Thursday, February 18, 2021

Slack Keyboard Shortcuts | Speed Up Your Communication

Slack is the communication app widely used in Software companies. For providing quick updates to the members of your organization, the Slack application can be used. In a fast pace environment, you need to deliver your output on time. Learn Slack keyboard shortcuts if your organization is using this application for collaborating with your teammates.

Along with Microsoft Teams, many organizations use Slack for utilizing the free plan. Slack has a friendly interface for having conversations and sharing files.

You can create channels and update announcements to the channel members. Slack keyboard shortcuts can be used on individual chats and channels. You need to pick the right keys to execute the functions.

Slack has provided dedicated shortcut keys for Windows, Linux, and MAC. You can find many shortcuts in this post.

Slack Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts can help you to collaborate with colleagues faster than before. You can also try the shortcut keys on the web version of Slack.

Slack Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts for Windows/Linux Shortcuts for MAC Functions
Ctrl + K
Ctrl + T (desktop)
Cmd + K
Cmd + T (desktop)
Jump to a Conversation
Ctrl + J Cmd + J Jump to Unread Message in a Conversation
F6 F6 Move Focus to Next Section
Shift + F6 Shift + F6 Move Focus to the Previous Section
Ctrl + Shift + K Cmd + Shift + K Browse Direct Messages
Ctrl + Shift + L Cmd + Shift + L Browse Channels
Ctrl + N Cmd + N Compose a New Message
Ctrl + Shift + T Cmd + Shift + T Open the Threads View (desktop app)
Alt + Shift + Up Option + Shift + Up Previous Unread Channel or DM
Alt + Shift + Down Option + Shift + Down Next Unread Channel or DM
Alt + Left Cmd + [ Previous Channel or DM Visited
Alt + Right Cmd + ] Next Channel or DM Visited
Ctrl + , (comma) Cmd + , (comma) Open Your Preferences (desktop app)
Ctrl + Shift + I Cmd + Shift + I Channel Details Pane
Ctrl + Shift + M Cmd + Shift + M Mentions and Reactions (desktop app)
Ctrl + Shift + E Cmd + Shift + E People
Ctrl + Shift + S Cmd + Shift + S Saved Items
Ctrl + Shift + Y Cmd + Shift + Y Set a Status
Ctrl + F Cmd + F Search Current Channel or Conversation
Ctrl + G Cmd + G Open Previous Search
Ctrl + Shift + F ^ + Cmd + F Toggle Full-Screen View (when message field is not in focus)
Ctrl + . (dot) Cmd + . (dot) Collapse or Expand the Right Sidebar
Ctrl + Shift + D Cmd + Shift + D Collapse or Expand the Left Sidebar
Ctrl + Shift + A Cmd + Shift + A Open All Unread View
Alt + Click a message Option + Click a message Mark Messages as Unread
Up or Down Up or Down Move Between Messages
Left or Right Left or Right Open and Collapse Channels
Ctrl + Shift + Tab (windows)
Ctrl + Shift + [ (linux)
Cmd + Shift + [ Switch to the Previous Workspace
Ctrl + Tab (windows)
Ctrl + ] (linux)
Cmd + Shift + ] Switch to the Next Workspace
Ctrl + [number] Cmd + [number] Switch to a Specific Workspace (see the assigned number under workspace icon in Slack)
Esc Esc Mark All Messages in Current Channel or DM as Read
Shift + Esc Shift + Esc Mark All Messages as Read
Alt + Click a message (windows)
Ctrl + Alt + Click a message (linux)
Option + Click a message Set a Message as Your Oldest Unread Message
E E Edit Your Message
R R Add an Emoji Reaction
T T Open or Reply to a Thread
P P Pin or Unpin a Message
S S Share a Message
A A Save a Message or Remove from Saved Items
U U Mark as Unread Starting from a Message
Delete Delete Delete Your Message
M M Create a Reminder about a Message
Ctrl + Up in empty message field Cmd + Up in empty message field Edit Your Last Message
Shift + Up Shift + Up Select Text to Beginning of Current Line
Shift + Down Shift + Down Select Text to End of Current Line
Shift + Enter Shift + Enter Create a New Line in Your Message
Ctrl + Shift + \ Cmd + Shift + \ Add an Emoji Reaction to a Message
Ctrl + B Cmd + B Bold Selected Text
Ctrl + I Cmd + I Italicize Selected Text
Ctrl + Shift + X Cmd + Shift + X Strikethrough Selected Text
Ctrl + Shfit + 9 Cmd + Shift + 9 Quote Selected Text
Ctrl + Shift + C Cmd + Shift + C Code Selected Text
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C Cmd + Alt + Shift + C Code Block Selected Text
Ctrl + Shift + 7 Cmd + Shift + 7 Turn Selected Text into a Numbered List
Ctrl + Shift + 8 Cmd + Shift + 8 Turn Selected Text into Bullet Points List
Ctrl + Shift + F Cmd + Shift + F Apply Formatting When Copy Pasting Text in Markdown from Other Source
Ctrl + Z Cmd + Z Undo Message Formatting (when message field is in focus)
Ctrl + U Cmd + U Upload File
Ctrl + Shift + J Cmd + Shift + J View All Downloaded Files
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Cmd + Shift + Enter Create New Snippet
M M Toggle Mute On and Off
V V Toggle Video On and Off
+ or A + or A Show Invitation List
E + 1 TO 9 E + 1 to 9 View and Select an Emoji Reaction
@ @ To Mention Someone in Channel
@everyone @everyone Notifies All in General Channel
@channel @channel Notifies All members of the Channel
@here @here Notifies Only Active Members in the Channel
Ctrl + / Cmd + / View All Keyboard Shortcuts in Slack


Mastering keyboard shortcuts can take quite some time. The cheat sheet mentioned in this article may vary from general computer shortcuts keys.

If Slack introduces or updates its keyboard shortcuts, you can find them on their official website.