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15 Websites Like Anilinkz | Free Anilinkz Alternatives

Anilinkz website is the most popular anime streaming site which was started in 2007. It is popular for streaming the largest collection of anime series and movies for free. You can check out the huge list of best anime streaming sites that includes both premium and free sites. In addition, you can find websites like Anilinkz in this article.

When anime fans like to watch the ongoing series, they'll check Anilinkz. Due to content issues, this site got vanished from major search engines. Previously people can able to find the website on Google. Now, when you search for this query, you won't find the site in search results.

So, what happened to Anilinkz? Is Anilinkz down?. Well, It's not down but they have migrated from the old domain name.

In 2018, the Anilinkz team had changed their domain name to and then finally switched to a new site named You can check out all the previous content on this domain. In case they change their domain, I'll update the latest one here.

On this site, you can catch not only anime series, but also the cartoon movies for free. Use the search bar to find your favorite series.

On the right side, you'll notice a LIVE chat room where you can join and discuss upcoming or latest series with other members. You can either use the temporary login or sing up to join the chat room.

So, we have discussed most things about the Anilikz site. There are many sites like Anilinkz you can find online.

anilinkz is now aniwatcher

In this article, you'll find the 15 best Anilinkz alternatives to watch anime HD online for free.

Important: There are many websites that offer to stream loads of anime movies for free. However, you should keep in mind that sharing torrents and pirated movies are completely illegal in some countries. doesn't own or host any copyrighted files (movies, photos, and music). Always use good anti-virus software on your system before accessing anime sites.

Websites Like Anilinkz

1. Wco Tv

At, you can find all the menus which are listed in Anilinkz that includes anime and cartoon series. These similar features make the perfect alternative to Anilinkz. The most popular categories on this website are dubbed, subbed and ova series. This site is coupled with fairy tale box office movies from Hollywood. So, kids will enjoy watching anime series, cartoon movies and adventurous movies on this single website.


2. 9animes

9animes is yet another popular Anilinkz alternative that solely focused on streaming high-quality animation videos. The favicon and logo used in this site are similar to the site. The home page of this site welcomes loads of recent anime episodes for streaming. The ongoing series was scheduled under the "Calendar" menu.

If any of the episodes and series are missing, you can request the owner of the site using the "Request anime" menu. In this section, a lot of fans were already requested for various series. You can also join and submit your query without fail.


3. Animekisa

Animekisa is shortly called as AK tv. In this site, you can watch fast and ad-free HD anime for free. Since this site doesn't use ads, the site owners encourage the users to make some donations to run the site for the long term. They communicate with their fans through Discord application. More than 1200 weebs were joined to participate in the discussion. On the right sidebar, you can check how many views this site is getting per day/month. 

The front page of the website is filled with subbed and dubbed anime separately. The users can switch between these two menus as per their requirements. You can also follow them via Facebook and Twitter to receive updates.


4. Dubhappytv

Dubhappytv requires you to solve a simple captcha for security check in order to gain access to this site. This streams over thousands of dubbed anime and cartoons to watch for free of cost. You can either use the page menu or search by letters to browse for videos. The sidebar comes with a chatroom to have a discussion with other viewers around the world. You need to register for a free account to join the conversation. 

Below the chat windows, you can surf for the list of ongoing shows. For each series, all the episodes are neatly aligned for comforting the viewers. Click on an episode and then start to stream the video. If you're a Naruto fan, you will bookmark this site.


5. Watchanime

Watchanime site has an excellent web design for clear navigation. The home page looks like a photo gallery (thumbnail) hub. When you hover the mouse cursor on a thumbnail, it will show the anime description and video quality information. You can choose to play or save it on your watchlist to play later. This website was started by a small team of dedicated anime lovers. They built this website to help others to watch shows for free. 

Watchanime is specialized in streaming series like Ova, Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal, Alchemist and much more. You could leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section under the video player. 


6. Vidstream

Vidstream offers basic navigation to enjoy watching recently added animation videos. You can check out the latest subbed, dubbed and raw version of series and movies. In addition to this, you'll find popular and ongoing series on this website. Once you choose the video, you'll see three options on the next page. You can stream the video or select relevant episodes to watch. Under the video player, you can leave your feedback in the comment box.


7. Animeok

The above fold page on Animeok site shows the animated featured images of most popular anime series and movies. You can directly choose your favorite series. On the next page, you'll get the full info about the specific series. Scroll down to check out all the episodes of subbed and dubbed version. You may also find the raw version under this list of episodes. You can give your star rating out of 10 for each series. This site is popular for streaming trending videos which are quite similar to Anilinkz site's strategy. 


8. Cartooncrazy

Cartooncrazy tv is not only streams cartoon movies but also the popular anime series. It just gives the priority to the cartoon series as per the name implies. This website streams over 25,000 shows for free. It's one of the best alternatives to Anlinkz because this site is promised to stream only HQ and HD videos. If you have a problem in loading the video, refresh the page. I would recommend you to use Firefox or Google Chrome for streaming on this site.


9. Animepill

Animepill is dedicated to offering topmost anime series for the viewers. You can check the top 100 list, seasons and more. For your daily dose, Animepill is the best choice. In this site, you can stream updated high-quality episodes for free. The site has a white theme that may not be good for users who want to browse at night. Don't worry! You can change the theme by using a theme switch that is available at the top right side corner of the page. So that you can surf this site in dark mode. 

You'll face video streaming issues if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has blocked the specific servers. You can use a working VPN or proxy browser to unblock streaming.


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10. Goanimelist

The theme of Goanimelist is looking dull since it is using grey and very light color for the user interface. But don't judge a book by its color. This site has a huge collection of anime shows. This site is supported only by ads which might seem annoying for you. In order to stream a video, whitelist the site and enjoy watching the latest series for free.


11. Hidive

Hidive is a premium anime streaming service provider to watch the series legally. The subscription fee is very low when compared to other premium services in the anime category. Once you signed up for this service, you can choose to watch the shows on different devices through compatible apps. The compatible devices are iPhone, Android, Fire Tv, Xbox, web and mobile web versions.


12. Kuroani

Kuroani is an excellent site like Anilikz to catch all sorts of anime series for free. They schedule the episodes whenever there is a release in the new series. If delayed, you can check the information regarding the delay. While streaming the shows, you can join the discussion in comments. You can also socially connected with them via Reddit and Discord. This site is supported by ads and donations.


13. Animeland

Animeland is famous for streaming dubbed anime series. On this site, you can stream thousands of series and movies. This site has separate tabs for streaming shows like Naruto Shippuden, Dragan Ball Super, and One Piece. You can follow them via Facebook. There is a small chat box provided at the bottom right corner of the site. You can join and share your thoughts with fellow anime fans.


14. Animefrenzy

Animefrenzy is dedicated to streaming the latest episodes of popular anime series. On the front page of this site, you can check the episode name, number and added time. So that you won't miss any latest episodes. On the right sidebar, you can join the ongoing chat session to collaborate with other fans. Apart from streaming shows, you can also find friends through the chat option.


15. Onepunchman Tv

Onepunchman tv is a niche based anime streaming site. On this website, you can watch all the series and episodes of One Punch Man (OPM) shows. It includes both the subbed and dubbed versions of OPM shows. Once you choose the episode to watch, click the "Start Video" on the streaming page. Then click the play button to watch the entire episode for free. This site also has the chat option to join the discussion.


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As we discussed earlier, Anlinkz is now Aniwatcher. If you're looking for alternatives, the list given in this article is for you.

I hope this helps. Liked this list? Don't forget to share it!