Monday, February 15, 2021

How To Resize Image in Paint Without Losing Quality

Resizing the high-resolution image is useful for bloggers and students who have projects online. High-resolution images occupy a large space which increases page loading speed on the browser.

Sometimes, you may want to have a specific size for your images to use online. Even though there are many tools available online to resize images, you could do this in MS Paint.

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Normally, we use Paint to crop pictures and make drawings. One of the awesome features is resizing the images in Paint.

In MS Paint, you could resize the image using two features. Namely,

1. Resize by Percentage.

2. Resize by Pixels.

Resize image without losing quality

In this post, you'll get clarity on the features to resize images in Paint.


  • Windows PC.
  • Paint Software.
  • High-Resolution image for resizing.

How To Resize Image in Paint by Percentage: [Method 1]

  • Open MS Paint application.
  • Insert the picture you want to edit.
  • Click on the Resize option.


  • Resize and Skew dialog box will be opened.

resize by percentage

  • Make sure that Resize by Percentage radio button is checked.
  • Check the Maintain aspect ratio box.
  • Fill out the ratio either on Horizontal or Vertical side fields.

Note: Maintain aspect ration will follow equal size on horizontal and vertical sides. If you don't know the percentage to set for the image, let this option is remain checked. Incorrect percentage settings lead to affect the image quality. Then, forget about skew (Degrees) option. The skew option is for giving an angular size to your images.

  •  Once you're done, click on OK.
This is a simple method to resize the image in kilobytes.

How To Resize Image in Paint by Pixels: [Method 2]

  • Run the Paint application.
  • Insert an image and click the Resize option.

resize by pixels

  • On the Resize and Skew dialog box, choose Pixels.
  • Uncheck the Main aspect ratio.
  • Now, you need to enter specific pixels ratio on both Horizontal and Vertical side fields. Example: 560 x 358 pixels.

Note: When you uncheck the Maintain aspect ratio, it doesn't follow the uniformity in pixels on both sides. You should have the clarity on what pixel size can be used for the image. Remember that incorrect pixels size will blur the image. This may result in poor quality of images.

  • After resizing the picture, click on OK.


MS Paint can be used as a simple image resizer tool. You can resize your images in cm and kb. You can also make the picture bigger or smaller using the above methods. We prefer the second method to resize images in order to maintain uniform size and quality.