Friday, April 29, 2022

Why Notepad++ is Better Than Notepad

Notepad is the default text editor that comes in Windows Operating System. It was developed only to read plain text. Notepad has limited functionality in general. If you would like to read special formatting, you have to switch to Notepad++.

For developers and programmers, Notepad++ is the best choice because of the variety of options it provides to control the editor. Even if you're not a coder, you will still love Notepad++. If you want to have all the options of Notepad and advanced features, you should try Notepad++. It is a third-party program that is free to use.

Similar to opening different tabs in a web browser, you can open many tabs and switch to any tab you want in Notepad++. The general Notepad lack this feature in the newer versions too.

Notepad++ supports Macros and Shortcuts which is a major time-saver for coders. On the other hand, the normal Notepad doesn't have these features.

Notepad plus plus Advantages

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Use These Chrome Extensions To Care For Your Eyes

Do you work online constantly? Do you use Google Chrome or other Chromium browsers all time to do your job? You might hurt your eyes by looking at the browser screen every day. Because of this, you may have to wear specs to prevent further damage to your eyes.

Screen brightness and white background can create stress on your eyes and ultimately, it will lead to headaches for many users. It is better to protect your eyes at the beginning when going online as a safety measure.

Adjusting the brightness of the screen is one of the ways to prevent eye strain. Switching to the dark mode is another choice to care for your eyes. Even if you turned on the dark mode on your browser and system, you will still see the white background on many sites.

You can use some useful Chrome extensions that are designed to care for your eyes. You can find many extensions on the Chrome Webstore that works to adjust the screen brightness and changes the background color.

Chrome Extensions To Care For Your Eyes

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Earn Extra Money on Picoworkers From Your Home

Having a good internet connection and a PC or Laptop can open many ways to make money online right from your home. Most people prefer work-from-home opportunities because they can do their job as well as take care of their loved ones.

If you're unemployed and want to earn money from home, you can try and put your effort on micro working platforms. Anyone with a basic Computer and Internet knowledge can start to work for small Gigs that pay in cents and dollars.

Picoworkers is one of the micro working platforms where you can register for a worker account in a minute. After signing up, you can immediately start your work for the available tasks. Some micro working platforms require you to pass qualifications exams for each task before you can start the work.

There is no such qualification assessment at Picoworkers. It is because the tasks are easy to do. You just have to follow the instructions given by the employer for the tasks to get paid.

Earn Money on Picoworkers

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Top 6 Racing Games Every Android User Must Play

Racing games are extremely fun to play. They are highly competitive and give an adrenaline rush to the players. You may be familiar with the major AAA titles that are available on famous consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. But you will be surprised to know that there are a ton of decent racing games for Android available as well!

Most of the racing games are multiplayer. This means that you can play with other people across the world. This will make the gaming experience even more exciting. However, you will need a good internet connection for that. But if you have one, try the games listed in this blog.

Do you love playing car racing games on Android? Completing the levels in racing games needs skill and energy. Are you ready?

Best Racing Games For Android Users

Sunday, October 3, 2021

How to Update Default Payment Method on Amazon

Shopping on Amazon is exciting and fun. We use different payment methods to purchase an order. Since Amazon is a customer-centric company, it accepts a variety of payment modes to make life easier. You can choose your payment method while placing your order. Cash on delivery is also available for items that are less than $1,500 USD.

On Amazon, you can add/remove and change the payment method. To make the payment fast, setting up the default payment method could be the first step. This could improve your online purchasing experience at Amazon.

With the help of the default payment method, you can add credit and debit cards. Amazon accepts popular credit and debit cards for ease of use. Store card can also be used to set as the preferred payment method. If you're a Prime member, you can make use of the store card to earn 5% cash back for every eligible purchase you make at Amazon.

Some payment methods are excluded from adding as a default setup. If any of the regular payment methods are available on the default payment setup page, Amazon may add the exempted options in the future.

Updating the default payment method will not alter the payment process for an existing order. It will work only for your future purchase at Amazon.

Once the validity of the card is ended, you have to configure the default payment option with new card information for seamless purchase.

Default Payment Method Amazon

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Why I Recommend WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

The advancement of technology allows us to easily shoot amazing quality videos on mobile phones and cameras, but it also requires huge video sizes. Before sharing these videos on social media, we usually need to edit them accordingly to adapt to the requirements of certain platforms.

It is almost impossible to process huge video files on mobile devices due to cutting-edge hardware requirements. In this article, we will introduce an ultimate video converter, which is also a video editor. This program will meet all your video-related needs and provide some outstanding features.

A video converter should complete the task fast. There are many video converters available in the market. However, not all the programs are designed to work fast as possible.

It should support various formats which can really solve the user's issue. Some mobile devices, computers, and Smart TVs don't support all file formats. It will be annoying if the video won't play even though the hardware is compatible. In other cases, the device may not support the format of the video.

Even if the file format is supported by the device, there could be some issues with audio and rendering the video frames.

It is important to have a video converter that can solve almost all issues related to video and audio formats.

I have personally tried the software explained in this post. In my case, I have a lot of movies in MKV format on my hard drive. Whenever I try to play the videos on my Mi TV, it produces issues. There is no audio as the video plays well. It throws an error stating, "audio not supported".

With the help of this tool, I can able to convert the affected video to support playing on my Mi TV. Wow, it was a surprise for me. Without losing the picture quality, the converted video can be played on the Smart TV with audio. 

Yes, the audio issue is fixed and I would like to convert the pending videos on my hard drive. So that I can play those media on TV without issues.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro
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