Thursday, February 18, 2021

Telegram Keyboard Shortcuts | Useful For Desktop Users

We have covered many topics on Telegram in our blog. One of them is the Telegram application for the desktop computer. If you use Telegram on the desktop for doing chats, managing groups, and channels, this post is for you. We will learn the Telegram keyboard shortcuts in this post.

If you run a business and your mode of communication with customers is via Telegram, I'm sure that you will be using the desktop version of Telegram. It is because the desktop client software speeds up communication and gives comfort in managing the conversation.

If you're a hardcore fan of keyboard shortcuts, you will not miss the shortcut keys provided by Telegram. 

Telegram Keyboard Shortcuts

Telegram shortcut keys make navigation and answering your customers, & friends easy. These shortcut keys will work on the Telegram desktop client for Windows PC.

Telegram Keyboard Shortcuts



Up/Down/Page Up/Page Down In-Chat Navigation
Up/Down/Left/Right Suggested Stickers Navigation
Left/Right Suggested Emojis Navigation 
Ctrl + Tab Move to the Chat Below
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move to the Chat Above
Esc Exit, Go Back and Cancel Current Action
Ctrl + O Send File
Ctrl + Shift + Down Move to the Folder Below 
Ctrl + Shift + Up Move to the Folder Above
Ctrl + 1/2/3/4/5 Jump into the Pinned Chats Directly 
Ctrl + Up/Ctrl + Down Reply to a Message
Up Arrow Edit Last Sent Message
Delete Delete Currently Selected Message
Ctrl + E Edit Media
Ctrl + (Click Gif) Send GIF File Directly 
Ctrl + (Click Name) Open Bot Profile via Inline Message
Ctrl + F Search Selected Chat
Up/Down Navigate
Enter Select Chat
Backspace or Delete Remove Chat
Ctrl + Enter Send Message
Alt + Enter Go to Bottom of Chat
Ctrl + 0 Navigate to Saved Messages (if any)
Ctrl + 9 Open Archived Chat (if any)
Ctrl + W/Alt + F4 Minimize Chat Client to System Tray
Ctrl + Q Quit Telegram
Ctrl + M Minimize Telegram
Ctrl + B Bold Text
Ctrl + I Italic Text
Ctrl + K Create Text Link in Telegram
Ctrl + U Underline Text
Ctrl + Shift + M Monospace
Ctrl + Shift + N Null/Plain Text
Ctrl + Shift + X Strikethrough Text


Using keyboard shortcuts is always fun because you will feel like a pro keyboard user. If you would like to check out updates on new shortcut keys for Telegram, visit the source page at Github.