Thursday, February 18, 2021

Discord Keyboard Shortcuts | Working on Windows PC

Are you a discord user who likes to keep in touch with your friends virtually? If you are a regular user of Discord on Windows PC, this post is for you. Let's have a look at the Discord keyboard shortcuts.

Discord is a chat app where you can talk through audio, video, and text messages. You can also share your screen on Discord after joining a video call in a DM.

Discord is specially made for gamers. The desktop version software is available for Windows, MAC, and Linux. The mobile version app is available for Android and iOS users. The web version is also available. However, it is wise to use the desktop version or mobile app for a smooth chat experience.

Discord provides a number of great keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier. These super cool hotkeys can make you a Discord desktop warrior.

Discord Keyboard Shortcuts

Let's learn the cheat sheet provided by Discord.

Discord Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts for Windows


Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow
Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow
Navigate Between Servers
Alt + Up Arrow
Alt + Down Arrow
Navigate Between Channels
Alt + Shift + Up Arrow
Alt + Shift + Down Arrow
Navigate Between Unread Channels
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Up Arrow
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Down Arrow
Navigate Between Unread Channels with Mentions
Esc Mark Channel as Read and Decline Incoming Call
Shift + Esc Mark Server Read
Ctrl + / Toggle Hotkeys
Ctrl + B Return to Previous Text Channel
Ctrl + Alt + A Return to Active Audio Channel
Ctrl + P Toggle Pins Popout
Ctrl + I Toggle Mentions Popout
Ctrl + U Toggle Channel Member List
Ctrl + E Toggle Emoji Picker
Page Up
Page Down
Scroll Chat Up or Down
Shift + Page Up Jump to Oldest Unread Message
Ctrl + Shift + N Create or Join a Server
Ctrl + Enter Answer Incoming Call
Ctrl + K Find or Start a Direct Message
Ctrl + Shift + T Create a Private Group
Ctrl + [ Start Call in Private Message or Group
Tab Focus Text Area
Alt + Left Arrow Return to Connected Audio Channel
Alt + Right Arrow Return to Previous Text Channel
Ctrl + Shift + M Toggle Mute
Ctrl + Shift + D Toggle Deafen
Ctrl + Shift + H Get Help
Ctrl + Shift + U Upload a File


Though most Discord users are engaging via the mobile app because of its portability and mobile gaming, we cannot ignore the power of desktop users. On the desktop app, you will be having a lot of features that you can enjoy.