers business research and risk management services. On this site, you can find legal and public-records-related information.

Thomasnet was formerly known as Big Green Books. It is now an online platform to find suppliers and product sourcing in Canada and the USA.

Legal Search Engines provides solutions and tips to legal issues. Here, you can find what the law says and how to fix the issues. To find the right attorney, is the best place you can visit.

Martindale offers the richest database of legal professionals. You can find the lawyers using the location feature on this site.

Job Search Engines is the biggest job-hunting site in India. Millions of people get professional jobs through this site. By using the search bar, you can find any legal jobs. is the topmost job search engine in this world. It’s an American worldwide employment-service search engine. It is the platform where employers can hire the right employees for the right location.

Simply Hired is another job portal website headquartered in California, US. This site is available for many countries where job seekers can make use of it.

Medical Search Engines

WebMD is the topmost medical information providing the site. Using their search bar, you can find details about any medical terms and drugs.

Healthline provides in-depth information on health and wellness. It is the best competitor to the WebMD website.

Question & Answer Search Engines

Quora is the number one Q &A website where anyone can ask questions and post answers. You can log in via Facebook, Google, or create an account using your email. is a knowledge-based search engine that provides wiki answers. It provides knowledge in many categories which include maths, history, and technology.

Yahoo Answers has a group of experts who provides accurate answers to the user’s queries. Anyone with a Yahoo mail id can join and ask questions. If you’re an expert in a field, you can answer to gain points.

Stackoverflow is a question-and-answer website for coders and programmers. Through this site, many coders are actively answering about web design, Html & CSS, and more.

Stackexchange is another question-and-answer site that answers diversified questions. This site has another partner site called for answering questions.

How-To Guides Search Engines

WikiHow is dedicated to providing how-to guides in various subjects. They consistently update the old posts to make them relevant to the current trend.

eHow is another largest database to find how-to guides and videos. You’ll get step-by-step instructions to receive the knowledge easily.

Video Search Engines

Everyone knows that YouTube is the number one video-sharing website. Anyone can become a YouTuber to show their talent and make money. YouTube app comes as pre-installed in Android OS which gives constant traffic to this site.

Vimeo is the best place to share, sell, and discover new videos. It is the first site to support HD videos. It’s an ad-free platform that serves as the biggest competitor to YouTube.

Image Search Engines

Shutterstock is the highest-rated image search provider. It offers images, photos, and vectors. To use their images, you must subscribe to their premium service.

Flickr is an image and video hosting platform. You can find a beautiful collection of images and photos. To use the images from Flickr, you must get permission from the copyright holder.

Maps Search Engines

MapQuest is a free online mapping service provided by Verizon media company. It’s an active competitor to Google Maps.

Google Maps is the best web mapping service offered by Google for free. All the cabs, and home delivery services are benefitting from Google Maps. For tracking, the coordination of GPS, and Google Maps works well.

Bing Maps is another free web mapping service provider powered by the Bing search engine.

Shopping Search Engines

Amazon is an e-commerce giant that offers its services in 13 countries. You can search for any legal products to buy online. is a Chinese multinational e-commerce company. It is owned by Alibaba Group. Their other service is, a popular shopping site used for dropshipping.

eBay is popular for selling electronic items. Here, the buyers will buy the goods from the individual sellers. They don’t have warehouses which is the biggest difference between Amazon and eBay.

Google Shopping allows users to search for the product on different websites. You can compare the price difference and buy from the best vendors.

Environmental Search Engine

Ecosia is another search engine showing decent search results. If you're looking for a transparent and privacy-friendly search engine, this may be a go for you.


These top 50 search engines are very useful for Internet users. There are still many other search providers you can find online.