Monday, February 15, 2021

How To Translate a Page on Android

Language is the biggest barrier to communicate with foreign language people. When you like to read novels and articles written in a different language, it would be hard to read. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to translate a page and chat on Android with one click.

To translate a foreign language, we use the Google translate feature. We also refer to offline or online dictionaries to know the real meaning.

The SnapTrans app could help you to translate a page on the Android phone. If you'd like to chat with foreign people, you don't have to struggle to speak. You can reply to them instantly using this real-time translation app.

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With SnapTrans, you can translate the chat into 33 languages which can help you to reply to them in their language. Example: If your friend speaks Hindi and sends you a message, you could translate it and reply to them in Hindi.

How to translate a page on Android

Fast File Transfer For Android | Superbeam App Guide

Before the invention of the smartphone, Bluetooth and Infrared technologies were used to transfer files. The process of sharing files using these technologies takes a lot of time. To get rid of this, WiFi Direct technology has been implemented into smartphones. In this tutorial, we'll see how to transfer files from android to android using Superbeam.

A huge number of Android mobiles have built-in WiFi Direct share to transmit files. The maximum range allowed in the WiFi file share is 100 ft.

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Superbeam app is a good choice which makes it easier to use this technology. It is the best and fast file transfer app for Android. But how? Let's see.

Whether the devices are connected to WiFi or not, the Superbeam will work flawlessly.

When you use your regular WiFi, the file transfer speed will depend on your WiFi speed. When the devices are not connected to a normal WiFi, Superbeam will use the local WiFi network to transfer files. The transfer speed is greater when Superbeam uses the local wireless network.

Fast file transfer using Superbeam

How To Clear Internal Storage on Android To Free Up Space

For many Android users, one of the worst problems they face is the low storage issue. If you're facing this issue: "Error: not enough memory on your mobile device", you're not alone. In this article, we'll discuss how to clean phone memory to free up space on Android.

There are two types of phones that come in handling the storage area. One is phones with both internal storage and sd card support. Another is phones with only internal storage.

If your phone supports sd card, it is easy to move photos, videos, and other files from internal to external memory.

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If your phone doesn't support sd card, the only option you'll have is to move files to a separate hard disk or pen drive. 

Please note that we're not discussing RAM (Random Access Memory). It's all about clearing junk from the phone's internal storage.

clear internal storage on Android

How To Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android

Android has hidden features to power the users. One of the awesome features is the Android developer tools. For a basic user, this feature may not be important. The developer's first choice is enabling USB debugging mode on Android.

If you're a non-developer, you could use the developer mode on Android to Root your phone. After gaining root access, you can install a custom ROM on your mobile. In addition to this, you could also try launchers that require root access and various apps.

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Developers need the USB debugging mode to test their apps. They can install apps directly from PC to Mobile via USB cable. They don't need to sideload apps on phone memory for installing apps. This saves a lot of time.

USB debugging on Android

In this article, you'll learn What is debugging mode and how to enable it on Android.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

How To Snooze Email in Gmail on Mobile

If you're a regular Internet user, your mode of communication could be done via Email. When you receive many important emails, you can add a star to the email. It will remind you that you've given importance to an email. In this tutorial, you'll learn, how to snooze email in Gmail on Android and iOS.

To check the received email for later, you're given an option called snooze email in Gmail. It will temporarily hide the email in the inbox. It is like the snooze option in the clock's alarm.

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You can set a specific time to the snooze email option in Gmail. Thus, you won't miss any important emails to check. Enabling snooze in Gmail could help you to focus on the top prior emails.

Snooze email in Gmail on Mobile

The snooze email option is available in both mobile and web version of Gmail.

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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Duplicate File Finder Android - Remove Duplicates in One-Click

We save important files in appropriate folders on Android. Sometimes, we have come across duplicate files. These duplicate files occupy extra storage on your device. You may have noticed or not, every Android phone will have duplicate files. In this post, you'll learn how to find and delete duplicate files on Android.

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As you use your Android phone more and more, duplicate files can eat storage memory. If your device's storage space is low, you will not be allowed to save files. One of the reasons for low storage is duplicate files.

If you lose large storage due to duplicate files, it can slow down your device's performance.

Let's see how duplicate files are created on the Android phone.

Example 1: Duplicate files are created when you copy a file from internal to SD card. You may forget to delete the copied file from the internal storage. If the copied file is a movie, think about how much memory you're losing.

Example 2: Duplicate files are created when you download a file from a source more than one time.

Example 3: Android backup apps and media apps create cached images. This results in creating duplicate files.

Example 4: Receiving files many times via file sharing apps creates duplicates.

Today, we are happy to share an awesome duplicate file finder Android app.

Duplicate file finder android

How To Extract Text From Image on Android

Extracting text from an image file is easy as capturing a photo from your smartphone. You don’t need any scanner machine to extract words from an image. In this post, we are going to see how to extract text from a picture on Android.

All you need is your Android mobile and an image scanning application. This cuts your cost in outsourcing your projects to someone.

We're talking about OCR Text Scanner Technology. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It reads the text in the image and converts it to a digital text format.

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You don’t need to type all docs from the image file. It helps you to extract text which can be used to copy and edit in word, excel, and anywhere.

Text Fairy is an Android app that comes with OCR Text Scanner. You can extract text from the existing image file or from a new photo. The default camera on your Android mobile is enough to click a photo that has text in it.

Text Fairy scans each alphabet present in the image and converts it to editable text. The success rate is 97%. So, this app will surprise you to win your heart. We’ll discuss the process and the final result of the OCR Text Scanner.

Extract text from image Android

Saturday, February 6, 2021

How To Reduce Image File Size Without Losing Quality

When you download high-resolution images from the Internet, the image file size may be too big. When you took a photo from High-end mobile devices, the image size will be high. You will see a low storage space warning if you've saved too many high-quality images. In this post, you will learn how to reduce image size on Android and PC.

