Thursday, February 18, 2021

Google Keep Keyboard Shortcuts | Organize Your Notes Quickly

Google Keep is a place to save your thoughts wherever you go. There are many instances where you don't carry physical notebooks in your hand to write notes. Google Keep is very essential for working professional journalists, writers, and bloggers. For now, we will check out the Google Keep keyboard shortcuts in this post. 

We will see a lot of features, tips & tricks provided by Google keep in another post because Google Keep is not just a sticky note. 

There are not so many keyboard shortcuts for Google Keep. At the same time, you should not ignore the available keyboard shortcuts which can speed up your way of taking and organizing your notes.

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful for users to navigate faster and finish their work quickly.

Google Keep Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are one who prefers to explore keyboard shortcuts for various apps, this post is for you.

Google Keep Keyboard Shortcuts



J Navigate to Next Note
K Navigate to Previous Note
Shift + J Move Note to Next Position
Shift + K Move Note to the Previous Position
N Navigate to Next List Item
P Navigate to Previous List Item
Shift + N Move List Item to Next Position
Shift + P Move List Item to the Previous Position
C Compose a New Note
L Compose a New List
/ Search Notes
Ctrl + A Search All Notes
? Open the Keyboard Shortcut Help
@ Send Feedback
E Archive Note
# Trash Note
F Pin or Unpin Notes
X Select Note
Ctrl + G Toggle Between List and Grid View
Esc Finish Editing
Ctrl + Enter Finish Editing (alternative to Esc)
Ctrl + Shift + 8 Toggle Checkboxes
Ctrl + ] Indent List Item
Ctrl + [ Dedent List Item

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The above-listed keyboard shortcuts on the table are very simple and easy to remember. It works on the web version of Google Keep. If any of the keyboard shortcuts are not working, report the issue with the Google Keep team via feedback.

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