Sunday, October 10, 2021

10 Best Pink Themes For Android For Free

Have you tried applying pink themes on your Android mobile? Pink has a special tone for children and women. They would prefer pink as the first choice mostly. If you have a love for pink color, you can show some love for your Android mobile via themes.

If you would like to know a little bit of history about the pink theme, here is the information follows.

It said that boys' stuff is blue and girls' stuff is almost pink. But, in the late 1900s, it was the exact opposite. After that men go to factory work, and they had to worn blue cloth. When businesses boomed, marketers started to produce goods and cosmetics for women with pink-shaded products. Then, pink become the favorite color for women and children worldwide.

A cartoon show named Pink Panther is a popular one that portrays a large valuable pink diamond. Like this, there are many examples that market pink themes for various reasons.

Now coming to the Android section, you might have applied a pink case cover for your Android mobile. Why not try cute pink themes for your Android to improve your user experience?

Make your Android home screen aesthetic and beautiful with pink themes. There are many launchers and themes available especially for pink lovers.

Pink themes change the wallpaper, icons, and lock screen on your Android. Each theme has a unique pink flavor that you shouldn't miss.

Pink Themes for Android Free

Best Pink Themes For Android

Pink launcher themes come with cool HD wallpapers, icon packs, 3D effect themes, and the lock screen background.

Using the pink theme, you can change the stock look of your Android home screen to a fashionable style.

Before installing the theme, check whether it requires any parental launcher to be installed first. Some themes work only if you have a supported launcher installed on your Android.

For some more lovely pink wallpapers, you can download them from Pinterest.


Pink Themes For Android

Download Links

1 Pink Rose Launcher Theme Download 
2 Black Pink Glitter Launcher Themes  Download 
3 Cute Pink Cat Launcher Theme  Download 
4 Pink Sky Launcher Theme  Download 
5 Pink Flower Diamond Launcher Theme  Download 
6 Pink Unicorn Launcher Theme  Download 
7 Rose Pink Launcher Theme  Download 
8 Love Heart Pink Launcher Theme  Download 
9 Beautiful Pink Flower Launcher Theme  Download 
10 Cute Pink Girl Anime Theme  Download 


In the above list, you may find sole pink themes, pink with purple, and pink with black themes. Some themes are lightly shaded while others are darkly shaded. The combination is to give different tastes and to improve the viewing experience.

You may find a customized icon pack along with the themes. It will mask the stock Android icons with a pink flavor.

If you install a theme from outside of the Play Store, you have to give permission to install the app on your mobile settings.