Monday, October 11, 2021

10+ Best White Themes For Android

The white theme is fresh, clean, and provides clarity. In today's dark mode trend, considering white theme is a unique style. For many users, a white theme could be nice for the background view on the home screen of Android. If you want the icons to be white, then switch to a different background for the best contrast.

Usually, when you think about the white theme, a plain light and empty background come into your mind. You may also think about whether white themes will look good for your Android.

When other colors are lightly added to the white theme, you can completely change the look of your home screen to a simple and pleasant mode.

Let's say that you get a mixture of white and dark colors on your theme, wouldn't be nice? The plain white theme lacks visibility of icons and text. It is the same for the complete dark theme - visibility suffers a lot.

Only the mixture of white and dark/other colors helps to make your home screen aesthetic and beautiful. If you're going to use a white theme, test it with dark mode enabled on your Android. The appearance of your home screen will give you a smooth texture which is quite good for your eyes.

Some users like to buy mobile phones with a white back cover. This is because the white color gives a more royal look and stands special from the crowd of the dark cover mobiles. 

Similarly, a dark cover mobile can give the same majestic look from the crowd of white.

As we are discussing white themes here, we will focus on this topic in this post.

White Themes for Android

Best White Themes For Android

In this post, we are not going to see plain white themes but a mixture of dark and light themes. This mixture is to enhance the visibility of your home screen.

Some themes have a lot of features including wallpapers, icon packs, and keyboards. In order for you to customize these addons, check out the below list where you can find HD wallpapers and keyboard themes.

Let's get started...


Pink Themes For Android

Download Links

1 Classic Business White Keyboard Theme  Download 
2 White Butterfly Launcher Theme  Download 
3 Black & White Theme - Art Fine Launcher  Download 
4 Black White SMS Keyboard Theme  Download 
5 White Lion Launcher Theme  Download 
6 White-King EMUI 5 Theme  Download 
7 Black & White Theme  Download 
8 Silk Milky White Launcher Theme  Download 
9 White Flower Launcher Theme  Download 
10 Black And White Launcher Theme  Download 
11 Pearl White Keyboard for Android  Download 


Before installing any themes, check whether the theme requires you to install a supported launcher. Launchers are the basic foundation to use your mobile and themes are like accessories. Some themes do not need any other launchers because the theme itself comes with a launcher.