Besides, it makes the device load slower than before. It is applicable to both smartphones and PC. When you have too many images on your device, you could upload them to cloud storage.

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If you don't prefer cloud storage, you could reduce the image file size by compressing it. There is a lot of image compression tools you could find online. Some tools can greatly reduce image size but lacks to maintain the image quality. 

To make your job easier, here we've come with the best tools to compress .png, .jpeg, and .jpg images. With these tools, you could reduce image file size without losing quality.

How to reduce image file size without losing quality

Thursday, February 4, 2021

How To Create Email Signature in Gmail on Android

We all know that Gmail is the most popular email service to send and receive emails. The Gmail app for Android helps us to use this service without any hassle. Every time, you don't need to sit at your computer to send an email. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create an email signature in Gmail on Android.

If you're proud of leaving your signature at the end of an email, you could add a signature to Gmail. The Mobile Signature feature is very useful for Android users to add an email signature in Gmail.

Instead of sending a raw message, you could include your signature. This will add spice to your email.

You could set any phrase or symbol as your signature. This would also create uniqueness in your email.

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When you send an email from your Android, the receiver will look at the end of the email. They will understand that you've sent an email via mobile.

If you often use the Gmail app for communication, you should have a look at this tutorial.

Create Email Signature Gmail

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Torrdroid Movies Download - Unlimited HD Movies for Free

Do you like to watch movies on mobile? Now, you can download free movies to watch offline on Android. Times are gone when people love to watch only in theatres. The innovation in technology paves the way to watch HD movies on Android. This post explains about Torrdroid movies download method to get the latest movies on your Android phone.

Even if you love to watch movies in theaters, you may like to watch movies on mobile. Did you know that you could download and watch movies on Android for free? It's a reality. Not only old movies, but you can also get the latest HD movies.

You don't need to search for websites for the latest HD movie download. With a simple torrent client, you could search for any movies. If the movie is available as a torrent, you will see options to download.

Torrdroid is a popular torrent download app available for free at Google Playstore. Once you find a file through search, it offers a click-to-download feature. You can either download the file on the Torrdroid app or get the magnetic link from the downloads section.

With the magnetic link, you can download the file through other torrent downloader apps on mobile or PC. For example, you can use a utorrent app on Android or PC.

Download free movies to watch offline on Android

Places With Free WiFi Near Me - The Ultimate Guide

If you're completely relying on mobile data, you might be looking for places with free WiFi. With free WiFi, you could save your mobile data on the go.

Most of the WiFi hotspots are password protected. You could still find Public WiFi hotspots to get free wireless internet.

Before, we have discussed the Datally app to save mobile data. Besides, it can also work as a free WiFi near me app.

Datally can provide the list of WiFi networks available in your nearby area. From your place, you can search for WiFi hotspots around the world using Datally. This is the most useful feature that we noticed.

Find places with free wifi near me

In this article, you will learn how to find places with free WiFi.

How To Restrict Background Data For Individual Apps on Android

More than 75% of Android users fix a separate budget for data. Wherever you go, you can get connected to the Internet via mobile data. As long as you're staying at home, you may use WiFi.

When you hang out with friends and family, you would opt for mobile data. If your Android version is 7 or above, you could use Restrict background data option. This gives you full control over data usage. It's an inbuilt feature to reduce data usage on Android.

If you're using the old version of Android, you may not find the inbuilt feature to save data. Before, we have discussed how to block an app from accessing the Internet on Android.

Even if you're not using an app, it may run in the background. If so, it can ruin your data pack. Some apps run in the background to receive updates and notifications.

Here, we've come up with a good solution for you to save more data on Android.

Restrict background data for individual apps

In this post, you'll learn how to restrict background data for individual apps on Android.

How To Block an App From Accessing the Internet Android [No Root]

Everyone's wish is to have a smartphone and Internet access on it. Without having the smartphone in your hand, you may feel that you've missed a big thing. This post will give you clarity about how to block Internet access for specific apps in Android.

While using your Android phone, you may notice that some apps run in the background. It eats your bandwidth without your knowledge. If you're a budget data user, you will worry about apps killing your data. Some people even spend 20 dollars on mobile data. If you're a wifi user and you hang out with friends often, you may put mobile data on your Android.

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Many apps are hungry for data. These apps continuously run in the background to deliver push notifications, ads, and updates.

When you have limited data on your mobile, you would like to use certain apps to reduce data usage on Android. If other apps run in the background to drink all your data juice, you would be confused about how to control data usage.

How to block an app from accessing the Internet Android

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

How To Change Amazon Prime Video Quality Settings

The E-Commerce giant Amazon is a customer-centric company offering many services. It offers a premium member service named Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime users can take advantage of deals to buy products with super fast delivery. This tutorial will discuss how to change Amazon Prime video quality settings on Android and iOS.

One of the main advantages of Prime users is that they can have access to Amazon Prime Video. It is owned by Amazon that offers Prime Video Subscription. In some countries (the UK, US, Germany, and Austria), users can opt for Video only subscription instead of a full Prime subscription.

With Amazon Video, you can purchase TV shows and films. You can either stream or download the videos on your mobile phone.

Amazon has a dedicated app to access Prime Video features. Android and iPhone users can enjoy watching Prime videos. You can also access the prime features on any web browser.

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If you prefer the mobile app, you might have come across Amazon instant video streaming problems. Few problems like low video quality, low buffering, and download speed.

Streaming and downloading videos use extreme data. If your Internet connection is poor but would like to playback Amazon prime video, you should check out this guide.

By changing the video quality settings, you could fix this issue.

Amazon Prime Video Quality Settings

... ... ...