Wednesday, February 10, 2021

How To Snooze Email in Gmail on Web Version

Business people who rely on Email communication receive hundreds of emails every day. To set a priority to the most important emails, you can snooze them.

Before, we've discussed snoozing email on mobile. It is a helpful feature for mobile users. The web version of Gmail also has the snooze email feature.

You could follow up with single or many emails. It doesn't need to be an unread email to snooze. Whether you read or unread, you can snooze all emails. You can even snooze sent emails.

All the settings for Gmail snooze in both mobile and web versions are the same. Only the platforms differ.

Snooze email in Gmail on web


  • Active Gmail account.
  • Web-version browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or any).


  • Launch a web browser.
  • Choose read or unread email but don't open it. (You can also select many emails to snooze).
  • Click on the Clock symbol (snooze icon) at the end of the email as shown below.

Gmail snooze

Once you click the Snooze icon, you'll see the below options:

Gmail enable snooze time

  • Pick any of the options. You can also fix a specific date and time other than the default dates and timings. For this, you need to select the Pick date & time option.
After setting Gmail snooze, the specific email will disappear from your inbox temporarily. 

You can either unsnooze or extend the snooze timings.

To do that,

  • Click on the Snoozed option which is on the left pane as shown below.

Snoozed option

  • You'll see the snoozed email that is ready to push a reminder.
  • Click on the Snooze icon.

Extend snooze or unsnooze emails

  • Choose any options highlighted in Pink color to change snooze settings.
  • Click on the Unsnooze options highlighted in Green color to revert snooze for the email.
If you unsnooze an email, it will be restored into your inbox.

If you have set a reminder in the snooze settings, the snoozed email will come at the top of your inbox. The snoozed time tag will be highlighted in dark orange color.

An example is shown below:

Snoozed email reappeared

Once you open the email, the snoozed tag will be turned off.

That's it. You're done.


By leveraging the snooze email feature in Gmail, you could deal with messages whenever you want. Before, people used Boomerang for the Gmail plugin from Chrome Webstore. It works similarly to the snooze option in Gmail. It has many more features than the default snooze option in Gmail. You can try this extension too. It's free.