Thursday, October 14, 2021

5+ Best Minion Themes For Android

You have probably seen the Minion pictures in cartoons, movies, and science-fiction books. A tiny character of about two feet long baffling and communicating with each other to execute their plans assigned by their boss. Though the Minions are characterized as servants of vicious villains, commercially this character was successful.

Minions are very loyal, kind, and funny. The dressing sense of Minions disguised themselves as hard workers. The yellow skin and the blue jean cloth show that they highlight something and work towards their goal.

Minions basically represent human behavior in the sense that says randomness and imperfection. They often lose self-control and mess up everything. But still, they give a try to be more responsible and never fail to enjoy every little pleasure.

Minions are adorable in nature that acts look like kids but acts like a man. They are totally unique and don't represent any other animation and cartoon characters.

The sense of humor in Minions is the fun part. They laugh in their own manner at their funny activities. They use a unique language that is ingenious. Example: "Bello!" for Hello!, "Po-Ka?" for What?, "Tank Yu" for Thank You!. This is why Minions are so adorable.

These yellowish cylindrical creatures never let you sad. They always try to make you happy. 

If you're a big fan of Minions, you will like to set the Minion characters as your mobile wallpaper and launcher themes.

Minion Themes for Android

Minions Themes For Android

On Play Store, you may not find many Minion themes. There are some Minion themes available on the Play Store as paid versions.

You will find 5+ minion themes listed in this article that includes a mixture of themes, wallpapers, icons, and launchers. If I find more themes, they will be added to the list.

Some themes require you to install the Go launcher and CM launcher in order to apply the theme on your home screen. You can find these launchers on Play Store.


Minion Themes For Android

Download Links

1 Hero Minions Theme Download
2 Cute Minions Theme Download
3 Minions Theme Download
4 Yellow Cute Themes Download
5 Minions Wallpaper Download
6 Delightful Minions Download
7 Little Cute Minions Download


Minion themes completely transform the look of your mobile screen. These stylish and cute minion themes are lightweight and fully customized. In addition, you can DIY your home screen using third-party wallpapers and icon sets.

If you want an ad-free version of Minion themes, try the premium version available on the Play Store. The premium version is officially released by Universal City Studios.